Chapter 91: Wreaking Havoc on the Orchid Pearl Courtyard 6

Chapter 91: Wreaking Havoc on the Orchid Pearl Courtyard 6

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 91

Ye Qingli carefully and gently put Little He on a chair beside her, and wiped the sweat off her own forehead.

Just dealing with those few experts took a lot of her strength!

Currently, it is not easy for her to utilize martial art killing moves. After all, the strength of this body has not fully recovered yet.

This body is just too weak, period!!!

If replaced by her body in the past life, just a dagger would be sufficient to deal with those huge and burly men, and dice them without using any martial art killing moves.

Madam Han shamefully said, “Even in front of the elders you still dared to fight. It seems you are truly bold. Patriarch, she is the most rebellious person on the whole Ye Family! She treats her elders like trash, she is a worthless, unfilial daughter deserving of the harshest punishment!!!”

“Shut up!”

Ye Qingli coldly shouted, “Where are you from, what right do you have to open your filthy mouth?”

She coldly stared at Ye Zhiyuan, “That woman is not the daughter of the Ye Family. She is nothing but an cheap-assed woman from the Guo Family who had joined our Ye Family through despicable means. Does she truly have the right to spray the manure from her mouth all over here? Is that too written in the rules?”

Those words made Ye Zhiyuan’s old face become flushed, he held back and just slowly said, “Well, it is Ye Family’s responsibility to uphold the family rules on all its peers! But you represent the whole dignity and prestige of the Ye Family, you can not be rude to anyone!”

Ye Qingli forcefully growled in annoyance, and only glanced at them continously.

Ye Zhiyuan continued and said, “Well, Grandniece, I came here on behalf of all the Ye Family. Now kneel down and listen!”

Like she had heard a very funny joke, she dastardly looked up and laughed in front all their solemn faces, “I do not know where you bunch of old geezers came from, that you break into my house, criticize and give orders, now you ask me to kneel before all of you? I am the eldest young miss of this Ye Family!!!”

With a smile on her face, she turned to look at Madam Guo, “Aunt Guo, did you forget the words father said? Now you brought these wrinkled people ordered and criticize me. Did your skin itch again, do you want to suffer more slaps to the face?

Mentioning this matter, Madam Guo’s heart was like drained in blood.

For ten years, Ye Zhongtai never raised a finger at her, but that day, he actually heavily slapped her face!

Thinking about it, her face now burned in pain.

This little slut exposed that hideous scar she hated the most in front of everyone!


But it does not matter, even that wily cusped mouth of yours won’t be able to save you today!!!!

In a short while, I will make you cry without any place to hide!

Although Madam Guo’s heart can not wait to rip apart her flesh into pieces and drink her blood, but her face did not reveal anything. In order to arrange today’s scenes, Ye Yunxiao warned repeatedly that she must control her anger at all cost.

One hit kill….!!!!

It is necessary to slam her to the ground, in which she would never be able to stand up again forever!

Madam Guo took out her handkerchief while wiping the corner of her eyes, “Eldest Uncle, did you see that. Because this child’s mother died too early, she developed a very violent nature. Sometimes, she do not listen to my words and the master blames me for this. I…….feel so wronged, my heart feels so bitterly painful.”

A white-haired old woman beside Ye Zhiyuan said, “Being a stepmother is not light and wrought with undeserved hardships. We know how you were embarrassed by that little girl. Later on, I will talk with Ye Zhongtai about it!”

The old woman turned around and loudly exclaimed, “You disobedient girl of the Ye Family, kneel down before me and pay for your sins!”

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    1. I agree! I have almost lost interest in this novel due to how looooong its taking to deal with this ridiculous issue and how short the chapters are 🙁
      On another note, translators and editors: hanks for the chappie

      1. Thanks for your insight….indeed that is the downpart of the this novel….I am beginning to loose interst in it also…It’s tiring to write ‘bitch’ and words like that….lol…Hopefully, maybe changes will happen in the next chapters….!!!

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