Chapter 15: Lanling’s Performance, Shock!

Chapter 15: Lanling’s Performance, Shock!

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World Destroying Demonic Emperor: Chapter 15

This Duke Zhi Ting was a bit less than forty years old this year but looks even more younger. His body was filled with fat, no need to say for his white skin. The man was about 187 centimeters and a full three hundred pounds. He was surrounded by four beautiful maids helping him out,  he was completely like a huge white sphere of grease in general.

Seeing the stunning beauty of Suo Ningbing, the Duke’s eyes suddenly lightened up.

“Suo Ningbing humbly pays a visit to Duke Daren.” Suo Ningbing bowed in salute.

“Stand up,…..quickly stand up.” Duke Zhi Ting smiled, his cheeks was almost overflowing with fat. He desperately sped up his footsteps and wanted to float up to Suo Ningbing, his long eyes narrowed as if it was emitting light.

“It was said that that there are two most beautiful women in the Royal City, one is Zhi Ning and the other one is you.” Duke Zhi Ting laughed, “In my opinion, Zhi Ning is far worse than you, how can you have this mature charm, ah.”

“The Duke Daren must be joking.” Suo Ningbing said.

In the arms of the four maidens, Duke Zhi Ting was like a paralyzed meat mountain  sitting on a huge golden seat, he said, “Say, tell me the matter of this unexpected visit.”

Suo Ningbing said, “It’s my brother Suo Lun. Passing through the Royal City Academy’s graduation exam this year,  he will encounter difficulties, but he must inherit the title as Tianshui City’s Lord, so please help us Duke Daren.”

Duke Zhi Ting laughed, “Why did you not seek Zhi Wei for this family matters, he is the governor for your Southern Provinces ah.”

Suo Ningbing said, “I did look for him, but decided that it is better to find you.”

“Good insight, good insight.” Duke Zhi Ting clapped his hands, then suddenly stowed away the smile and laughter and seriously said, “But, Miss Suo, this matter is not easy to do ah. You very well know, the Royal Family and other better people are eyeing you and Tianshui City.”

This Duke of dandyism was really straightforward, though he himself was a member of the Royal Family.

Suo Ningbing took out the three deed letters and said, “ I am willing to give three copies of these deed letters, I humbly ask Duke Daren for his help.”

Suddenly, a maid took the three deed letters and handed it over to Duke Zhi Ting. He opened it and took a look, his eyes suddenly brightened, and completely forgot himself while he looked lecherously at Suo Ningbing.  In his eyes, not even the charm of gold coins can compare to these.

The value of these three was an overall amount of ten thousand gold coins. Duke Zhi Ting has countless bribes, but they were not so generous compared to this.

He wanted to know, that a huge city having hundred of thousands of population, year’s of tax was only less than twenty thousand gold coins, an ordinary family can barely even save 10 gold coins throughout their lifetime.

Suddenly, he slowly closed his eyes, can I measure this matter, can I do it?

Why is Zhi Ting so beloved and trusted by the King? Because he has no political ambition at all and hardly contaminate his royal power. Therefore he is beloved and esteemed by King Zhi Bian.

In those days when Zhi Bian and several other princes compete for Crown Prince’s Zhi Wei’s position, the struggle can be described as very tragic, it can even be pictured out that blood flowed like rivers.

Almost all of the adult princes were affected and suffered, brotherhood feelings had long been tossed aside.

Zhi Ting was only just a few years old at that time, not only was he fortunate enough to escape the war, but Zhi Bian became King and won against all his brothers.

And because Zhi Bian killed too ruthlessly in the war, in order to make up for all the guilt, he doted all more upon his youngest brother, Zhi Ting.

Zhi Ting also behaved very skillfully, and he grew up being spoiled by Zhi Bian. This kind of young brother nearly resembled just like a son.

But isn’t meddling with Tianshui City’s Lord position considered as intervening in governmental affairs? Will not the King become upset?

Within the Royal Family there really was someone who wants to take the territory of Tianshui City. and that is the future crown prince, His Royal Highness Prince Zhi Li. As for King Zhi Bian, he never acknowledged nor declared this.

If he was going to accept this work, he will offend the future crown prince but the tens of thousands of gold coins was just too tempting.

Thinking it over, Duke Zhi Ting’s mind gradually tipped towards the gold coins.

Anyway, there was only the King in his eyes, he cared for no one else. As for Zhi Li, I will wait for you to become king, then shall I come to kneel down before you.

Suddenly, Duke Zhi Ting opened his eyes and said, “Very well, I will see this matter go down.”

Suo Ningbing innerly rejoiced, though this Duke Zhi Ting was greedy, his credibility was indeed very good, all will be completed.

“Thank you Duke Daren.” Suo Ningbing’s mind was very clear, once Duke Zhi Ting finish this matter, it would essentially be a move to antagonize Zhi Li.

“Its nothing, there is only His Majesty the King in my eyes, I don’t care a fuck about other people.” Zhi Ting said and laughed.

“Then the little woman will now leave.” Suo Ningbing bowed, she really can not stand up the lustful eyes of Duke Zhi Ting.


Today’s early morning, Lanling followed Ye Jing Yu to learn the second step of martial arts enlightenment in order to stimulate the Dragon Force.

Normally at this time, only when the body reach its certain limits and cannot withstand it anymore, will the power of one’s Dragon Blood emerge from the heart.

