Chapter 14: Dark Feeling, Duke Daren

Chapter 14: Dark Feeling, Duke Daren

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World Destroying Demonic Emperor: Chapter 14

Seeing Lanling, Suo Han Yi frowned, his gaze was filled with rage and weariness. Then he coldly said, “You bastard, so you still know to come back huh? Is the woman really that burning hot that you even went to the Heavenly Demonic Mountains? You are not even on father’s bedside when he died, you are such a really good son huh?”

Lanling did not argue, but bowed down and said, “Elder brother, I’m wrong.”

Suo Han Yi was somewhat surprised, his relationship with Suo Lun was very poor. Because he regards his foster father very highly and very important, therefore Suo Lun was afraid and jealous of him. He never called him ‘elder brother’, and always viewed him with eyes of contempt and hate.

But even so, he did not look directly at Lanling’s eyes. In his mind, he extremely despised this cheap brother of his. Yet in spite of this, he was very loyal to the Suo Clan.

“Elder brother, what is the matter in Tianshui City?” Suo Ningbing asked in a gentle voice.

Suo Han Yi turned his face, never giving Lanling a glance, and gazed at Suo Ningbing.

He did not know that Lanling was just a facade. Whenever Suo Han Yi looked at his sister,  he sees her as a fiery hot woman although this were just indirect, very quick, fleeting glances.

“Suo Lun, I want to talk something with little Bing, give us some space right now.” Suo Han Yi bluntly said.

Suo Han Yi using this attitude, it can be said is very rude. He knew that Lanling was not just his brother, but even more so is his Lord. Yet, Suo Han Yi was actually completely drunk to this attitude.

Suo Ningbing’s face turned a little bit unnatural, then with a gentle smile she said, “Elder brother, Xiao Lun is getting older, so he ought to learn how to deal with territorial matters. “

Suo Han Yi nodded and said, “I came to the Royal City after I heard that Suo Lun returned, second is because there is a crisis in Tianshui City.”

Suo Ningbing’s pretty face changed, she asked, “What crisis?”

Suo Han Yi said, “Nu Er Dan is on an alliance with various high ranking warrior lords, they intend to break from the Suo Clan and become independent.”

Nu Er Dan, Tianshui City’s biggest territory thane. He had always been ambitious.

Suo Ningbing’s countenance changed, “How could they do this? Their territory, my Suo Clan willingly gave it to them, They are not Suo Clan’s slaves, they are our retainers.”

Suo Han Yi said, “Before Suo Lun went missing, everyone thought he was dead, thought that the Suo Clan had no remaining heir, this is their reason from breaking away from the Clan’s dependence.”

Suo Ningbing said, “Suo Lun has now came back.”

Suo Han Yi said, “But before he came back, Nu Er Dan and the sequence of events have already started.”

Suo Ningbing said, “How many warrior lords responded to Nu Er Dan?”

“Nineteen warrior lords, at least seven or eight have already been standing on his side before, then the rest wavered and joined him.” Suo Han Yi said, “It is not too late to stop it, within a few months, they will be independent. When the Royal Family seizes this chance to intervene, our Suo Clan will be on a point on completely losing Tianshui City and its five hundred miles of territory.”

Suo Ningbing breathing became rapid, her beautiful eyes looked at Suo Han Yi, “Elder brother, what should we do?”

Suo Han Yi said, “Suo Lun should quickly inherit the Tianshui City Lord’s title as soon as possible and return back to the territory. Everyone knows that a country can not survive a day without its master.”

Suo Ningbing frowned, they wanted to know if the Suo Lun in front of them was a fake, if Lanling is just an impostor. His knowledge of this world started from scratch, to be able to graduate the Royal City Academy within the next year can be considered as a genius among geniuses.

Thus, Suo Ningbing said with difficulty, “Elder brother, although Suo Lun already made changes to change himself, but before, his civil and military subjects are falling too much, and this year we want him to pass through the Royal City Academy graduation exam? There will be extreme difficulties.”

“Humph.” Suo Han Yi sneered, “Xiao Bing, you do not need to hide for him, the prodigal child has his own ‘special’ abilities, he still can not graduate in ten years, you have to think of another way.”

Suo Ningbing was silent for a moment, then nodded her head, “Elder brother, I know.”
Suo Han Yi said, “Remember, Suo Lun must successfully graduate in several years and inherit the title. If this drags onto the next year, the high ranking retainers of Tianshui City will certainly revolt for independence.”

“Yes.” Suo Ningbing bowed and said.
Suo Han Yi said, “The matters I wanted to say is over, I will immediately return back to Tianshui City.”

Suo Ningbing said, “Elder brother, can you not stay for a night before departing?”

Suo Han Yi said, “It is important that I must not delay for a half moment.”

Suo Ningbing said, “Then at least have a meal before leaving, I will personally cook for elder brother.”

Suo Han Yi shook his head, “I will not eat, but give me some sheets of meat patties to eat along the way.”

Then, he put on a helmet preparing to leave.

“Good.” Suo Ningbing’s eye turned hot, and softly said, “Elder brother, thank you. If not for you, I really do not know what to do!”

