Chapter 11: Dragon Blood Test, Horror!

Chapter 11: Dragon Blood Test, Horror!

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World Destroying Demonic Emperor: Chapter 11

Suo Ningbing then laughed: “It won’t be long until your sister can’t teach you anymore. Even now, you already know a lot of things that sister cannot teach you.”

“Of course not.” Lanling gave an embarrassed smile.

This is not because of his talent, but because of the previous person who passed through, the Imperial Majesty, the Dragon Emperor. Three thousand years ago, he created the civilized knowledge system of this world. Much of this subjects Lanling studied, and already attained a deep, profound knowledge.

At this time, he felt that he was in heaven when he was with this familiar yet unfamiliar Suo Ningbing who was constantly with him day and night. In addition to Lanling learning by leaps and bounds, the intimacy between the siblings grew too.

Suo Ningning not only taught him relevant theoretical knowledge, but also taught him to paint and play the zither.

Therefore, the two became much more closer..

At least, Ye Jing Yu more than once jokingly said, that Lanling resembled Suo Ningbing much more than her own younger brother, Suo Lun.

Hearing this, Lanling was not very happy, because he does not wish at all to become her younger brother, but become her man.

Only right now, he was not powerful enough, it was not enough to shelter sister and the family from the storm. Therefore, he does not want to confess yet.

Originally, Suo Ningbing planned to let Lanling rest for two months, but because Lanling’s studies was just surprisingly amazing,  she gave him only one month of rest, because now Lanling can directly enter the Royal City Academy since his lack of knowledge will not be known anymore, exposing his biggest secret.

In just a short time, it was necessary that Lanling should begin studying martial arts enlightenment with Ye Jing Yu.

At this time he had only one idea, that is to practice martial arts and strive to master it with the shortest possible amount of time and pass the Royal City Academy’s graduation exam smoothly, inherit the Count’s title and become Tianshui City’s Lord, avoiding any further complications.


“Starting from today, I will teach you martial arts enlightenment.” In the empty courtyard, Ye Jing Yu was still wearing a black tight fitting leather clothes.
Lanling now knew that Ye Jing Yu had more than a dozen sets of the same black tight leather clothes. The only difference between these clothes was a silver decorative thread carving on each of the clothes chest.

Although they had been getting along for quite a long time, Lanling still see Ye Jing Yu in a weird manner because her body curves was just too hot, too devilish, yet Lanling was but only a virgin.

Although he was still crazily in love with his sister, the internal heat of a young mand was very vigorous. Ye Jing Yu had been wearing tights, so when she practiced martial arts, the curves her body makes was very attractively powerful. These days, her body curves were so captivating that Lanling could not help but be gripped when looking at her and he could not avoid making reactions afterwards.

“As long as you want, you can call a female servant and serve you in the bedroom.” Ye Jing Yu suddenly said.

Immediately, Lanling shook his head desperately, his face flushed red with embarrassment.

Seeing him embarrassed, Ye Jing Yu secretly smiled and said, “Before you learn martial arts enlightenment, first of all, your blood has to be tested to see if you have enough Dragon Blood talent.”

The people of this world were known as the descendants of the Dragon, and the body has more or less the blood of the Dragon . The Dragon Blood contains a very powerful tremendous power, known as the Dragon Force.

Martial arts was very fundamental:  it was to stimulate the Dragon Force within the blood and transform it intoto one’s military might.

Because each person’s Dragon Bloodline has different values for talents, therefore the color emergence of their Dragon’s Blood was different.

Currently, there are six colors of the Dragon Blood in this world: gray, white, black, blue, red, purple.

The six colors, the rarer the color the more noble it is..

Note that it is rare and noble, but the higher the color, the nobler it is. But this does not mean that it is the most powerful. For instance, Purple Dragon Blood basically only exists among the world’s top royal aristocracy. However, many members of the Royal Family were not really that powerful.

There was also a much rarer color than purple blood, one that is clear and transparent, almost no one in a million possesses it. This type of rarity does not mean any nobility, but instead means disaster. Because transparent, colorless Dragon Blood represents no Dragon Force, the people who possessed this were known as god-cursed man. Such people were exiled into savages or were immediately put into death.

In this world, grey was the most common color of the Dragon Blood and accounted for more than 80% of the human population. Such type of Dragon Blood power contained in the human body was very weak, there was no need to learn martial arts.

The rest were white, black, blue, red, purple, five kinds of blood suitable for martial arts as long as the grade of the blood was high enough.

Where to see the blood’s grade? Color, as long as the color is deep and dark, it means the grade was high and the greater the power contained in the blood.

As long as the grade is high enough, any kind of this five color bloods can make one a powerful warrior.

