Chapter 92: Teaching the Old Hag a Lesson!

Chapter 92: Teaching the Old Hag a Lesson!

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 92

(Double Release!!!)

An impression of this old woman emerged from deep within Ye Qingli’s heart.

The old woman was named Madam Ye, and she is Ye Zhongtai’s paternal aunt. At the eve of her marriage, at the moment when she and her husband was about to consummate each other within the bridal chamber, the husband suddenly died. Since then, she kept a life of a widow and devotedly conducted a lifestyle of the old doctrinal ways. She hated those younger generations who rebelled against the established principles, and time after time used her power and authority to brutally punish rebellious younger generations, teaching them a lesson.

Back in those days, the moment Madam Ye visit the Ye Family, Madam Guo immediately dragged the weeping Ye Qingli to her,

Sure enough, Madam Ye became furious and with her heavy crutches, she beat Ye Qingli till she shouted in pain.

At that time, she was just an eight year old girl!

Madam Ye’s impression of Ye Qingli has always been worse to the extreme. She viewed her as a plague, as a sickness, as dirt.

Relying on the fact that she is Ye Zhiyuan’s sister, she runs amuck on a rampage on the family estate. Almost all of the younger generations are terrified of her. Despite her old age, her arrogance was still totally unbridled.

She looked at those brawny men that were not moving. Simply striding down, she snapped “You did not listen to the words of the Patriarch!!! Do you want to rebel against your own blood and betray the clan? Your despicable character is really outrageous! Treason!!!”


Ye Qingli raised her head and proudly laughed, she laughed till tears shed out from her eyes.

Everyone’s attention were glued at her, staring her in astonishment.

Madam Ye’s voice came thundering out, “Are you crazy?”

“I’m not insane. I am afraid the only mad person in here is…….you! You relied on your own seniority to come here and throw your spittle all over. I never expected that there would be a person in the world that would have such a thick face and a thick skin! Bah!!!”

Ye Qingli bowed her head and said, “Since I was born, I never relied on some else’s, I never relied on others. If I do not have enough food to eat, I went to find scraps and remains from the kitchen. if I am not warm enough, I picked someone else’s broken clothes from the garbage and sew it up to cover my trembling body. In the midst of winter where there was no firewood in my courtyard, I forced myself to go out and pick up weeds despite the freezing. harsh weather! Day by day, I am constantly wrapped in ice and hunger, still I persevered on. You so-called elders,…….Where are you at that time? Have you ever come out to say something, perhaps expressing your concern?

She sneered, her eyes were like knives slicing upon each and everyone’s face.

“If someone did show concern towards me, then I would gladly treat that person as my elder. But you……are elders? What utter bullshit my ass!!! In my eyes, you all geezers are nothing but a dump of useless stinking pig shit!“

She turned towards Madam Guo and said, “I know that you are morbidly narrow-minded and stingy. The surface seemed peaceful, but I know that you used any means to destroy me; hunger, pain, humiliation, everything. You used every despicable means you can think of, but in the end I am still here, I persevered until now. Hey!!! You old cheap woman, manage your daughter well. Teach her the secrets of how to seduce a man. I truly believe she will be successful in using her body to destroy a man, than using her stupidly dumb brain to destroy me!!!”

She shouted the curses to her heart’s content, spitting out all the grievances she endured within her stomach

Today she was willing to tear of what remains of her face and simply give them hearty scolding in curses.

Madam Han’s breathing became erratic as she jumped out from her seat, “You do not have the right to talk you untamed little bitch. Old brother Ye, hurry and grab her. Beat her till she admits her mistakes!”

Madam Ye who was standing in front of Ye Qingli almost fainted in anger.

She is an arrogant, unbridled person, how can she endure such humiliation, how can she endure such scolding from a younger generation she utterly despised?

Ye Qingli exposed her to the very last layer of skin!

“What an undisciplined, uneducated thing. In that case I’ll discipline you!”

She waved her heavy crutches in the air, and slammed it down aiming for the head of Ye Qingli.

Back in that year, she used this crutches to beat Ye Qingli nearly half dead. Ye Qingli actually kowtowed to her, begging for dear mercy.

“You are a devil spawn from your mother’s unrealistic dreams!!!!”

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