Chapter 2: Two Beautiful Women

Chapter 2: Two Beautiful Women

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World Destroying Demonic Emperor: Chapter 2

The Demon Star’s voice was dead plain, but when the words came, it was very frightening and appalling.

Destroy the world? This Demon Star and its former host are both insane psychos.

“You are crazy you insane bastard!!” Lanling said angrily.

He grew in love and hate, yet he knew what is justice, he knew what is good and bad. He planned to kill the young man because he deserved to die. Now, someone tells him that his mission is to destroy this world? His face became pale.

The Demon Star did not answer.

A moment later, Lanling asked: “Can you help me back to earth? My sister really needs me.”

“I do not know.”

“What do you mean by you do not know. You just can’t send me back am I right?.” Lanling said.

“I have only my instinct, and that is to devour all energy. I can make you very, very powerful.” said the Demon Star.

“You can make me strong? How will you do it?” Lanling asked.

“If you kill a person, I can swallow their energy and transform it into your power.“

Lanling burst into chills, although the Demon’s Star voice was calm, evilness can be detected.

Things where you can gobble up energy?

Black holes can swallow up anything.

When he read the book, Swordsman, there was a very evil method that directly devoured other people’s internal forces.

However, this Demon Star’s only purpose was to devour lives and swallow their energy. It can suck a hundred times more than the one in the book.

“I do not need this power. I just want to return to my sister.” Lanling said. “I do not want to be your master.”

”You will soon be needed.” The demon star said. “My energy is now very weak. I have to sleep first, goodbye.”

Then the light went out. The whole dream then completely delve back into darkness.


“Lanling woke up, he began to recall that strange dream. He could not be sure if the dream was real or not. Thus, he could not help but yell out, “Demon Star come out!!!”

No response. Was it really just a dream?

He couldn’t sleep anymore and gradually calmed himself down.

What will her sister do with his disappearance? Her face had been disfigured, she shunned human contact, and now he is gone? How can she continue living?

Lanling’s heart twisted in pain thinking about these things.

No. I can’t think like these. I need to cheer up.

I want to go back. I’ll do anything to go back. I had sworn at the meteor shower to look after you forever.

Although I now crossed into this world, I still have to fulfill my promise. I’ll find a way back, I am going to take care of you.

Lanling fell to the ground, he faced the sky and uttered, word by word, “Sister, I swore, no matter what happens, I will someday return to your side. If I violate my promise, let me be punished by the heavens.”

He solemnly got up and decided to leave the mountains. He wanted to see the humans of this world. The reason: to find a way back to his sister.


At the same time, at the top floor of the Yan Empire’s Dragon Temple.

The dome of the temple was covered in sparkling jewels, as if they were real stars.

A jewel suddenly blazed with a golden light, then fell of the ceiling, and transformed into a flaming demon star.

A meditating priest suddenly opened his closed eyes and said in dismay, “The Demon Star is here. Great misfortune will soon fall upon us.”

He immediately rushed out of the meditation chamber and hoarsely said, “Eighteen Saints take the some of the Temple Army and immediately head southeast and search for any suspicious characters. That person does not belong to this world. Kill him on sight.”

“Yes!” Suddenly, more than a dozen shadows rushed out from the temple.

The grand priest looked at the men, shaking his head, “The Demon Star came back to this world. The end is near. I only hope this is not true.”

Lanling trudged on the mountains for several days. He lived solely on wild fruits and drank of the mountain’s spring water.

During these days, he found out that his body occurred massive changes.

His original body was not really that weak, but definitely not strong. But since he entered into this world, a mysterious power force grew deep within his body.

After walking miles, whenever he felt exhausted, energy from the depths of his body were injected to his bones and limbs, removing all his fatigue. Though he would starve for days, he did not feel weak.

Moreover, this energy was a mystery to itself. He wanted to feel it, he wanted to find it, but not a sliver of it can be found.

Lanling was sure that it was not a dream. He knew that his body possessed the Demon Star.

