Chapter 3: Unfavorable Situation

Chapter 3: Unfavorable Situation

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The Assassin’s Apprentice: Chapter 3

Aunt Mei looked as if the young master suddenly grew before her eyes. For a time, she was very happy but at the same time sad. She could not prevent the tears pouring from her eyes.

“Meng Yu.”

At this moment, a huge boy of almost similar age to Meng Yu appeared outside the door, shouting even before he arrived.

Seeing Meng Yu and Aunt Mei hugging each other, the visitor became somewhat embarrassed.

“Young master, go and have some fun.” Aunt Mei said and broke away from Meng Yu’s embrace. She took the bowls and chopsticks and walked towards the kitchen.

The person who arrived was little Meng Yu’s sole friend, Lu An. Just like Meng Yu, his innate talent was also a natural waste. In the academy, he was also often bullied and taken advantage of, both of them were in the same boat and became friends.

However a few days ago, Lu An’s cultivation broke through and he became a Magic Apprentice. The past few days was consolidation for his cultivation.

“Meng Yu, I came looking for you here earlier today, but you haven’t returned yet.” He was barely in the courtyard when Lu An began to talk.

Meng Yu differed in inferiority, although Lu An was often mocked at, his cheerful and bright character did not change.

“Oh.” Meng Yu at this moment simply did not have the mood to talk with Lu An. He wanted to sort out little Meng Yu’s memories and then find a solution to the problem.

But his answer also corresponded with little Meng Yu’s habits.

Lu An helplessly looked at Meng Yu, and seriously said, “Meng Yu, you can not do this anymore. Before when you did not come back, I saw Aunt Mei facing the empty rice jar in worry, if you continue to be disheartened like this, Aunt Mei’s life will only become even more painful than it really is. Aunt Mei is getting thinner and feeble, it makes me uncomfortable when I look at her. You can not go on like this, you ought to do something.”

Listening to Lu An’s words, Meng Yu confirmed his own guess, he could not help but feel his heart blocked up in panic.

Suddenly his interest in chatting with Lu An was gone, he turned around and walked towards the courtyard.

Lu An turned around at the same time and put a hand on his shoulders.

Meng Yu became irritated, turned his head and looked at Lu An’s hand on his shoulder.

“Now you are here, if you continue to do nothing, this is the last time I will help you out.” From his arms escaped two silver coins which he handed to Meng Yu.

Meng Yu looked blankly at Lu An, he suddenly found himself unable to describe his current feelings. So unfamiliar but also filled with warmth.

“Take it.” Lu An stuffed the silver coins into Meng Yu’s hands, then the same turned around and left.

“Thanks.” Meng Yu did not know what to say, but he still accepted Lu An’s help because Aunt Mei’s expression right now let him know that if they do not have this money, they will probably starve to death.

“Do not thank me, aren’t we brothers? Just do not let my effort be wasted.”  Lu An did not turn around, but waved at Meng Yu goodbye at his back and disappeared at the end of the street.

Meng Yu was somewhat dazed. From the memories of little Meng Yu, he knew that Lu An’s family financial situation was not very good, and these two silver coins was enough for him and Aunt Mei’s half a month of living expenses. For Lu An, this was not a small amount of money.

In his previous life, he was constantly working and earning money, busy with all sorts of things,

There wasn’t even time to make some friends, The word ‘friend’ was so far away from him. Yet at this moment, it was so near.

He went back to his own room and Meng Yu quietly lay in the bed. He no longer wanted to think why he appeared here, he only knew what he has to do now, and that is to make Aunt Mei’s life a little bit better.

With the occasional emergence of flashbacks, Meng Yu’s parents always looks worried. This always made him somewhat dismayed, but he had already accepted this fact.

He was in a place called Pan Xi Town which belonged to the Mo Lin Empire. Mo Lin Empire was typically a magic empire. Even in this small town, they still got a branch of the Magus Association..

Little Meng Yu grew up in this atheistic magical world since childhood. Its somewhat difficult to accept, but Meng Yu had to accept, he knew, that he can not go back.

He was also aware that Lu An’s two silver coins should be the allowance he received from the Magus Association. This was also reason why the Mo Lin Empire can rely on the magicians to establish their nation.

As long as one became a Magic Apprentice, he will be able to receive an allowance of two silver coins each month from the Magus Association. A more advanced magician can get an even more lucrative wage and treatment

This action gave Mo Lin Empire a magic strength far beyond imagination.

Other than this, Meng Yu was unable to find anything useful from little Meng Yu’s memories.

No wonder Lu An said those words to me, this little Meng Yu was really just so weak before.

Early the next morning, Meng Yu handed the two silver coins to Aunt Mei and afterwards hurriedly rushed to the only Magic Academy in town.

Because the Magic Academy has the only library in the whole town, he wanted to find some useful information. He also wanted to find a method of how to breakthrough and become a Magic Apprentice.

This is what he can only ,think of, as a solution for him and Aunt Mei’s food problem.

It was still early and this tranquil small town still seemed to be asleep. There were no people in the street, but under the guidance of little Meng Yu’s memories, Meng Yu soon arrived in the library.

The library was already open. A grey haired grandfather was holding a book, his eyes fixed, thoroughly concentrating on the book.

Hearing the footsteps of Meng Yu, he looked up and glanced at him in surprise, and then continued to read.

He picked up a book called Beginner’s Guide to Magic and Meng Yu began to read it earnestly.

An hour later, Meng Yu can be considered as to have some basic understanding of this world.

A magician’s cultivation was mainly by meditation in order to perceive the power of the surrounding elements and then by attracting these power of the elements to increase the body magical power.

When these magical force reach to a certain extent, one will naturally breakthrough into a magic apprentice.

Little Meng Yu’s daily meditation lasts more than eight hours, in the whole town Pan Xi, perhaps you cannot find someone who is more diligent than him.

However, such efforts can not necessarily be harvested all the time, whatever it is, such unfairness will always exist.

Little Meng Yu’s efforts were such like this. He has been meditating for six years, his body’s magic power also increased a lot, but he could not feel anything that would make his cultivation breakthrough and make him a Magic Apprentice.

While in the Mo Lin Empire, as long as it is a normal person, before the age of sixteen, he will naturally be able to become a Magic Apprentice.

This is why Meng Yu was being laughed at the academy, the main reason why he was being bullied.

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