Chapter 18: Teacher Ni Ya’s Marriage Derailment Info

Chapter 18: Teacher Ni Ya’s Marriage Derailment Info

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World Destroying Demonic Emperor: Chapter 18

After returning to the estate in the evening, Lanling took a look at the portraits of Suo Lun’s numerous lovers, however he did not find teacher Ni Ya’s portrait.

Based on Ni Ya’s identity and status, Suo Lun certainly would have left a portrait of her. The reason why the portrait disappeared was certainly because it was destroyed, obviously, there was a story behind this matter.

Several hours later, Ye Jing Yu gave Lanling information which was all about Teacher Ni Ya.

Ni Ya is thirty-two years old, born in a prestigious family, and is a Count’s daughter on his legitimate wife. From an early age, she had an excellent artistic talent, when she was a teenager, she moved to the Royal City.

 She was brimming with talent and at the age of eleven, she entered the Royal City Academy and became one of Dean Jian Yong’s direct disciples. She graduated when she was 17 years old and at twenty-seven years old, became the youngest mentor on the Royal City Academy in decades.

 She not only has an extremely outstanding talent but was even more glamorous and alluring, with an enchanting figure that swept the entire Academy. She was the sole dream lover of all the disciples and the male teachers.

Ni Ya is a famous musician throughout the Raging Wave Kingdom, especially her skills with the harpsichord. Even King Zhi Bian was full of praise. She also has very good medical skills, back then at the Royal City Sacred Mercy Hospital, she served as a medical assistant.

 When she was twenty-one years old, she was married to Dean Jian Yong’s son, Jian Ning, countless of her lovers were instantly heartbroken, their dreams dashed to the ground.

Her husband Jian Ning was one of the top talented young man of the Raging Wave Kingdom. Whether it was literary talent or martial arts talent, he was an absolute best. He is thirty three years old, at this point was already Raging Wave’s Kingdom youngest general, and future heir Marquis.

Not only Jian Ning was a civil and military all rounder, he was also born a noble, at the same time recognized as Royal City’s most handsome man. From the age of sixteen, he was the dream of countless innocent young girls.

Ten years ago, this pair of people got married and they did not know how many men and young women they got heart broken and soul crushed. There was only envy in the people’s hearts but neither hatred nor grudge, because the two seemed to have been completely made for each other. It was a match perpetuated by the heaven itself.

No matter from which aspect one looks, the passionate love between this husband and wife seemed to be more solid than pure gold.

However, teacher Ni Ya’s family upbringing since childhood was very severe, very conservative and dignified. Although, beautiful like a flower, she was never stern when in the face of a student.

Such a person does not look like that it will cheat people.

However, two years ago Ni Ya derailed from her marriage, and the person whom she cheated with was the notorious, ignorant, incompetent Suo Lun.

She was then the art and literature teacher of Suo Lun. It was at that time that Suo Lun learned to fool around with her.

Whether it was appearance, temperament, future, and talent, Suo Lun was far inferior than her husband Jian Ning. Yet, Ni Ya did not stand with such an outstanding husband and committed such a shameful act of adultery, people did not really understand why she did this.

After Lanling had read through this thick information, he was able to completely understand her way of thinking.

She was learned in art, her music was especially outstanding. Any woman who excelled in art has a heart that was romantic and unrestrained. But her harsh family upbringing suppressed her inborn nature, she had no choice but abide by it and with the so – called noble ladies of ceremony.

Her husband was skilled in both pen and sword, no other man can match his beauty. But his person however was completely obsessed with martial arts and his future achievements. Completely can not and do not understand the so called ‘art’ and ‘music’, even further looked at it with disdain.

And so in the eyes of Ni Ya, Jian Ning was an unsolvable, unromantic, insensitive, inflexible, ice-cold person. Moreover, she had just escaped her parent’s suppression at home, but here she still had to face the shackles of this ice – cold, insensitive husband? Her heart’s freedom was not released.

Suo Lun was completely different, although he was almost nothing at all, his debauchee nature of wandering, doing whatever he wants, was like a mouth filled with sweet honey going up and down her whole body.

The youth was not bad, though the woman does not love him, but after day after day of Suo Lun’s seducement and harassment, it at last allowed Ni Ya to open her heart’s romance. Then her solemn surface, chastity, and ladies’ honor fell to the enemy.

For such a literary and artistic young girl, no words can compare to this one sentence: In the whole world, the only one I got is you.

There was nothing good in Suo Lun to the ground, but in trying to figure out the workings of a woman’s mind, he was definitely a master. So in cases of a woman, he was not in a disadvantage compared to other men. Only with Princess Zhi Ning who was such a cold and wise woman was he not able to plant anything on her body, he even lost his life instead.

But there was still one thing that puzzled Lanling.

Although the emotional Ni Ya did not imagine for a perfect wish, she has a very high cultivation achievement and would still be successful even if she did not really cheat on the husband she was dissatisfied upon. Speaking straight, she may be the spirit of derailment, but she will not cheat from the truth.

