Chapter 13: Demon Star Going Against the Heavens, Unforeseen Visitor!

Chapter 13: Demon Star Going Against the Heavens, Unforeseen Visitor!

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World Destroying Demonic Emperor: Chapter 13

“Why is it you?” Lanling said, “I thought it is my own body’s Dragon Force.”

The Demon Star said, “Why should the master be so confused? I am your Dragon Force.”

He wanted to complete the Dragon Force Induction, but it is necessary that the water surface on the spiritual world have calmed down, and the moon’s reflection on the water completely restored.

Lanling said, “This is my body, do I have no Dragon Force?”

“There is.” The Demon Star said, “You have the world’s most powerful Dragon Force, surpassing other people’s by thousands of times, and that is me! Only, I am very weak right now, I need to absorb enough Dragon Force to become strong once more.”

The Demon Star used his consciousness to communicate while constantly releasing a weak stream of energy that eased the pain on Lanling’s body.

Lanling can almost see him with his naked eye, but the Demon’s Star radiance was getting dimmer and dimmer, getting more and more bleak. Suddenly, a violent impulse swept over him, the living Demon Star was starving to death.

“Master, our two lives are connected to each other, if I die you too will die.”, The Demon Star said, “The moment when you are dying, I can keep on supplying you with energy, But, the moment when I am losing my life, I will instinctively devour all the energy in your body.”

Lanling was utterly speechless.

“Master, I do not know why you are resisting me so much, but I am you, and you are me, we are inseparable.” The Demon Star said, “My current energy is constantly being consumed, therefore you must complete your Dragon Force Induction as soon as possible. You only need to use the Spirit on your mind to control my power. When you have calmed the waters in your Spirit Illusion and restore the moon’s reflection, I will completely obey your will.”

At this point, Lanling wanted to be clear, as long as he  want to practice martial arts, he can not absolutely go around the Demon Star.

When the Demon Star said the single sentence of ‘I am you Dragon Force” it seemed to be unreasonable, But after thinking carefully, he found out that this was correct.

Since the human body in this world possessed the Dragon Blood, why is it not an out of the blue kind of energy because the humans on earth never have the so called Dragon Force?

He took a deep breath, Lanling immediately used his Spirit and controlled the Demon Star to release energy in order to pacify the chaotic water surface within his Spiritual Illusion.

At this time, he was holding a hundred pounds of stone in horse stance, Lanling’s body had already reached the limit of pain, so the Demon Star continued to release energy to ease this pain.

This kind of energy release was like some zoomed in jellyfish in general. Every time it would be zoomed, it was like releasing thousands of intricate energy lines, which then instantly dissipate into the limbs.

This picture is exactly the same as to how other people release their Dragon Force.

But when other people carried out their Dragon Force Induction the first time, it was very difficult to control these thousands of inextricable linked energy threads for the first time.

At first, he can only control dozens of threads, then hundreds, then thousands, then he had the capability to control much of the energy to appease the chaotic water surface in the Spiritual Illusion.

Illusion, in the the world of people, even if their Spirit Skill is high, they also need a full month of time in order to complete the first step of  Dragon Force sensing.

However, this time, inside Lanling’s body was the Demon Star.

Lanling had just suddenly used his spirit force to control these miles of energy threads. All energy that were released, completely obeyed his spiritual will!

He felt more and more powerful, these tens of thousands strands of energy seemed to have transformed into an invisible hand which calmed the Spirit Illusion calm, so that the chaotic water surface gradually settled down.

The wind was getting thinner, thinner, and thinner.

The waves were getting weaker and weaker, and the full moon was recovering bit by bit.

“Huh!” Finally, a gust of wind blew, then Lanling leveraged his spirit, instantaneously solidifying everything afterwards.

The Spiritual Illusion was now completely calm, the moon’s reflection on the middle of the water was intact.

That was it, Lanling easily completed the so-called Dragon Force Induction.

This was absolutely amazing. Even top geniuses cannot fully control the release of their Dragon Force a hundred percent, not to mention a full Dragon Force Induction.

Any top master can not even fully master their own Dragon Force, And Lanling, can easily manipulate the Demon Star into releasing energy a hundred percent.

“I did it. I am in the water of the Spiritual Illusion right now, The face of the moon has completely recovered and is now complete.” Lanling said and opened his eyes.

“That,” Ye Jing Yu was shocked.

When Lanling carried out his first Dragon Force Induction just now, he only took less than a day.

Even the legendary top practitioner, Jiang Shang, still had to spent ten days, and Lanling only took one day? How can this be, this completely subverted the perception of Ye Jing Yu.

Ye Jing Yu after a moment of silence, was puzzled and surprised, and said, “You, you, are you sure you have succeeded?”

Lanling nodded and said, “I am sure.”

Ye Jing Yu said, “Have you never ever practiced before?”

Lanling said, “I never tried this before.”

Ye Jing Yu was utterly dumbfounded, and the so-called Dragon Force Induction, whether it was truly completed or not, was completely subjective, and another person can not detect nor confirm this.

For Lanling, Ye Jing Yu was very trustworthy, and he would absolutely never tell a lie at the people around him. But just a sole day to complete the Dragon Force Induction? This was just really too insane.

Is it possible this is because of his golden Dragon Blood?

Lanling asked, “From now on, should we carry out the second step of enlightenment?”

Because the day was only just half spent. Ye Jing Yu was not mentally prepared to proceed onto the second stage. She had intended a full month time to complete the Dragon Force Induction, who would expect that it will only take half a day to complete.

Just at this moment, Suo Ningbing’s gentle voice sounded from the outside, “Little brother, Jing Yu, big brother came.”


The big brother that Suo Ningbing mentioned was the adopted son of Count Suo Long, Suo Han Yi.

Suo Han Yi was originally a serf, then the Count discovered his talent, developed him, abd received him as his own son for the purpose of fully assisting Suo Lun in the future.

And he lived up to Count Suo Long’s expectations, he was only twenty seven years old when he was added onto the ranks of Dragon Warrior, placing among the top ranks of Raging Wave Kingdom’s young masters. Twenty eight years old he became Tianshui City’s Guardian Army Commander, grasping nearly half of Tianshui City’s military power, and was also Suo Clan’s entire pillar to hold the day.

Lanling and Ye Jing Yu followed Suo Ningbing and entered the hall.

At this time, a young man was pacing anxiously in the living room, his body was covered by dust after thousands of miles of hurried travelling with his henchman.

The man has golden hair, a heroic and compelling face, bright eyes, a hundred ninety cm tall and straight as a spear, vigorous as a mountain, and his whole body was fully filled with a strong man’s charm.

He was Suo Han Yi, his simple, neat appearance in contrast to Suo Lun showed that he was more likely Tianshui City’s Lord.

“Welcome back big brother.” Lanling stepped forward, and bowed in salute.

Before coming, Suo Ningbing repeatedly stressed to be utterly respectful towards elder brother Suo Han Yi, because currently he is the biggest pillar of the Suo Family.

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