He suddenly felt chills. He shouted again. Still it never respond.

Yet even if the body possessed the Demon Star’s energy, it would still run out. No matter how far Lanling walked, what still he can see in front was endless forest and mountains. He was going crazy. As like in the prehistoric era, is he the only person in this world?

Ten days,  fourteen days, twenty days.

Thoughts drifted to Lanling’s mind whether he crossed into a world void of people. A place where no humans exists.

He walked on and on and on….

Lanling became a savage. His hair and beard grew very long, and his once modern clothes now became rags.

He knew not how long he had walked. Then, while drilling through a dense forest, he saw a light not far ahead, beside a wide road.

He became ecstatic. He was finally out of the mountains. Moreover,  a road means civilization, which means people exists.

He grasped every last inch of his strength and desperately moved to the road after a lot of effort.

Almost two hours later, Lanling finally reached the foot of the mountain and into the road. Tracks on the dirt were still fresh…therefore he followed its direction and head towards the east.

If anyone passes by he will immediately shout for help.

A half hour later, his ears picked up the sounds of intense horseshoes coming from the behind.

Looking quickly back, he saw a team of people spurring their horses onward.

Heavily armed knights and people inside a carriage were rushing over. These people wore extravagant clothes and were visibly wealthy.

Lanling quickly waved his hands, shouting in a loud voice.

“My Lord, a barbarian is crying on the highway.” A warrior near the carriage said.

Lanling spent more than two months in the forest. All his clothes were tattered and his hair and beard were disheveled. He looked like a savage in appearance.

“Just like the others, crush him to death.” Inside of the carriage came a young cold voice. “All these wild savages should die.”

The team sped up. Rushing forward to kill Lanling.

He found out that the horses were taller, larger than that of earth. And their speed was much faster too.

The horses were all wearing armor and were more than two meters tall. The horses were used to ram into the people they wished to kill.

Lanling quickly dodged to the side, avoiding the collision of the horses with mere inches.

“You dare to dodge? Pull him out.” The young noble roared out.

“Yes.” A warrior suddenly pulled out a whip and slashed it at Lanling.

The whip was fast as lightning, Lanling tried to escape.

“Saaaaaap.” His body was fiercely hit by the whip. The force behind that blow was enormous. His body flew, blood crazily spurted out, and he fell unconscious on the ground.

The young nobles inside the carriage burst out laughing at the scene.

He was hit again and again. His bone became crushed and his internal organs were like mush. He seemed to be dead.

At this time, Lanling only seemed to have his bones broken and some major internal damage, but he was not dead. His body that was filled with blood energy was continuously wrapping out his heart protecting it from harm.

Time passed. Lanling lay unconscious on the middle of the road.

Though the mysterious energy was protecting him, yet this energy was not an endless stream. The energy gradually became thinner. Lanling became weaker and weaker, death hovered above him.

The day turned to night. No travellers will pass through here in the night. And he was afraid that he will be trampled to death.

The sun rose. Lanling was still lying on the road, hovering between life and death. The blood that accumulated due to his injuries, now turned into purple black.

The whole day passed, and the sky dimmed down.

Lanling fainted a lot of times during these past three days. The road was indeed desolate. These three days no one passed at all.

His breathing and his heart’s beating has been weak to the extreme, if he does not get treated, he will die.

At this point, a burst of hoof sounds came from the distance, getting closer and closer. Two guards were guarding a carriage.

As they draw near, these two warriors were actually women.

They were wearing tight fit leather armor, Red mixed with black. Both of them got very hot bodies. Their slender legs that dangled on the horse’s’ sides were filled of hot beauty. And their curves were so perfectly curved that hot blooded people can not absolutely look away from.

The most unusual thing was that these two women exactly looked the same. Their facial features were the same. It got a mix of Asian and Western texture as on earth.

Gorgeously beautiful, with the devil’s body, and identical twins at that, they  can really make men crazy.

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