Chapter 16: Suo Ningbing’s Passionate Fans, Royal City Academy

Chapter 16: Suo Ningbing’s Passionate Fans, Royal City Academy

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World Destroying Demonic Emperor: Chapter 16

In the evening, elder sister Suo Ningbing arrived back home, there was a slight relaxed look on her face. Seeing Ye Jing Yu, she asked, “How is little brother’s martial arts enlightenment?”

“Uh…..” All of a sudden, Ye Jing Yu cannot find any words.

Suo Ningbing quickly said, “Do not worry about it, the matter is, little brother already inherited the title, perhaps there will be a turn for the better, no need to go all out.”

Ye JIng Yu said, “Miss, so to speak, when Lanling was studying the classics and literature, how fast was his progress? ”

Suo Ningbing said, “He progressed by leaps and bounds.”

Ye Jing Yu said, “That is, his progress in martial arts enlightenment is even faster, he was very fast in subverting my cognition.”

Suo Ningbing said, “Could it be that…he is about to complete the  the first step of enlightenment, Dragon Force Induction?

Ye Jing Yu said, “Of course not….he had already completed the second step of enlightenment, Dragon Force Stimulation.”

Suddenly, Suo Ningbing was completely shocked and muttered, “This, how is this possible?”

Lanling did not mind them at all, this and his talent did not really concern him because in his body was the Demon Star.

Regardless whether it was Dragon Force Induction or Dragon Force Stimulation, he can consciously command the Demon Star which it would instantaneously carry out. There was simply no need for practice at all.

Therefore, this really was not worthy to be proud of.


The next morning, Lanling originally had to follow Ye Jing Yu and learn the third step of Dragon Force. This was already the last step of martial arts enlightenment.

After the completion of the third step of enlightenment, it is necessary to formally enter the cultivation of martial arts.

But suddenly, there was an urgent matter that disrupted his rhythm.

The Royal City Academy sent a letter, a notice of expulsion. It said that Suo Lun had already been absent from school for more than three months .

This matter was very serious, because once Lanling is expelled from the Royal City Academy, then inheriting the title is just a distant dream.

So it seemed this matter was not only a considerable problem, but actually a fatal crisis.

Suo Ningbing uncomfortably said,“How can this be? Xiao Ling, a few weeks before you came back, I already went to the Royal City Academy and asked for your leave, I said that you want to stay at home for two months. At that time, Suo Lun’s mentor also agreed. “

Lanling said, “Elder sister, who did you bribe yesterday?”

Suo Ningbing said, “The King’s most beloved younger brother, Duke Zhi Ting.”

Lanling said, “It could be that Duke Zhi Ting has already started to work, so the other side, feeling the threat, promptly counterattacked and having the Royal City Academy expel me was their move.”

Suo Ningbing got up and said, “I will immediately go to the Royal City Academy.”

Lanling said, “I am coming too.”

Suo Ningbing said, “It will be much better if you wait at home. This is the kind of thing sister has to handle alone with.”

Lanling said, “No, I am the only man in the family, I can not allow my sister running outside.”

Suo Ningbing looked at Lanling for a while. Her soft, beautiful eyes sparkled and said, “Okay.”

Thus, Lanling and Suo Ningbing boarded the carriage and went to the Royal City Academy together.


The Royal City Academy was on the southeast side of Zhi Capital, the scenery was beautiful and utterly magnificent.

The Academy was divided into two parts, one for the common people and one for the nobility and aristocrats. A river separated them in the middle, it was a clear yet unsaid boundary.

After entering the Academy, Lanling discovered that the buildings here were of western style architecture. The Aristocrat Academy was primarily dominated by white color, and the Common Academy was mainly dominated by the gray color.

There were a lot of buildings in the Civilian Academy but it was not huge, and there were only a few gardens around. .

There were not a lot of buildings in the Aristocrat Academy, but they were very grand and magnificent, and there was a beautiful garden everywhere, trimmed and cared nicely.

The Aristocrat Academy accounted for 60% of the total area and the Common Academy covered the remaining 40% of the area. However, there were only more than a thousand students in the Aristocrat Academy, while the CommonAcademy have twenty-thousand students.

Overall, the Royal City Academy regardless of area or scenery, was far better than the palace. Obviously, the King attached great importance to the Royal City Academy.

The Royal City Academy was indeed truly worthy of the King’s attention because this was the basis of the foundation and implementation of the Raging Wave Kingdom’s system. Almost all civil officials and high ranking military officers stemmed out from the Royal City Academy.

On the surface, the Common Academy seemed to be in anyway inferior to the Aristocrat Academy. But in fact, the Common Academy students were the king’s favorites, they were the genuine disciples of the king.

In the recent decades, the contradictions between the common and aristocratic students were getting worse and worse. Both sides hated and loathed each other. The aristocrat students thinks that the civilian students are crap, and the common students thinks that the aristocrats are all playboys and powerless.

