Chapter 12: Training Martial Arts, Haste!

Chapter 12: Training Martial Arts, Haste!

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World Destroying Demonic Emperor: Chapter 12

Ever since through history, there hasn’t been any recorded cases of a yellow colored Dragon Blood.

Lanling’s Dragon Blood turned out to be yellow, what exactly was going on?

Not only was Ye Jing Yu stunned, Lanling was also stunned, he had read many books of this world, and himself knew that there were only seven kinds of blood. His turned out to be an eighth, an unprecedented yellow.

Suo Lun this bastard was very yellow, but purifying as water.

Is this because of my physique? Because of the Demon Star? Lanling did not know.

But then, the yellow color inside the jade bowl was getting more and more deep, then the bowl at last stopped shaking.

A golden light shot out unexpectedly from the jade bowl and the yellow blood became golden.

Ye Jing Yu couldn’t utter a single word, she hastily picked up a bowl of pig’s blood nearby and poured it into the Dragon Spring water, suddenly the golden yellow light was instantly broken, and vanished cleanly.

Then both people faced each other.

After a long time, Lanling asked, “That…….what kind of martial arts should I practice?

Ye Jing Yu shook her head, “ I really do not know, golden blood, I haven’t seen it before or heard of it.”

Lanling asked, “Could this be because……I came from another world?

“It should be.” Ye Jing Yu said, “After the blood test, you must to be careful, this thing, except you, me, and the Young Miss outside, no other person must know about this.”

“I know.” Lanling asked. “What is next, what should we do, can I still practice martial arts?”

Ye Jing Yu closed her eyes and took a deep breath. The curve on her chest bulge out more so that people can not look at it directly, then she opened her eyes said, “Train, there may be surprises.”


“The first step of martial arts enlightenment is Dragon Force Induction.” Ye Jing Yu said.

The people’s body of this world, has more or less the power of the Dragon Blood. But most of it are hidden, it can not be found or felt.

Therefore, the first step in the training of martial arts is to sense and feel one’s Dragon Force.

Dragon Force is the power coming from within the Dragon Blood, it is the foundation of the world of martial arts.

As long as there are is Dragon Blood, there must be Dragon Force hidden within. Only when the body reaches its very limit will the blood cannot support it, then from the depths of the heart will an energy be emitted that will be packed into the person’s limbs.

This is somewhat similar to the human’s potential on Earth, such as a mother to save her children, momentarily can be able to lift a car. Of course, a human’s potential on Earth was only for a moment, and will broke out only in the most critical moment. But in this world, Dragon Force was hidden in the blood, and can continuously burst out.

The existence of Dragon Force made the people have a powerful source of power. But for the so-called Dragon Force Induction, it is necessary to have a clear Spirit feeling to see this Dragon Force within. Only with one’s Spirit can you able to see the Dragon Force and further control the Dragon Force.

“I don’t know how high your Spiritual Talent is, but within one month, we would try to complete the first step which is Dragon Force Induction.” Ye Jing Yu said, “Because a month later, you have to enter the Royal City Academy.”

Among the five innate talents, Spiritual Gifts are the most important because martial arts is the process of using one’s Spirit to control Dragon Force.

Lanling said, “If the Spiritual Talent is generally high, how long will it take to completely feel the Dragon Force?”

Ye Jing Yu said, “A month. Of course, I have seen a person having very high talent took only half a month to complete the Dragon Force Induction. His talent was one in hundreds of years. He only spent ten days to sense and feel out his Dragon Force.”

“Who is he?” Lanling asked.

“The Northern Overlord, King Jiang Shang of the Dong Li Kingdom.” Ye Jing Yu said, “ Nowadays, his martial arts had already been pushed to its extreme height. His glance would feel like many small mountains.”

The Raging Wave Kingdom became one of the sovereigns of the Middle Land only in the last couple decades. While the Dong Li Kingdom was the overlords of the northern lands for hundreds of years, fully controlling eleven provinces, seventy million people, and millions of soldiers.

Dong Li Kingdom’s King Jiang Shang, possessed a power that can shook the earth that even the Emperor of the Yan Empire he defeated and got his respect for his three points.

Ye Jing Yu’s words regarding Dong Li Kingdom’s King Jiang Shang fascinated Lanling to the extreme.

“Of course, Jiang Shang shook the world not only because of his martial arts, but because of his power, and the national strength of Dong Li Kingdom.”  Ye Jing Yu said, “After you become Tianshui City’s Lord, you must remember, as a high nobility prince, the Dragon Force is just a mere embellishment for you. The wealth that you grasp, military, power, are the most important ones.”

Lanling nodded, “Got it.”

About this point, he was very clear. When this world’s civilization and order was established, a single person’s force hardly made a decisive effect.

The talent of the Raging Wave Kingdom’s King was just merely so, but that didn’t prevent him from becoming one of the overlords of the Middle Land, and becoming the most outstanding King ever in the Raging Wave Kingdom’s history.

Monarchs of the Yan Empire are not very good with martial arts, but this did not prevent them from becoming King among Kings, Kings of the World.

“All right, we will start now.” Ye Jing Yu said, “First of all, you must get your body to reach its limit so as to arouse out the Dragon Force.”

Lanling could not help but doubt, but the people on earth, is their Dragon Force in their body too? In my body, there is the Demon Star.

“How much strength is there in your two hands?” Ye Jing Yu asked.

“About 100 pounds.” Laling said.

Though he endured hardship since he was young, but after all in the city, although you work early and study hard, gravity would really not do that much.

Ye Jing Yu took a rock and said, “This rock, weighs one hundred and ten pounds, it should be the limit of your hand’s strength. Surround your hands in this stone, and squat.”

