Chapter 10: Genius Lanling, Passing Through The Truth

Chapter 10: Genius Lanling, Passing Through The Truth

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World Destroying Demonic Emperor: Chapter 10

Suo Ningbing’s beautiful eyes were filled with regret, “I am very sorry little Ling for making it difficult.”

He said with difficulty, “I would do my very best. What are the appearances of these women, if I do not recognize them beforehand, I may encounter serious trouble.”

Suo Ningbing said, “Suo Lun did not live to our expectations. The only thing he excelled was painting. If he was very fond of a woman, he will make a portrait of her. I will bring it for you to see.”

Then, after a while, Suo Ningbing brought a box then opened it. Inside were dozens of painted portraits.

Lanling took a look, they were all gorgeous all with perfect figure, each were attractive in their own right, they were too beautiful to behold. This bastard’s life was so bizarre, he even treat the beauty of this women as a contest, on Earth, they would all be crowned having the beauty of goddesses.

But this bastard really did draw this pictures splendidly. The earth’s top painters cannot absolutely paint with this kind of level. It was similar to ancient Chinese painting, and it was very rare that he only used such common lines to sketch the women’s figures.

Lanling looked carefully at Princess Zhi Ning, Gui Qinshao, and Yan Nai’er, if these simple portraits were beautiful enough then how much more beautiful are they are in person? Particularly Yan Nai’er, her body was like a bomb in general, it was extremely sexy, her curves were devilish to the extent of it being almost exaggeration. In the end, she was a outstandingly stunning creature.

This bastard really got a good fortune in love life. .

“Xiao Ling, Suo Lun’s knowledge in martial arts and culture was a complete disappointment, only his painting was outstanding.” Suo Ningbing said, “Therefore this time, I am going to teach you the basic techniques of painting, as you may not be able to write anything at all, especially during critical moments.”

Lanling wanted to say no, he can already paint, moreover his skill is very high. But he opened his mouth and said, “Ok then Elder sister.”

Lan Ling studied in the University Art Department that specializes in artwork. The correlative standard was very high and since her sister, Lankou was small, till she grew up, he painted no less than a thousand portraits of her. His skill in drawing grew to the point where it can be described as absolutely superb, it is completely comparable to an actual photo.

But, if he let Suo Ningbing teach him to draw, it is inevitable to be a bit intimate with her, this would really be a good opportunity to cultivate feelings with each other.


For the next two days, Elder Sister shared Lanling the various relationships that Suo Lun had, more precisely the dozens of portraits of his girlfriends in case he may meet them again.  There were also instructors inside the Royal City Academy, and the classmates that he will probably meet.

Then,  they had to start on the history of this world and the general knowledge of its foundation.

This was also Lanling’s first time seeing this world’s books, suddenly he was surprised.

Because it seemed he already knew the writings of the text, it was exactly the same as Earth’s Chinese. Not only that, the sentences were formed just the same way too.

This world has also four great classics, there is also basic mathematics, and relational philosophies. And all of these knowledge were derived from ancient Chinese books. There was also a bit of western philosophical theory.

Not only that, the music notation also consists of 5 lines with a staff, clef, and other musical symbols.

Then, he hurriedly opened the history of this world, it may finally unlock the puzzle why he crossed into this world.

This world uses Chinese even long ago, it really was not coincidence. The reason lay in a single person, The Dragon Emperor!

The Dragon Emperor, he was world’s most powerful person. To single-handedly create entire powerful civilizations of the Middle Land.

Thousands years ago, this world was in chaos and disorder, the majority of areas were home to primitive tribes, though there were also a handful of declining town and cities.

The humans in this world were known as the descendants of the Dragon, each person has more or less possessed the bloodline of the Dragon. The higher the talent of the Blood, the more powerful and formidable that person’s military might is.

Therefore, for thousands of years, this force was the eternal theme of this world.

Following this military might, was the eternal war.

The whole world endlessly kept on fighting, men fought against men, and men fought against beasts. There was hardly any civilization in the world, the sole powerful organization was only the Divine Dragon Temple.

The Divine Dragon Temple was the world’s most powerful, transcendent organization. From the beginning of history, there was the Divine Dragon Temple. It was the entire world’s belief that this temple is the Dragon’s voice in the world.

But, the Dragon Temple was unblemished and sacred. No matter whether the world was doing right and wrong, they would never interfere with their world of wars.

Therefore, the entire Middle Land was wild and barbaric, blood and war occurred year by year, within every inch of land. Each day, countless people died, each and every day a child could grow in peace was a lucky day.

This chaotic disorder finally ended three thousand years ago.

Because one of the most formidable human being was born. No one knew where he came from, no one knew who his parents were as if he was born from heaven and earth itself.