Suo Han Yi quivered, he looked at Suo Ningbing’s eyes with burning hot tenderness and said, “Silly, I will do it for you. Elder brother will do anything for you. “

Suo Ningbing’s eyes were stung by this words and did not even bother to hide it away. Almost all the hairs on Lanling’s neck stood up, it was as if a lion was encroached ready to pounce on someone who dares trespass his territory.

After a quarter of an hour, the meat patties were ready, Suo Ningbing packed it up in layers of oiled paper, then placed the parcel on his horse.

“Suo Lun, I did not expect the unfilial son to remember me. Be less of a scourge, listen to your elder sister’s words, do you understand?” Before leaving, Suo Han Yi coldly said.
Lanling frowned and said, “I will certainly listen to my sister, I don’t need for you to say it.”

Lanling since childhood was a very personal person, he will behave shyly whenever someone was good to him, but when others are not good to him, he was similar to a long, prickly thorn.

Now that Suo Han Yi repeatedly warned him of his former circumstances, he cursedly said in a whisper, “You dogs can’t help from eating shit.”

Then, Suo Han Yi walked out of the estate, rode a horse, and sped off as Suo Ningbing faced his back in courtesy.

“Little brother, you have been wronged.” Suo Ningbing said, “Elder brother was just discouraged for Suo Lun, do not cherish his words in your mind.”

Lanling said, “His bad attitude towards me is nothing, but I am very uncomfortable with him looking at your eyes.”

Suo Ningbing’s cheeks turned beet red, she was completely unaware of Suo Han Yi’s thoughts, and Suo Han Yi had also restrained much of his feelings.

“In short, elder brother is very loyal to father, loyal to the family, prior when you grow up, he is our family’s jade pillar.” Suo Ningbing said, “So, you must rely heavily on him, and handle good relationship with him, do you understand?”

Lanling grumbled and agreed, “I understand, but no matter who has wild ambitions for you, I will not allow it.”

Hearing Lanling’s naive and overbearing words. Suo Ningbing’s face burned even more hotter, she did not know for a moment if this was shyness, happiness, or just faint worry. Afterall, Lanling is but playing the role of her younger brother.

Suddenly, Suo Ningbing softly said, “Rest assured, elder sister will forever accompany your side, and will not marry again.”

“I want to be honest and frank with you, I want to marry you in the future.” Lanling almost blurted out but did not say it. After all, he felt he was was not strong enough to protect elder sister.

Suo Ningbing was married to someone, her husband came from a very prestigious, prominent, detached family. But after less than a year of marriage, they separated and Suo Ningbing returned alone to her family, battered by reproaches and criticisms.

As for the specific reasons of their separation, Lanling did not know anything at all. Since this is sad matter of his sister, he did not ask about anything. He felt that as long the feelings of two people ran deep to a certain extent, sister will definitely open her heart to him.

Remembering just a moments ago that Suo Han Yi said that Suo Lun can not successfully graduate, and need to find an alternative to inherit the title, Lanling could not help but ask, ”Suo Han Yi said we must find another way, what exactly is our solution?”

Suo Ningbing softly said, “It’s normally bribery and the like, little brother, you do not have to feel pressured, in accordance with your current pace of learning, it is still very good. Sister will be able to deal with it.”

At this moment, Lanling was even more anxious to increase his force by a significant amount, pass the Royal City Academy’s graduation examination, then smoothly inherit the title.

The next day, Suo Ningbing went out, and brought back three thin sheets of deed letters. These deed letters were respectively of the estate, a pawnshop, and a store, with a total value of more than 10,000 gold coins.

More than ten thousand gold coins, it seemed that it is not very many, but it is in fact already a sum of immense wealth.

The gold coins has a diameter of about an inch and a half, and weighs about eighty grams. Such a gold coin was equivalent to around fifty silver coins or more than ten thousand pieces of copper coins. Converted into earth’s Yuan, a single coin would be equivalent to about 10,000 – 20,000 Chinese Yuan ($1400 – $2800 or totaling around $14 million to $28 million).

This was almost the Suo Family’s last property in the Royal City, but Suo Ningbing was not the slightest dismayed, and directly with these three deed letters went to the mansion of Duke Zhi Ting in order to bribe him.

Duke Zhi Ting was the king’s youngest brother, doted upon by King Zhi Bian. This person does not like to contaminate the power of his life, and only likes to eat and drink in pleasure, although possessing an extremely huge amount of money and wealth. Therefore if you want him to handle affairs for you, it’s very simple, bribe him with as much gold coins as you can.

Moreover, when this person gets the money, he will certainly handle the affairs. His prestige was very good.

Originally, Suo Ningbing intended for Lanling to postpone a year before participating in the Royal City Academy’s huge examination, but now the situation within Tianshui City has become very dangerous, therefore it is imminent for Lanling to inherit the title and return back to Tianshui City. But in the eyes of everyone, Lanling wanting to take the Royal City Academy’s graduation exam this year is completely the dream of a fool. So, Suo Ningbing had come up with the family’s last properties in order to bribe Duke Zhi Ting.

Within the Duke’s magnificent palace, Suo Ningbing arrived and finally saw face to face with the Duke.

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