Chapter 1: Will You Marry Me? Passing Through

Chapter 1: Will You Marry Me? Passing Through

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World Destroying Demonic Emperor: Chapter 1

Lanling was a third year student at a prestigious University Art Department, he was nineteen years old this year.

He came to a decision. He wants to propose and confess to his elder sister. A marriage proposal.

Even since he was young, his elder sister already had a place on his heart. She was the world’s perfect woman. Her beauty, her eyes, her angry frowns, the curve of her waists as she twists around; her every move charmed Lanling.

He dared not say it aloud, but within his sleep, he kept on dreaming proposing to her.

Of course, she was not Lanling’s blood sister.

Lanling was an orphan. He got no knowledge who his parents were. However his luck was good, when he was four, he got adopted.

He was adopted on September 9, therefore he made that day as his birthday.

Even the day he was adopted was very misty. He just remembered his foster parents followed by a very sweet, big eyed sister.

After being adopted, Lanling experienced a very happy, warm life. His foster parents and seven-year old elder sister were all very good to him. His sister was specially loving to him, whatever it was, they were willing to give it to him.

However, his happiness was short-lived, when he turned seven-years old, his foster parents unexpectedly died in a car accident.

Lanling became orphaned once again, his sister was fourteen years old at that time.

Lanling was supposed to be sent to the orphanage once more while his sister was going to live at her aunt’s house. But his sister clinged on tightly to him, refusing to let him go, therefore, it was decided that Lanling would stay with her at her aunt’s house.

Yet Lanling never felt comfortable within this new home. The strange aunt and uncle, regardless whether it was him or sister, they made life hard for them. Moreover, their ten year old son often bullied Lanling. His sister kept on protecting him whenever he quarreled and fought against the son.

They both endured for two years and when her sister turned sixteen, they two left their aunt’s house and returned to their own home.

From that day on, his sister dropped out of school, working hard to feed herself and the nine year old Lanling.

And so, the two of them depended and live on each other for ten years. His sister not only managed to feed both of them, but was also able to send Lanling to the University Art Department.

Now, Lanling was nineteen years old, third year college student, and will graduate next year.

His sister was now twenty six years old and her beauty was at its prime. She was really, really beautiful, whether it was her face or figure, you could not a find a single woman like her in a million person.

When she turned eighteen, she already got countless admirers and suitors.

Then tragedy struck once again. A few months back, her beautiful face was destroyed. A rich young man whom she rejected, hired someone to pour acid on her face. She quickly dodged it, but still, half her face was completely destroyed.

Her beautiful face turned into a face now dreaded by the public.

The culprit got caught and was sentenced to a few years. But the real one behind this, was still out there.

Revenge can wait for ten years. But Lanling could not possible wait for ten years. He already devised three plans with all plans yielding the same result: kill the guy, and then get out of the place smoothly.

He already made the preparations and just waited for the young man to appear. If he succeeds in killing the guy, he then would propose to his elder sister immediately.

However, all was too late. After her sister was discharged, she became depressed. The smile that charmed the city was now gone. She began to fear everyone, including her own brother, Lanling.

Gradually, the thoughts of committing suicide drifted into her. Regardless of what happened, he wanted to first declare his love to her the soonest, to ask her to marry him.

It was not sympathy, it’s love that purely emerged from the heart. No matter how she looked like, his sister was still the most perfect woman in his heart.

The next day would be his sister’s birthday, and yet on the current evening, a rare meteor shower will occur. Therefore, he made a stunning confession video.

Lanling, holding a Video Recorder, climbed to a high mountain. The breeze was refreshing, and one can see the meteor shower as it dashed through the sky.

A thousand meters above ground, the air here was fresh, with no taint of pollution. The bright stars were also clearly visible among the dark sky.

Once every a hundred years, there will be a gorgeous meteor shower in the sky. Lanling patiently waited, he knew that at 12 o’clock, the meteor shower will reach its climax where multiple meteors will dash across the sky side by side, living their trails behind.

His literary skill was outstanding, he already thought of three message proposals but could not decide which to use. He also could not imagine what her sister’s expression would be after hearing them. He wants the best one that will fit in any situation.

Does sister wants to be alone? Why did she not agree to the other young men who pursued her long ago? Is she afraid?

He could see her face blushing, filled with joy when she hears of his proposal.

12 o’clock.

Exactly as what was predicted, the meteor shower came to its climax. Like a dream-like picture, dozens of meters appeared on the horizon, speeding across the boundless sky.

