Chapter 19: Rekindling of An Old Love?

Chapter 19: Rekindling of An Old Love?

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World Destroying Demonic Emperor: Chapter 19

Lanling finally saw this beautiful teacher in real life.

She was a very gorgeous woman, her face had a very beautiful appearance of an oriental woman, a western woman’s seductive beauty, purple hair, and dark green charming eyes.

She was a mixed blooded woman. Her temperaments looked very serene and restrained, but her eyes were full of a western woman’s unbounded romance.

These very different temperaments appeared in her body thus making her filled with extraordinary temptation.

Her skin was as white as a western woman and yet also possessed the exquisite beauty of an oriental woman, precisely like milk in general.

She was tall, more than 1.7 meters, with a slender body, and a specially tender waist. But whether it was the curves of her breasts, or the curves of her buttocks, it was like a tender willow, swaying in one direction then the other. Even a loose dress was totally unable to block the alluring curves of her body.

If you use a female star on earth to compare her, she would somewhat resemble Sophie Marceau, only, Ni Ya would even be more glamorous.

In short, with this figure and appearance, she was a woman who would make every other woman jealous of her.

After the first shock, Ni Ya’s heart was filled with anger, ice- cold, her suppressed heart suddenly began to pound.

Yes, she had cheated with Suo Lun, but two years had already passed, Suo Lun’s shadow gradually faded in her heart, after all, he was just a shallow man. A clever woman as she, it’s really hard to fall in love again.

“You have ruined my life before, do you want to ruin my life now?” Ni Ya stared at Lanling, eyes full of hate.

She then went towards the side of a strong woman and said, “Mother, quickly get him out of here.”

Although Lanling had already got the trust and closeness of the mothers, Ni Ya was still the goddess of their heart and body. After hearing the words of Ni Ya, they stepped forward without hesitation, and readied to push Lanling out.

Lanling hurriedly said, “Teacher Ni Ya, If I may say a word, just a word.”

Ni Ya took a deep breath and said, “Well, okay, just one sentence.”

Lanling said, “Vice Dean Luo Ge expelled me, thus I can not succeed the title. The Suo Clan will lose everything, please help me.”

There was no need for Lanling to play cleverness and just directly asked her with a straightforward manner.

Because he felt, at this time, what Ni Ya’s most reluctant to hear was precisely admiration and apology since it was particularly redundant and unnecessary.

Helping him totally depends on her affection on Suo Lun, depends if her love was still deep enough. Well, if this sentence was not enough to cause her pity, or if her feelings were insufficient to receive it, it’s futile to say anything more.

However, he seemed to be disappointed.

Because after Ni Ya listened, there were no change whatsoever in her eyes and face, and just coldly said ,”All right, the sentence is finished, now leave.”

Lanling was stunned, bowed in apology with a bleak expression, turned away and left.

Ni Ya was abashed, Suo Lun got the thickest of skins, and isn’t he the most likely to harass her? Did he just simply give up, or is he just acting?

While Lanling was walking out of the Loving Help Association, at last she could not bare it anymore, “Wait a minute.”

But just as this sentence went out from her mouth, she immediately regretted it. She cursed herself for not living up to expectations, her heart was still too soft and she was at Suo Lun’s feet once again.

Lanling turned around and looked at Ni Ya, full of hope.

“You want me to help you and ask the Dean to revoke the order?” Ni Ya asked.

“Yes,” Lanling said.

Ni Ya said, “I can help you, but promise me a condition.”

Lanling said, “I will.”

Ni Ya said, “Before, I instructed you how to play the piano. When you were seducing my name, you vowed to make a special song dedicated for me. Now I will listen to this song. If it can satisfy me and can shock all the people in here, I’ll help you.”

When Ni Ya said this, she was already on the verge of refusing Lanling. Although she loved Suo Lun, but after all, two years already passed. Although, Suo Lun’s mouth was very sweet and damn pleasing to a woman, but after all, he was a just foul person within. With this kind of man, it was very hard for a talented woman to pour her heart and love him deeply.

And yet, Ni Ya’s throbbing feelings on Suo Lun was still there. But to say if this is love, it was really hard to explain. Not to mention, two years ago, before the critical moment, Suo Lun’s action left very disappointed.

Two years ago, when Suo Lun was learning music from Ni Ya, his results were in awful condition. His talent in music was very ordinary, he was totally not enthusiastic, and completely can not understand even the most basic of music foundation.

