Chapter 89: Wreaking Havoc on the Orchid Pearl Courtyard 4

Chapter 89: Wreaking Havoc on the Orchid Pearl Courtyard 4

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 89

Ye Qingli coldly smiled, “You senile woman, are you confused because of your oldness? Did you not hear what I just said? What qualifications do you have to call yourself my grandmother? If this spreads out, your words would truly make people drop dead in laughter. If you are stupid and want to make our Ye Family’s reputation plunge into stinkiness, then go ahead and say it again!’

Madam Qiu never expected that the usual obedient Ye Qingli would talk back..

“You……I will teach you, you damned, disobedient, useless little bitch!”

Madam Qiu was once a rude, gruff country woman, and what she hated the most is people saying that she is ignorant and unlearned. This sentence of Ye Qingli slashed her cover and exposed her deep, concealed scars.

Really atrocious!

This little girl actually dared to talk back to her without any hesitation!

Instinctively, she raised her crutches in rage and slammed it down!

Ye Qingli nimbly dodged, and with a loud thump, the crutches landed into the ground, harming her not one bit.

Madam Qiu never expected that Ye Qingli could actually dodge it. But then, as her whole body rushed out, suddenly, a loud snap resounded from her back.

She clutched her waist as she almost jumped three feet high, “Damn….my back!”

The two sisters darted and gently held her up, Madam Han eccentrically said, “Oh, I thought you have a bit of manners. Have you never heard the saying ‘Never talk while an elderly speaks’? Even if your grandmother wants to hit you, you receive it, otherwise you are being unfilial! Yet you actually provoked your grandmother to the point where she injured herself! Damn, you deserve to live the rest of your life in a pig’s cage!

“Hahaha The word ‘manners’ actually came out from your rubbish mouth, it is really a big joke! Forget it, I am too lazy to talk to an idiot, stupid person like you. Have you heard of the phrase ‘Giving respect to whom it dues’.

Madam Han was surprised.

She came from a brothel. Everyday, she only learned the ways of obtaining a man’s favor, so how can she understand what the phrase means?

“I know you do not understand it. The meaning of the phrase is that ‘In front of an elder, one should temporarily set aside their haughty character, giving respect to whom it deserves’. Clearly you are not one who deserves it. This is the true meaning to be obedient and filial, what you said is unquestioning filial piety! You are an unlearned woman who don’t understand anything!!”

Hearing Ye Qingli’s eloquent and clever chicanery, rage directly blocked the phlegm on her throat.

Mad, she was really, really mad at her!

But still, she managed to calm down her voice.

“Elder, look at her, how can you still allow a rebellious, unruly bitch like her to stay in the Ye Estate? Please give us justice!”

At this time, Ye Qingli had already turned around and helped Little He. She would first take care of Little Her first then deal with Madam Guo afterwards.

Today’s matter is not finished!!!

If she can’t plunge the Orchid Pearl Courtyard into chaos, then she doesn’t deserve to be called Ye Qingli!

With one hand gently hugging onto Little He, she stood up to leave. But at this time, four huge brawny youth already barred her way and stood in front of her.

They were tall and big, full of muscles and flesh.

Shock immediately ran through Ye Qingli’s body.

This people are masters!

When she crossed into this world, she found out that martial arts are very popular, and many people were martial artists.

Just like that Ju Jing Band that she met as she passed through.

She has seen a very, powerful master. That person was the mysterious man lying unconscious under the heaping pile of corpses.

Then, there is also Ceng Dichen.

But these men before her eyes got the aura of seriousness. They were no small matter,

From the glare in their eyes, she can tell they have already seen rivers of blood, and have already killed people!

Where did Madam Guo get these people from?

At this time, an old voice slowly opened, “Hmm, this rebellious needs to be utterly disciplined!”


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  1. This family seems to have been taken over by concubines and brothel women >___>
    You old man I was waiting for you to speak up. Alas, you say exactly what I was expecting. Surprise me, will you? Needs to be disciplined, my a$$.

  2. Finally after few chapters of not mentioning ML, he was now being remembered by YQ… I guess it would be a wishful thinking that ML would just shows up and proposing to YQ, right? Hahaha… I want to drag YQ out that household already!

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