Lanling stood in front of the recorder, his back against the meteor shower and began to declare his love.

He recited each of his messages, it was filled affection and love.

He never felt so nervous before in his life. Though it was only just a recording, travelling for a thousand kilometers to buy poison would never would make him this nervous.

Watching the fleeting meteors, Lanling took a deep breath, “Elder Sister Lankou, I love you, will you marry me? I swear by the meteors, I’m going to take care of your life, I will make you happy……”

Unbeknownst to Lanling, a meteor glinting with an abnormal golden light, as if filled with a mysterious energy flew across naked sky, flying closer and closer to Lanling.


Just after Lanling’s confession, the mysterious meteor directly hit him in the head. In an instant, Lanling’s body turned into ashes and entirely disappeared without a trace.

A few day later, the University reported to the police stating that their student disappeared. When the police arrived at the Lanling’s home, they were also puzzled when her sister Lankou was also missing. Big holes can also be seen at the walls of the house, with traces of ultra high temperature burns.

Thus, Lanling and Lankou’s mysterious vanishment was put on top secret, all files and papers concerning them were totally destroyed.


Lanling suddenly woke up. He was now in a strange world. Looking around him, he was on a mountain, but definitely not the mountain where he witnessed the meteor shower.

The plants surrounding the area were unknown to Lanling.

Evening came and the most perplexing thing was the sky. There were two moons, one big, one small. At first he thought he was just seeing things, he rubbed his eyes. Yet truth dawned upon him, two moons shone brightly on the night sky.

At this point, he thought it was just a unique astronomical phenomenon, but when day arrived, he saw an animal that completely blew off his remaining mental sense.

Flying high in the sky was a huge Griffin. This animal can not be seen on earth and obviously only exists on legends.

Then he saw beautiful, timid creatures, Unicorns!

Now he was absolutely sure that he had crossed into another world.

The meteor that hit him took him into this strange word.

Lanling could not believe that he passed through worlds. He was on the brink of collapsing, both mentally and physically.

He looked around the mountain desperately finding for a portal back to earth. There lived the people he treasured the most, there lived his sister. He was still going to propose to her, take care of her life, and have two or three kids.

And there’s still the young, rich man. He still needs to kill him.

“You thief, You damn, fucking god, take me back!”

Lanling became mad finding the portal that doesn’t exist. Cursing god all the way.

After ten days of madness, he gradually understood that he probably can never, ever go back.

He began to despair and lay in a cave motionless. He was longing for his sister.

He missed her eyes, her every expression, her every words.

Memories rolled in his mind like movies. In this memory, his sister was also determined to love him. Her look, her voice, but you are too ignorant, you do not understand at all.

He once took advantage of her sister and kissed her while she was asleep. She was actually awake at that time. Her face turned red but still she did not budge because she did not know what to do or in what way to react.

Recalling these scenes, Lanling’s heart became sweet and yet painful.

In these sweet and painful manner, Lanling went to sleep. Only in sleep can these pain be partially alleviated.

If only his dreams can be good…..

He eventually fell into a deep sleep and entered into a mysterious dream.

The dream world was covered in bleak darkness and there was a faint light.

The light was flashing, sparkling slightly. It was filled with a mysterious energy, gently surging, as if breathing, as if life itself was in it.

It did not speak, but it directly interfered with Lanling’s brainwaves, affecting his brain’s consciousness.

Lanling was frightened, “Who the hell are you?”

“I am a Demon Star.” The energy light said.

“You are the meteor that hit me! Are you the one who brought me to this damn world?” Lanling asked frighteningly.

“You are right.” The demon star answered.

“Why are you doing this? Send me back to earth right now!!” Lanling roared furiously.

“You can’t go back now. When I brought you to this world, all my energy had been depleted, and now I’m dying.”

“My sister needs me, she needs my protection. “ Lanling said in pain and anger.

Lanling continued to curse while the demon star was listening casually, not answering at all.

After a short while, Lanling gradually quiet down and asked, “Why did you take me into this world. Why? Why me?.”

“I am the will of my former host, he brought you here.”

“I don’t care who your former host is. I don’t care about him. Why did he bring me here?”

“I’m sorry but I do not know. I am just an energy of life. When my former host died, I lost all my memories.”

Lanling was in silence for a moment and reluctantly said. “He brought me into this world, then what does he want me to do? He must have a reason for it.”

“I also do not know. But within my consciousness there is a phrase. Maybe it is your mission.”

“And what is it?“

“Probably……To destroy this world.” The Demon Star uttered.

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