Ni Ya’s achievements in music was very high, thus her eyes and ears were naturally very picky. She wanted him to make her feel very satisfied with a song and that naturally proves to be extremely difficult.

However, Lanling was already ready and prepared. Since Ni Ya loved music more than anything, thus in order to impress her heart, the only thing that would rekindle that burning heart of hers would be music.

Lanling majored in art while in the University, accurately to be a screenwriter. The reason why he chose this profession was because it comparatively was cheaper than other courses. In fact, he was also very good at painting and music.

His music was hand taught by her elder sister Lankou. When his foster parents were still alive, their family’s financial situation was not bad. Lankou learned piano from an early age and her talent was very high,

Of course when their family changed, elder sister Lankou at the age of fourteen did not continue to learn piano. But, at that time, she had already achieved a very high level. Yet she still continued to study albeit by herself, and at the age of 17, she was relying on teaching other children to feed herself and Lanling.

Before teaching other children, she still must learn how to teach, thus she began to test her skills at Lanling. Just like this, Lanling was taught by her.

In fact, Lanling originally had little interest in piano, but in order to be close to her sister, he insisted on learning. To get the praise of her sister, he also studied very well. Once, there was a university professor who advised him to join the music department, but he did not join in order to save money.

There’s no piano in this world and more or less can only be compared to the original harpsichord in which there was a relatively advanced one in the Tianshui City’s Count estate.

When in the retreat of their house, whenever it sounded with Lanling playing a song, it would be Lanling’s and Lankou most happiest time on earth. Adjustment won’t be much as the layout of this world’s harpsichord was very like the piano on earth.

Lanling prepared the song Ballade Pour Adeline for Ni Ya. It’s a romantic song that praised about undying love and told the story of how a king fell in love with a beautiful statue. How he prayed to the heavens to grant life to the statue for it to become a real beautiful woman.

Ni Ya’s favorite thing to do in the Royal CIty Academy was just standing by the river and stare at the surface of the water, pondering about things, like a statue in general.

“No words? Then go away and don’t bother me anymore.” Ni Ya said.

The children were brimming of hope at watching Lanling and were wishing that he can succeed. They just got along, yet they have already felt that this big brother can completely do anything, just because he can tell such wonderful and beautiful stories.

Lanling took a deep breath, went inside a room and sat in front of a harpsichord.

Even if the harpsichord in this world was a bit cheap, it was still very expensive and cost at least tens of gold coins or even more. It was unlikely that the Loving Help Association was able to afford it, it was obviously provided by teacher Ni Ya.

He put his hands on the keys, Lanling closed his eyes and calmed himself down, he then opened it and said, “I will now start.”

Suddenly, the room fell into utter silence. All the children, Ni Ya, Ye Jing Yu, and the mothers of the Loving Help Association, at this time had all their eyes wide open, holding their breath and looked at Lanling, waiting for the first note he was about to play.

The history of the harpsichord and the piano still have a relatively large difference, but this world’s harpsichord and the piano’s layout contained not much difference in which there was a sole row of keys. And so, Lanling was not the least discomforted in playing the harpsichord.


As the sound of the first note rang, a most beautiful, enchanting music flowed like water from the tips of Lanling’s fingers.

The expressions of Ye Jing Yu and the Loving Help’s Association mothers suddenly became somewhat earnest, and Ni Ya’s color utterly changed.

The outsiders gathered and lively watched the master from the doorway. When Lanling  just finished playing the first string of notes, she felt her heart suddenly jumped and vaguely felt the sense of goose bumps emerging around her body.

This rich playboy in front of her eyes, Suo Lun, without any doubt, is definitely an expert, with his playing skill way very high.

And the most crucial thing was the song. It was a piece of music she had never heard before, but just listening to it, she felt that wonderful feeling already drilling through her ear, rippling towards her heart.

As Lanling’s performance gradually began to deepen, both of his hands, were peerlessly dancing skillfully on the keys.

Ni Ya had already closed her eyes, totally intoxicated to the song. This feeling was so wonderful, it was as if the next melody was known,and yet it was also unknown.

And what moved her the most was the charm of the melody, it was serene and full of romance, with even a hint of fiery emotion.

Is she not Ni Ya? Though she looked ice cold and reserved, but her heart was yearning to be filled with freedom and romance.

Hearing it back, Ni Ya even felt her own inner soul, as if the beautiful sound from her ear hook her heart inside. With the music floating through the air, she began to sway yet unable to fall to the ground.

It was so beautiful, so wonderful, so intoxicating.

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