Chapter 17: Current Situation, Mistress Tutor!

Chapter 17: Current Situation, Mistress Tutor!

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World Destroying Demonic Emperor: Chapter 17

In front him was his elder sister Suo Ningbing having a flirtatious smile on her face. Lanling remembered a certain summer day on Earth, his sister Lankou was taking a nap dressed very coolly. She was lying sideways, her delicate body was slightly bent, showing the luscious bulge of her curves. Her breasts were wanting to burst out from the confines of her dress, revealing a deep snowy white ravine that was incomparably alluring.

At that time, perhaps it was because the weather was too hot or it may be the works of gods and demons, but Lanling actually bent over her elder sister Lankou and planted a mouthful of kiss on her lips, then his right hand that he can not control began to touch her supple body.

After doing these naughty things, he only knew fear and immediately flew away from her sister’s chamber, Recalling these memories more clearly, although his sister did not open her eyes, but her face completely blushed red.

On the same evening, when sister called him to eat, she only gave him a sweety cute frown and did not mention the word ‘scoundrel’ or even ‘pervert’.

At this moment, there was a flirtatious frown on Suo Ningbing’s face, it’s was exactly the same as that time with Lankou.

When Lanling’s soul came back to his body, Suo Ningbing’s fragrant figure had already disappeared. Ye Jing Yu only gave a faint smile and chuckled, but there was still a bit of severe look in her eyes.

“Do not forget, she is your sister.” Ye Jing Yu half-jokingly warned him.

Lanling laughed and did not say anything. He will certainly marry his elder sister, no one can change his will.


About half an hour later, Suo Ningbing returned to the carriage with an imposing look on her face.

“Elder sister, is the situation very serious?” Lanling asked.

“Yes, it is Vice – Dean Zhang Luo Ge, he is determined to expel you.”Suo Ningbing said,”He is the teacher of Princess Zhi Ning.”

In this world, only the direct disciples can be directly summoned by the teacher, the teachers are also generally called as mentors.

“Zhi Ning this slut.” Lanling coldly said, after arriving in this world, to say who he hated the most was this Princess Zhi Ning.

Hearing Lanling curse, Suo Ningbing was not displeased, but felt that if Suo Lun was just as wise as Lanling, he might not have died a malevolent and untimely death.

“Don’t mind my words, has it already passed the Academy Committee yet?” Lanling asked.

Suo Ningbing said, “Luo Ge is the vice-dean of the whole Academy and the head of Aristocrat branch. He has the power to instantly expel you without the need to pass through the Academy Committee.”

If it was other time, dismissal does not really meant expulsion, it does not matter on the top. But now, this matter was all related to the succession of a title, once he is expelled by the Royal City Academy, Lanling’s chance of inheriting the title will be spoiled a hundred percent.

From this, it was possible to draw a connection. After Duke Zhi Ting received the money, he truly dedicated himself in handling this matter. Zhi Li and Zhi Ting were definitely feeling the pressure, and this is part of their scheme.

The Royal City Academy literally does not expel aristocratic students out, but vice-dean Luo Ge made an exception this time, it was to repay out a certain price.

Therefore, the expulsion of Suo Lun was a hundred percent the handiwork of Princess Zhi Ning. The main objective was not to let Suo Lun successfully inherit the nobility title of Tianshui City.

“Who can change this decision, can the academy revoke a decision?” Lanling asked.

“Head Dean Marquis Jian Yong.” Suo Ningbing said.

Lanling said,” How is his relationship with our Suo Family?”

“Very Bad.” Suo Ningbing said, “This person will give up his family territory in order to wholeheartedly immerse himself in academic meditation. He is very noble and utterly loathed students like Suo Lun.”

Ye Jing Yu was silent for already a short while, then she uttered, “ This Dean will certainly be unreasonable. He and Suo Lun totally hated each other.”

Lanling was astonished, Suo Lun was just a nobody, meanwhile Dean Jian Yong was an important, higher up person. There supposed to be no bad blood between them.

Ye Jing Yu continued, ”Rumors say, Suo Lun hooked up with the female teacher Ni Ya. She is Dean Jian Yong’s daughter-in-law. Though he was really caught raping her, this scandal did not scatter. He also can not use his public position to get revenge. Otherwise, Dean Jian Yong already would have ripped Suo Lun to shreds long ago.”