A mere forty years old, he became the strongest powerhouse under the heavens.

Then he spent twenty years defeating all tribes of the world, and almost unified the whole Middle Land. Then he established the powerful, unequaled Yan Long Empire (Flaming Dragon Empire). For the first time, the Yan Long Continent gradually shifted from chaos to order. He became the first Emperor of the world.

In recognition to his great deeds, the Divine Dragon Temple canonized him as the Dragon Emperor.

However, this was just the beginning of his exploits, within the following three decades, he temporarily suspended the pace of his unification war on both the North and South, and focused all his power and resources of an Empire into destroying other writings and languages of the world. He made the Dragon Language the world’s sole language.

Next he created philosophy, art, arithmetic, literature, music and so on, He personally created a whole new civilization.

Yet even the strongest man will still depart one day. And at the age of one-hundred  twenty nine, the Dragon Emperor passed away.


After the Dragon Emperor died, the Yan Long Empire continued to follow his footsteps, and carried civilization forward. Various scholars and philosophers emerged. They wrote many glorious literate pieces, composed countless music, Then the whole world bloomed with hundreds of schools teaching their own thoughts of civilization.

However, no matter how big an empire, it will return to dust one day.

Three hundred years after the Emperor’s death, the Yan Long Empire was torn apart. For the next two thousand and three thousand years, conflicts were unceasing, it was similar to the Warring States Era of China.

Until now, the whole Middle Land was divided into dozens of hundreds of small nations. And four huge kingdoms, and an empire now were the overlords of this world.

The four kingdoms were the Dong Li Kingdom of the east, Northern Wind Kingdom of the north, Raging Wave Kingdom of the south, and the Xi Liang Kingdom of the west.

And the empire called the Central Yan Empire is the overlord of Middle Land, the leader of the various nations of the world.

Of course, the Yan Empire succeeded the Yan Long Empire that the Dragon Emperor established three thousand years ago. However, there wasn’t any significant  connection between the two empires. The Yan Empire and the Yan Long Empire relationship was like the ancient China’s Tang Dynasty and the present day families having Li surnames. The relationship was far apart.

But now the Yan Empire was the most powerful, besides it was also recognized by the Divine Dragon Temple, Thus it became a Central Empire of the Middle Land World. But even so, the King of the Yan Empire only dared to call himself King, and dared not call himself Emperor.

Although the Dragon Emperor had already been dead nearly three thousand years, he was still the world’s emblem until now. He had near god status.

No one knew the origins of the Dragon Emperor, but Lanling seemed to know where he came from. .

The Dragon Emperor was the most powerful and greatest throughout the history of this world, and Lanling had a hunch that this man could be the same as him. One that crossed into this world. Only this man was much fiercer and much more powerful than Lanling, built an Empire, and established a civilization.

Lanling faintly felt that this guy was the past host of the Demon Star, perhaps…….it was the Dragon Emperor. His face soured, he remembered the Demon Star said, “You passed into here and your mission is to obliterate this world.”

But, what about the world’s civilization that the Dragon Emperor built up, how can I bring myself to destroy it?

But no matter what, Lanling felt that his crossing and the Dragon Emperor has a mysterious connection.

He came into this world for a mission.

Destroy the world?

Thinking of this mission, Lanling desperately shook his head immediately, oneself cannot just overlook the hideousness of this mission. He just wanted to protect her sister, protect her family, that;s all.

“Xiao Ling? What is it?” Suo Ning Bing asked.

Lanling said, “It’s nothing sister, I have learned a lot from these books,so you do not need to start everything from scratch. Perhaps in the Royal City Academy’s graduation, except martial arts, the remaining three branches, after a period of study with you, I should pass it smoothly.”

These words of Lanling were modest, he was an outstanding student in University. And although the philosophy and literature of this world was a bit strange, but after all, it was still born out from the knowledge on earth. Ancient and modern famous books, Lanling did not know how many of books they were.

So, as long he will be a bit a familiar with this world’s writing format, Lanling was confident he will be able to surpass many people with his profound knowledge.

“Really?” Suo Ningbing was overjoyed.

Lanling nodded, “Yeap.”

For the next ten days, Lanling’s progress grew by leaps and bounds. He attained knowledge on various subjects that even Suo Ningbing was completely amazed.

“Xiao Ling, you are really much better than Suo Lun.” Suo Ningbing said, “You really made me sit up and take amazing.”

So it seems that Lanling’s sole obstacle for graduating in the Royal City Academy was martial arts.

This world’s military force was ranked based on a person’s Dragon Blood’s level.

Ye Jing Yu was a high ranked warrior and will personally teach Lanling martial arts.

Then came their most important concern. Is Lanling endowed with the Dragon Blood’s talent? Is it high or low?

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