But in the moment of battle, one needs to use Dragon Force anytime, anywhere. Waiting until the body reach its limit and then urging the Dragon Force out will all be too late by then.

Therefore, the second step of martial arts enlightenment, Dragon Force Stimulation, has the sole purpose to stimulate the Blood’s Dragon Force anytime and anywhere, without the need for the body to reach its limits.

How to accomplish this? Carry out a kind of Spiritual Deception. Obviously, the body does not reach its peak pain limit, but deceiving the brain and nerves that it has already reached the limit can be accomplished after several hundred of times, and thousand of times of repeating it all over and over again. Eventually, the brain and the nerves will form a memory point and become a natural reflex. As long as the Spirit touches this memory, the blood’s Dragon Force will immediately be stimulated.

The principle was very simple and also very scientific.

For example, whenever a hard pointed object hits your knee, it will be very, very painful. So again and again and again, constantly repeating this kind of suffering. Finally,  there would be no need to be hit again, just thinking about it, the pain can be felt as if the knee had been clearly hit.

Ye Jing Yu said, “There is also an equivalent paragraph formula for this but it is relatively long, a full three hundred or four hundred words, I’ll read it again, remember it.”

Then, Ye Jing Yu began to read the passage Suffering Method.

The contents of this passage formula was still very simple and straightforward. It talked about one’s incarnation as a slave, hands and feet in shackles, in a huge desert forced to construct a pyramid tomb. Sun’s exposure, weak body, hands and bloody feet, carrying a boulder, climbing a sharp, steep cliff, while withstanding the beating of a whip.

In short, it described the limits of body suffering.

Almost several times after that, Lanling already memorized the entire passage formula by heart, and inside his brain there emerged a very detailed picture.

Ye Jing Yu said, “What we have to do now is meditate on this formula again and again, let your Spirit be completely immersed in the world of the formula, feel the pain and suffering inside.”

Lanling said, “This second step of Dragon Force Stimulation, how long will it normally take to complete?”

Ye Jing Yu said, “More than a month, it does not matter whether the talent is high or low because the brain and nerves requires thousands upon thousands of repeated stimulation to form a conditional reflex point.”

Then Ye Jing Yu suddenly wiped a special drug beneath Lanling’s nostrils.

Immediately, a strange smell burst into his nostrils, the effect was like the earth was almost turning into shit.

Then Ye Jing Yu read the formula again and again near his ear.

Lanling’s also recited it over and over again, constantly fantasizing the Suffering Method inside his mind, substituting himself in the place of the suffering slaves. Although the Demon Star was within his body, he still want to attempt the cultivation of a normal person.

Lanling completely threw his heart in and because of the drug, his mind completely blurred, and he lowered down his mental defenses.

But after all, the mind can regain its consciousness and sanity, so you need to completely immerse yourself in.

Again, twice, three times…..

He didn’t know how many times, and a full two hours of time passed. Yet the only result was utter failure. Lanling can not completely immerse himself in the world of suffering. The Demon Star also did not appear, not to mention the stimulation of Dragon Force.

Ye Jing Yu said, “Don’t be upset, this is in itself is very difficult, even if  one’s Spiritual Talent is high, he still needs at least a month’s time. And, the younger the person, the more easier it is to complete the second step, because the older the person, the more he is conscious,and his determination firmer. Therefore, he can not deceive his own self at all.”

That’s right, that is the truth, therefore for the third step of enlightenment, the younger the better, basically around ten years or so, Lanling at this time however, was almost twenty years old.

Lanling can also clearly feel how exactly difficult it is. Plainly, for no reason at all, it makes you believe that oneself are the suffering slaves in the formula, you can completely feel the pain of death in one’s self. How can this be? It was just like that in the Illusionary World.

Next, Lanling kept on trying and trying.

Then more than an hour flew by, not only did he not succeed, but his mind was getting conscious, which makes it more unlikely to succeed.

Lanling even felt that with this going on and on, it was nothing more but just a waste of time.

He closed his eyes and his Spirit entered within the Reverse Moon on the Water Method Spiritual Illusion, then from the depths of his heart he cried out, “Demon Star.”

Immediately, from the depths of the Illusion, there shone a faint light, it was the Demon Star.

“What is the matter master?”

Lanling said, “I want to stimulate my Dragon Force.”

“Yes”, Then the Demon Star for a while contracted, suddenly, a surge of power came raging out, it then said, “Master, my strength is running out, you hurry and kill enemies so that I can devour their energy.”

Then, the Demon Star’s light disappeared.

Lanling opened his eyes, looked towards Ye Jing Yu and said, “I,….have completed the Dragon Force Stimulation.”

Once again, Ye Jing Yu’s eyes opened wide in shock, she said, “This, this is impossible. In order to stimulate the Dragon Force, talent is irrelevant, and can only be done by countless times of stimulation. Even a high talent is useless .”

Then Ye Jing Yu grabbed Lanling’s hands and said, “You…….stimulate your Dragon Force, let me feel it.”

Lanling within his consciousness ordered the Demon Star to release energy once again,

Instantly, Ye Jing Yu felt this energy. Then, she was totally shocked and can not believe it. She uncomfortably looked at Lanling and said, “You………you really got a devilish, monstrous talent.”

No matter what, the second step of martial arts enlightenment, Dragon Force Stimulation, needs at least a month to accomplish and Lanling only spent a mere, single day.

Ye Jing Yu can not utterly describe the complex emotions revolving around her right now.

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