Lanling almost spewed out old blood, this Suo Lun was really gonna die, even it was just hooking with a female teacher, this woman unexpectedly turned out to be Dean Jian Yong’s daughter-in-law.

In this case, if the Dean still wanted to kill you even when he is a noble and broad minded person, do you still want go to him and ask help? Completely a dream, jumping to the sea and committing suicide is much more simpler.

Lanling asked, “Can you not make Duke Zhi Ting come here and talk to the Dean?”

Suo Ningbing shook her head and said, ”The Royal City Academy is very aloof, the Royal Family doesn’t easily interfere with their matters, and having the Duke Zhi Ting come personally will only produce the opposite result. The Royal City Academy will mostly be disgusted since they also consider Duke Zhi Ting as a vermin.”

In this way, are they really completely on their wit’s end with no plan left to take?

Do not tell me you can just stare blankly and see yourself being expelled, can not inherit the title, then watch as the Suo Clan permanently lose their aristocracy title and Tianshui City?

Once the nobility title and territory is lost, elder sister Suo Ningbing will face such a terrible situation that cannot be imagined.

This cannot be so, he must be certain that the Academy can and will revoke the order.

Lanling took a deep breath and said, “Elder sister, this situation is a matter of life and death for us. We must make Dean Jian Yong revoke the order of expulsion.”

Suo Ningbing said,”Do you have a solution?”

Lanling said,” Did not Suo Lun commit adultery with Dean Jian Yong’s daughter-in – law? I will now go meet with her using Suo Lun’s identity, I will ask for her help. She is Dean Jian Yong’s daughter-in-law, maybe she can get the Dean to withdraw the order.”

Saying this, both Suo Ningbing and Ye Jing Yu were shocked.

This, is he courting death?

The two of them were caught doing illicit sex before, it really was not easy to suppress it down, both were forbidden to meet and now he even has to go around finding that woman? I’m afraid Dean Jian Yong will tear Lanling to pieces and feed him to the Griffins.

“Do you really want to meet Suo Lun’s former lover teacher Ni Ya?” Ye Jing Yu asked. “You know, when he was caught raping her, teacher Ni Ya and Suo Lun were forbidden from meeting with each other, at that time, it could said that Suo Lun saved his own life. Now you are Suo Lun, do you want to reignite the adultery scandal again? You are courting death!”

Lanling said, ”So I say, rush into this death trap and live with the consequences later on. This is the only way.”

Ye Jing Yu and Suo Ningbing fell into silence, they do not know what to do and can’t make a decision either.

Lanling said ,”I am the only man in the family, this matter is settled. Is this mentor still inside the Academy?”

Ye Jing Yu shook her head and said,”She’s gone, after she and Suo Lun were caught, she was transferred from the Royal City Academy to the Lingfeng Region on the Northern Province.

Lingfeng Region on the Northern Province was around one thousand two hundred miles away from the Royal City.

Suo NIngbing suddenly said, “Why do I not know these things at all?”

Ye Jing Yu said ,”Miss, you worry too much, when master Suo Lun rushed into some certain calamity, we have to deal with it secretly, and there are some that we did not let you know.

Suo Ningbing fiercely glared at Ye Jing Yu but can do nothing. And, ah she is so stunningly beautiful, so gentle like water, even if she is mercilessly staring at people, her glare can only make people feel lovely and sweet.

Lanling returned to the point and said, “We will immediately go back home, I will try to imitate Suo Lun’s every move and behaviour, and thoroughly try to understand this Ni Ya person. Early tomorrow morning, I will go to the Linfeng Region Northern Province to look for her.

Lanling’s words were resolute and decisive, he was an impersonator, he has the role of a puppet, but he was so full of self-will and determination to make a decision, Suo Ningbing apparently had an inexplicable sense of safety.

Since Count Suo Long became seriously ill, Suo Ningbing was in charge of everything in the Suo Clan. She really was broken-hearted, unable to find a shoulder to lean and rely on. Now, the shoulder seemed to have appeared, although it was still young and tender.

“Good, sister will listen to you, you can have the final say on this.” Suo Ningbing said ,” Tomorrow, let Ye Jing Yu accompany you to find teacher Ni Ya.”

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