“Yes.” Lanling crouched in a horse stance and stretched out his arms. .

Ye Jing Yu then placed the hundred and ten pounds of rock in his hands, suddenly, Lanling’s butt almost slammed to the ground.

Crouching in horse stance was uncomfortable enough, now he was holding a hundred and ten pounds of stone. It only was just two seconds, Lanling was unable to withstand it and his whole body started to crumble.

“Force yourself to support it, wait until your body reach its limit.” Ye Jing Yu said.

Lanling’s whole body was trembling, he was sweating violently, his whole body can collapse to the ground anytime.

Yet this time, heat suddenly came gushing out from the depths of his heart, and entered his limbs. This caused pain in his whole body, then instantaneously releasing a warm, very comfortable feeling.

“Can you feel it?” Ye Jing Yu asked.

“I can feel it.” Lanling said, he felt that this force was very familiar. But he did not know whether this came from the Demon Star’s power or the from power of his Dragon Blood..

Lanling then said, “I can just barely feel it though I can not induce it and look inside.”

Ye Jing Yu said, “Next, we are going to practice Reverse Moon on the Water Method to carry out Dragon Force Induction.”

Reverse Moon on the Water Method is one the world’s most basic martial arts, but will be a crucial part throughout a person’s martial arts career. It will be used instinctively by artists on each fight. More specifically, Reverse Moon on the Water Method is like a Spirit Condensation Technique.

Ye Jing Yu said, “Come down and listen as I read the technique, completely immerse yourself with the techniques of the world.”

Then, Ye Jing Yu began to read the techniques, Lanling followed by reciting it from memory.

“Water clear as a water, the moon’s reflection, round in no time…..” There were only forty words in this paragraph, Yet it was elaborate enough to describe a quiet picture of an inverted moon hanging above peaceful water.

“Boulder smashing, water bursting, inverted moon exploding into pieces….. “ It was still forty words, indicating that a rock smashed down, and the water and inverted moon were completely broken and were in chaos.

“I want to reach it, full moon, the wind keeps on blowing, waves surging, I want to take advantage of this power, where did it come from…” This paragraph, had thirty words, wanting the scenery to calm down, let the water and inverted moon successfully recover, but no hands and feet, no leverage, helpless.

One hundred and one cross techniques, Lanling memorized it two or three times.

“You need to use to your mind and fantasize these techniques into a picture, then let your spirit completely immerse inside.” Ye Jing Yu said.

It’s very simple, the technique was very simple and straightforward, the picture was clear, and it was easy to sink into.

Close your eyes, suddenly Lanling’s spirit world was surrounded in darkness, there was only a single piece of water surface, a water with the moon’s reflection. But at this time, the waves on the water surface was scared and the water and the moon’s reflection was broken into fragments.

He desperately wanted to make the surface calm down, but the wind kept on, the waves did not stop. What he put was nothingness of the Spirit, he cannot touch it, he was powerless.

Ye Jing Yu asked, “In the world of the Reverse Moon on the Water Method, what is your greatest feeling?”

Lanling said, “Powerlessness.”

“Right, powerlessness.” Ye Jing Yu said, “Therefore, your Spirit will desperately find for strength. At this moment, your heart is gushing Dragon Force from your blood. After searching it for thousands of times, your Force will be inspired by your spirit, then you will be able to see your own Dragon Force, it will be a mass of colored light, What color is your blood, what color is the group of light?”

Lanling was suddenly amazed, this principle of Dragon Force Induction was really simple and profound. Yet it was filled with strict logic.

“So when you feel this power, you got to borrow it, accumulate these traces of radiance, and finally calm the whole water surface down, and let the moon’s reflection on the water takes its form.” Ye Jing Yu said, “When you achieve this point, your Dragon Force Induction is complete. This will also be the first time you will complete the process of Spiritual Condensation.”

Let the water and the moon’s reflection integrate and become peaceful, this is the most important part of being a martial artist. Because only at this moment, will you gather and make the Spirit Condense if you completely focus.

Next, he took a horse stance once again and held forty pounds of rock in his hands. Within his mind, he continuously meditated Reverse Moon on the Water Method. His eyes were closed and his Spirit was immersed in the world of the formula, wanting to let it be calm, and let moon’s reflection on the water complete its recovery.

His body, each and every second was already painful to the limit, then from deep within his heart gushed out Dragon Force which spread into his limbs.

His Spirit was desperately searching for any power that can be borrowed.

Again and again, over and over, Lanling completely forgot the existence of time while Ye Jing Yu was sitting on a corner guarding him.

Half hour, an hour, an hour and a half, two hours passed!

Suddenly, Ye Jing Yu was somewhat astonished. A beginner will at most exhaust his Blood’s energy in an hour, but why can Lanling still sustain it?

Lanling was completely immersed in the Spiritual Illusion of the moon’s reflection on the water, he was desperately seeking, looking.

However, he found no trace of the Dragon Force, no lights also appeared.

He did not expect that his Dragon Force Induction would take such a long time. Then suddenly, he felt that he was in a boundless darkness, there was a faint bright light, flickering. Then, his Spirit rushed toward it.

Within the boundless darkness, his Spirit does not know how long to chase, he finally clearly saw the bright light.

There was a ball of almost transparent light, and there was a faint group of golden lights. It was composed of thousands of miles of inextricably linked energy threads, it was beating slightly, as if it had a life.

Lanling was surprised!

But then a voice sounded in his mind.

“Master, I said that you will need me.” This light energy directly entered the consciousness of Lanling’s mind. .

It was the Demon Star, Lanling was suddenly hit with inexplicable emotions.

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