For example, a person having White Dragon Blood is suitable to be a swordsman because the strength and agility talent of the blood is high, the remaining affinities of spirit, physique, and endurance are also passable.

The Black Dragon Blood has a high affinity for spirit and agility, the three remaining affinities are particularly weak, therefore this is suitable for an assassin. One hit, one kill. It is not suitable for a prolonged battle.

As for those possessing Blue Dragon Blood, their spirit talent is very high, their strength is also good, but the remaining three talents are just fair, suitable only to be a master archer.

A person having the Red Dragon Blood has a high talent for strength and physique, their endurance is also good, but their spirit and agility talents are very low. Such person was great to be a huge bodied swordsman. Once you put on a thick armor, grasping huge swords, you are like humanoid tank in the battlefield.

As for the Purple Dragon Blood, spirit, agility, strength are good, and their physique and endurance are also good. The five talents are relatively average and is most suitable for a knight. They were born leaders, they can brandish their sword, and can also draw a bow.

It is precisely because of this why the Purple Dragon Blood was gradually promoted amongst the world’s top elite family groups. .

Before, Suo Lun possessed the Red Dragon Blood, but its grade was very, very low, plus he doesn’t want to suffer studying. So his Dragon Force can almost be compared to the power of a tied chicken. He had so many lovers, but he can never beat one.


“Drink this liquid of flint first.”  Ye Jing Yu handed over a porcelain bottle.

Only after the flinty fluid melds in the blood and mixed with a drop of water will the Dragon Spring react, showing the blood’s color.

Lanling drank the flint liquid and moments later felt that his body was becoming more and more hot, gaining more heat. More embarrassing is, his blood seemed to have subsided in another part of his body which suddenly stood up in ferociousness, He can not dare watch Ye Jing Yu. Embarrassed, he awkwardly bent over slightly.

This flint fluid in Earth can be used as Viagra.

Ye Jing Yu gently glanced at him and said,“Extend your index finger.”

Lanling pointed out his index finger while Ye Jing Yu lightly sliced his knife across, blood dripped on the table onto a jade bowl.

This jade bowl was filled with the crystal clear water of the Dragon Spring, designed for the usage of testing Dragon Blood, was completely transparent and colorless, there was no difference from ordinary water at all.

After the blood dripped into the Dragon Spring water, the red blood instantly melted, getting brighter and brighter.

“I hope it is not grey blood, that completely cannot be able practice martial arts.” Ye Jing Yu said.

Lanling then saw that the color of the Dragon Spring water on the jade bowl was almost transparent, the original red blood had almost completely vanished.

Ye Jing Yu’s face suddenly changed and showed utter horrification, “This, it isn’t transparent and colorless right?”

A person having, transparent, colorless Dragon Blood was cursed by god, legend says that he will bring disaster to his family and the people around him. Therefore, once a person was discovered having a colorless, transparent blood, he would certainly be banished by all means. And once discovered by the Divine Dragon Temple, he will certainly be executed.

Lanling’s heart jump, he had hoped that it would not be transparent and colorless. If that is the case, Staying in the Suo Family will also be an embarrassment and may bring disaster to his sister and family.

However, his mind was still emboldened, he felt that his Dragon Blood’s talent should not be low because inside his body was the Demon Star, an extremely powerful, mysterious demon star.

Seeing the Dragon Spring water turn completely transparent, the face of Ye Jing Yu changed utterly pale and aghast.

At this time, the bowl suddenly began gently shaking, then the color appeared.
Immediately, Ye Jing Yu exhaled a long sigh of relief, as long as it is not colorless, it will be fine. If it is colorless by any chance, she really does not know what to do.

But then her body suddenly trembled, her face drastically change.

Because the color that appeared in the Dragon Spring water was a color never seen before.

At present, there were only seven colors of Dragon Blood: gray, white, black, blue, red, purple and colorless.

Yet, the color within the jade bowl……..was yellow!

Ever since history, there haven’t been heard of the Dragon Blood having the color yellow.

To those who needs a summary:

Everyone possesses the blood of the Dragon within their own blood, this is called Dragon Blood or Dragon Bloodline.

This Dragon Blood hides a very powerful strength known as Dragon Force. This is used in all combat situations.

There are five main innate talents: Spirit, Agility, Physique, Endurance, Strength

There are seven kinds of Dragon Blood each giving different values for the five main talents.

Dragon Blood Talent refers to what kind of color their Dragon Blood is: Gray, white, black, blue, red, purple and colorless.

Each type of Dragon Blood’s grade can be considered as either high, normal, or low.

The deeper the color of the Dragon Blood (deep Red, darkish Blue), the more talented it is.

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