However, whether it was academics or martial arts, the number of talented students within the Common Academy far exceeds and were far more superior than the students in the Aristocrat Academy.

However, the Royal Family did not consider that if one wants to enter the grounds of the Aristocrat Academy branch, they have to pass through the area of the Common Academy.

The noble children have always been riding fresh clothed, high-spirited horses, or perhaps a luxury carriage, and when passing through the Common Academy branch, without exception, they would be subjected to countless jealous and hostile glares. Under this kind of jealousy, the common students united around the king more and more..

So when the Tianshui Count’s Estate carriage passed through the Common Academy, it immediately harvested countless eyes of disdain and contempt.

But of course, there were more eyes outside that fell on the beautiful, glamorous face of Ye Jing Yu and her extremely hot body curves

“Hey it’s the playboy Suo Lun, he’s back.”

“The heavens really are blind, there supposed to be no place for this lazy, good for nothing dude, yet he actually got a high position while this group of civil and military people are still desperately struggling. “

“Humph, Suo Lun, this person is the king of the assholes, an obstacle of the kingdom. There is a day where I will step on him under my feet.”

“Ye Jing Yu is such an outstanding, powerful warrior, yet actually ends up driving for Suo Lun’s carriage, such a waste, such a waste of a heavenly talent, and such a big tragedy!”

“Rest assured, Suo Lun is already finished. The Royal Family sees him as very unpleasing to the eye, and he will soon be expelled from the Academy, thus he can not inherit his title. Once he lost the title, he will be nothing and will become like the beggars on the road, a miserable wretch!”

Endless streams of criticisms resounded around the carriage, Lanling leaned toward Suo Ningbing and said in a low voice, ”Elder sister, His Majesty really planned this out deliberately huh.”

Suo Ningbing looked perplexed then she nodded. Before, the Raging Wave Kingdom’s foundation was dominated by the aristocracy. Now, civil and military elites that were born out of the Common Academy gradually replaced the aristocratic hierarchy. King Zhi Bian had already planned steps ahead, he is a ruthless character behind a gentle appearance.

Crossing a river through an arched, white, marble bridge, they entered the Aristocrat Academy branch.

The scene immediately changed into green, luscious grass pleasing to the eyes. Even the air had a mild fragrant scent.

And the people coming and going were wearing Chinese-like beautiful garments.

After seeing the carriage of the Tianshui City’s Count, someone immediately shouted, “Yo, the toad is back.”

Before, regardless of their identity disparity, Suo Lun chased after  the Princess Zhi Ning, thus he was laughed at for being a toad.

“There is no need to pay attention to him in the future. He is just a toad, he has been dismissed, he also can not inherit the title, and some people within the Royal Family even wants to destroy him.” A son of a nobility said..

“Who did not made him aware of how vast the world is in pursuing Princess Zhi Ning, he really deserved it, even His Majesty the King was furious.”

Lanling slightly frowned, and whispered, “These idiots, they do not know that today a Suo Clan’s disciple was expelled, and tomorrow it will be their turn. The reason why the Royal Family started with the Suo Clan was because Suo Lun was in pursuit of Zhi Ning till the end. The Royal Family wanted to eliminate the aristocrat princes because they are the very root of the problem. These group of aristocratic children, we obviously got the same interests, but we can also dismantle each other.”

Hearing these words of Lanling, Suo Ningbing’s beautiful eyes lighted up. Although this new younger brother was somewhat composed and shy, he speak words from knowledge and vision, far more better than that smooth – tongued Suo Lun.

“When Suo Lun was inside the Academy, he always talked about the countless girlfriends he had, how many girls he chased, so that he became a constant topic among girls, and because of this, his popularity on the boys was very bad.” Suo Ningbing said, “Naturally, because he is a romantic playboy, he was always changing loyalties from girl to girl, therefore he was also hated by them too.”

This bastard was completely detested like street mice.

They finally arrived on a huge building right in front of them, Suo Ningbing softly said, “Xiao Ling, can you wait on the carriage for a while, I am going to find someone in order to clarify some misunderstandings and to unearth who was getting rid of you and to see how serious the situation is.”

Lanling nodded, he then reached out a hand to help his sister get off the carriage. At the same time, Ye Jing Yu also held out a hand wanting to help her get out.

Suo Ningbing was slightly surprised, she then softly took Lanling’s hand and got down the carriage.

Her figure was too charming, when she stooped down while going down, the curves of her buttocks was like a willow, it was graceful, Lanling could not help but stare at this trance – like object. .

When Ye Jing Yu discovered this, she fiercely glared at Lanling, his face suddenly flushed beet red and hurriedly retracted his eyes.

Suo Ningbing instead gave a cute smile towards him, though it was a very sweet angry glance that was casted at him, it almost made Lanling’s whole mind waver.

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