Chapter 93: Force

Chapter 93: Force

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Divine Genius Healer, Abandoned Woman: Chapter 93

(This was a Double Release. Do not forget the read the past chapter.)

“Do not bother, my mother already died long ago. If you want to discipline me for her, then look at your ugly face first!”

As she stared at the crutches heading down towards her face, she instantly realized the maliciousness it exudes. If it lands, then her face would be utterly deformed in which she can never show it to the public.

This old witch wants me dead all the same!!!

Ye Qingli’s posture was like a javelin as she stood erect. The moment the crutch was about to hit her face, she dodged and directly grabbed the crutches and forcefully wrenched it away from the hands of Madam Ye!

Already possessing weak arms and legs, Madam Ye instantly loses her balance and began to fall to the ground.

Suddenly, she saw stars dancing right before her eyes.


Ye Qingli palms came out of nowhere and slapped her wrinkled face!


Blood sprayed out, splashing to the ground. At the same time, the sounds of breaking rang out.

The next second, two teeth can be seen flying in the air!  Sent flying by the palms of Ye Qingli!

Madam Ye rotated like a spinning top, before falling face first to the ground with a resounding thud.

Shock covered her face.

She is Madam Ye. She is respected in the Ye Family for so many years, and this is the first time that a younger generation ever raised a hand against her!

“Bitch……Bitch…..grab her, and punish her severely according to the laws of the family!”

She groaned heavily on the ground and slowly crawled up with her hands and feet. Her once dark blue silk dress, was now torn and ripped apart. Her face was covered in dirt, and mixed with her watery blood, she looked like half person half ghost, capable of scaring people to death during the middle of the night.  

No longer was the dignified and majestic demeanor. She yelled angrily  “Grab her, and throw her into the ancestral hall. If I can’t tame this devil, the my surname is not Ye!”

Instantaneously, more than a dozen strong men gathered around Ye Qingli. They glared at her like a tiger stalking its prey.

Each were physically strong and knots of muscles and flesh can be seen on their huge arms. They were all experts.  

“Who will dare!”

At this time, Ye Qingli was really, really angry.

They actually sent out so many experts just to deal with her.  At the moment, Madam Guo could not even put up a straight face!

I would like to see when these men are dead, what expression would be plastered on the Ye Patriarch’s face?

I wonder if it would be exciting?

Her hand gently slid into her sleeves, already wrapping around a small dagger.

She recalled back to the time when she endured Siberia’s extreme cold and winter, she recalled the time when she was lost in the extremely hot Amazon rain forest, she was not afraid.

She was never frightened!

Those who looked at Ye Qingli and saw the murderous aura glimmering, suddenly felt their scalps go numb. They could not help but take a step back.

Ye Qingli suddenly crouched her body slightly..

Like a poised cheetah, she can pounce on someone in any second.

At this time, Madam”s Han triumphant voice yelled not far away, “Do you know who this piece of shit is?”

A little crying moan came drifting to her ears, “My Young miss………”

Ye Qingli‘s heart suddenly shook,.

Just now, she didn’t have the time to watch Little He!

Madam’s Han’s face arrogantly stood a little bit away.

Behind her, two tall and strong mama were clutching Little He.

Because of her injury, the semi conscious Little He was totally incapable to move. As they dragged her on the ground, it seemed to restore some of the little girl’s sanity. Her loving eyes fixated on Ye Qingli’s as she painfully whispered, “Young miss…..flee…….”

Ye Qingli’s eyes instantly turned red. Rage, anger, and fury took over her body!

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