However, the fact that she derailed from her husband and made intimacy with Suo Lun, caused her to be deceitfully deceived by him within a garden.

So what exactly was going on? Making Ni Ya break out from her own morals and cleanliness, causing her to cheat? Is it Jian Ning who took the lead for their relationship’s derailment? Or are there even more horrifying things that happened?

Lanling felt that perhaps, if he can succeed in finding this secret out, it may be the key for the Count Jian Yong to revoke the clan threatening expulsion of Suo Lun.

After Suo Lun and Teacher Ni Ya were arrested for committing adultery, Dean Jian Yong just transferred Ni Ya away, and did not do too much of a punishment to her and Lanling.

After figuring out this critical phase,  Lanling began to plan out what to say and how to deal with teacher Ni Ya’s words when they meet.

Next, under the guidance of his elder sister Suo Ningbing, he began to threw his whole body and heart into Suo Lun’s inner world in order to imitate Suo Lun’s every words and actions, his every expression, his every vision.

Before, Lanling did not perform very well.

However, at this critical moment, Lanling performance was very good and actually looked very god like,

Suo Ningbing even said, “Xiao Ling, you are just like an imitation of Suo Lun, but please do not be like him, your elder sister still like you in your own way.”

“I know.” Lanling happily said, scratching the back of his head, and then re exposed his young and under experienced attitude.

“Alright, it is already late, take a break.” Suo Ningbing said, ”Tomorrow morning, you had to hurry to the Northern Province.”

Lanling said, “ I will go to the chamber to practice piano for a while, elder sister, do go sleep first.”

Lanling went to the deepest chamber in the Count’s house and started playing the piano.

It was of course not a piano, there was no piano in this world, but it was like a harpsichord. An instrument almost having the same layout as a piano.

While playing, he was at the same time  thinking how to deal with Suo Lun’s former lover and mentor, Teacher Ni Ya.


The next morning, accompanied by Ye Jing Yu, they proceeded on to Ling Feng Province in the Northern Region.

After three days and three nights of long distance trekking, they finally arrived at Ling Feng Region.

Not only teacher Ni Ya got very high accomplishments in the arts, she was also an outstanding physician. Now, she was working effectively within the Northern Legion and possessed the status of a noble, military doctor.

The Northern Legion were the ones guarding the northern border of the kingdom. Yan Empire’s defense was very powerful so the Army Camp was naturally unparalleled in strictness, a fortress Lanling and Suo Ningbing can not break into.

But fortunately, teacher Ni Ya is Lingfeng Region’s Loving Help Association’s honorable president. Every five days, she will come to the Loving Help Association and teach the orphans in here. She was a completely kind, noble-born person.

When Lanling arrived with a lot of time left in the Lingfeng Region’s Loving Help Association, Ni Ya was not in there.

Unsurprisingly, Ni Ya naturally had a status of a goddess in the Loving Help Association. From being the mother of the Loving Help Association to being a teacher, she was the light of all the orphans. Ni Ya was probably their most closest person to being a family.

Therefore, when Lanling inquired the time when Ni Ya would arrive, not only did he not get any information, but he instead got the alert of multiple hostile eyes gazing at him.

But do not forget, Lanling was also an orphan, and Loving Help Association’s children have a strong emotional resonance and may be able to unceasingly release their own sincere emotions which can easily get the trust of mothers and children.

After an hour, Lanling had already been standing in the children’s classroom, sharing them the fairy tale stories on earth.

The following children listened to his story intently, listened to his every word with fervor and eagerness and with only less than half a day, Lanling gained the whole hearts of the people in the Loving Help Association.

And so, when Lanling once again inquired about matters regarding Ni Ya, those motherly figures  and orphaned children eagerly yet anxiously told him information about her. They even began to strongly pair him with Ni Ya and also began to give him weapons in form of advice on how to pursue her. They did not know that Ni Ya has already a husband, and they do not even know about her noble identity.

In spite for Ni Ya, Lanling was really reluctant to leave Loving Help Association. After a full day, night came, Ni Ya was still yet to come.

In the evening, his sides were still packed with many small heads, they had been listening eagerly to his stories. Until the mothers reminded them after several times, the children albeit reluctantly climbed their small beds and went to sleep.

“Elder brother, Aunt Ni Ya will come to our class tomorrow, you may want to refuel yourself.” A cute little girl whispered, then she chuckled.


Without any accident, Teacher Ni Ya entered the Loving Help’s Association and Suo Lun was the first person her beautiful eyes set upon.

Her face was originally filled with bright smiles, a bright smile dedicated for the children that she have not seen for five days, she really, really missed them.

However, when she saw that it was Suo Lun whom she really used to love to the bone but whose face she also hated to the bone, her smile suddenly solidified and beautifully stayed in place.

  Noble Rankings:

  • Emperor
  • King
  • Grand Duke
  • Prince
  • Duke
  • Marquess / Marquis
  • Earl / Count
  • Viscount
  • Baron
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