Chapter 20: Stunning Talent, Different than the First Kiss

Chapter 20: Stunning Talent, Different than the First Kiss

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World Destroying Demonic Emperor: Chapter 20

Ye Jing Yu was also completely stupefied, when she rescued Lanling, she felt that he was a very vulgar plebeian completely reluctant to impersonate Suo Lun, but who would expect he be so dazzling,  so……..elegant.

This harpsichord was but valuable and costs a lot so this completely was a top-level stuff even among the highest echelons. Lanling can even play such a touching music, it was obviously not a few days of work.

When he played the piano, his actions were so filled with confidence, so graceful.

As for the mothers and the children, they felt it as very, very pleasant to the ears.

Their ears were very reluctant to miss even a single sound.


A few minutes later, Lanling finished playing.

But every sound of it was still felt lingering in everyone’s ears, for a long time no one collapsed to the ground.

After a while, Ni Ya only then opened her beautiful eyes, traces of blushing emerged out from her stunning face. It was like the look that came after a man and a woman had some intimate sex.

When she once again looked at Lanling, her gaze towards him was now completely different and asked, “Did you make this song?”

“Have you heard anyone else play this?” Lanling asked.

“No.” Ni Ya answered.

“Then that is what I did.” Lanling said, “How is it?”

How far is it from excellent? It was completely beyond Ni Ya’s imagination. His skill was far beyond Ni Ya’s artistic level, she could not compose such a beautiful, moving, heart rending melody.

“I haven’t heard of a new tune in ten years, you are the first one.” Ni Ya asked, “What is the name of this song?”

“Ni Ya on the Lake’s Shore.” Lanling said.

Hearing this words came out, Ni Ya’s tender body suddenly trembled. Her beautiful eyes swayed like those of a drunk which instantly became extremely blurred up.

It’s already been a long time since they last met, her emotional feelings instantly emerged out from the bottom of her heart.

Perhaps it was because of their past romantic memories or perhaps it was just because of this wonderful piece of music. In short, Ni Ya felt that Suo Lun had once again broken through that insipid emotions of hers and instantly restored her back to normal.

Ni Ya on the Lake’s Shore, that is right, that is not fake since this is the thing she does most often in the Royal City Academy, When it is near dark, she would be standing by the side of the water seemingly in a daze. She was probably melding with music ideas, drowning herself in fantasy, or she was simply in a daze.

In short, it was the happiest time of her day. In reality, there many things that chained her, but standing in the lake’s edges was a time where she can escape into fantasy, where her mind can completely roam unrestrained.

“Did you really made this song for me?” Ni Ya asked.

“Yes.” Lanling said.

“When you made this song, what do you want to express?” Ni Ya nervously asked, her voice was even trembling because she is such a woman who most cared for someone who understand her, the special someone who can understand her.

Lanling knew this was the most critical moment. Like this noble before his eyes, innocent, a woman of literature and art, he felt that once someone can be able to understand her heart, she would truly and wholehearted be loyal, and not just in reprisal for her previous debauch relationship with Suo Lun.

Lanling looked at Ni Ya and slowly said, “Every time when you stand by the side of the water, I felt that you seemed to be like a sculpture that have a beautiful body, and yet the surface is but completely devoid of any vitality. But inside the body, it was secretly longing an unmatched yearning, extreme yearning for an unparalleled freedom of life. At that time, I thought, if………I can just give life to this sculpture, how lovely would that be.

Suddenly, Ni Ya’s eyes turned teary red.

There was only one sentence in her heart: As it turns out, only you know me best!

And then she said while weeping, “Is it precisely because of this reason did you come to seduce me?”

Lanling nodded his head.

Ni Ya wept out, “Why did this happen at this last moment, why did you betray our feelings at the very end?”

Did Suo Lun really betray their feelings? Does Lanling completely do not know what is going on, can he not ask?

But at this point it was hard for Lanling not to be upset, his face lightly twitched for a while and he said, “Because I… scared!”

“Afraid of what?” Ni Ya asked.

“Fear of you losing freedom, I am afraid I could not shoulder and give you the beautiful life you want.” Lanling said, his words incomparably sounded deep and profound, there was nothing else to say.

But Ni Ya was the most willing. Just hearing this sentence, she certainly would not think that Suo Lun was simply just playing with her, yet she needs more proof. Once, they were caught having illicit sex, of course they had to immediately draw a dividing line between them.

“Come with me……” Ni Ya beckoned at him, then they went together inside a room within Loving Help Association.

“Do not be unhappy.. …” Several mother hurriedly pushed him in with rays of blessings in their eyes.

Then the children started cheering and then began booing.

Lanling’s heartbeat suddenly accelerated, this is…..what is going on here? Do I want to rekindle that old romantic emotions……..but, he I am still a virgin ah.


Sure enough, just as they entered the room, the whiff of a fragrant, aromatic sweet smell blew towards his face, and then a soft, supple, delicate body fell directly into his arms.

The next second, fiery red lips, eagerly kissed his lips.

Lanling trembled, apart from stealing a kiss from her sister, this….this should be his first real kiss.

Suddenly, he was completely ruptured and felt the very soft lips kissing him, it’s incomparably sweet and yet also matchlessly fiery.

His body already lost all its response, and his mind was going utterly blank.

By the time when he came over his trance, Ni Ya’s fragrant little tongue had already drilled into his mouth, started entangling, and began to swipe everything.

Lanling can only passively receive it and since this is his first time, some of his reactions somewhat resembled like he was eating a person.

They fully kissed for a few minutes, only when Ni Ya ran out of breath did she then loosen herself from Lanling’s lips. Her whole body seemed to have been completely lit up by a raging fire, and clearly felt like biting Lanling in an express to release her emotions.

Suddenly, she remembered the time when she cheated and had sex with Suo Lun two years ago. Instantly the weeds from deep within her heart madly gushed out, she then looked at Lanling with her beautiful eyes, a gaze which was also filled with fervent fieriness.

“What are you waiting for? Before, every time you and me romantically met privately, you were like a wild beast that wanted to rush up and eat me. You can not eat me before, now, I will let you eat.” Ni Ya quiveringly said.

Her appearance looked really cold, and yet her heart was  pumping very hot.

Lanling’s heartbeat thumped like thunder, and suddenly immensely struggled. In the face of such a mixed – race beauty who was taking the initiative, to say that the heart would say no, was completely false.

Although there was only the elder sister in his heart, but normal men also have a some kind of sexual impulse and faced with such a stunning beauty, they can never be just nonchalant.

If this woman in front of his eyes was not good in sleeping, once she fell asleep the consequences may be very serious.

Before coming here, he already guessed that teacher Ni Ya should be a very hot, sexy woman who has an equivalent burning heart, however he still underestimated her.

“I can’t……..” Lanling breathing heavily said.

Ni Ya uttered a disappointed whisper, “Why? Don’t you always want to come at me?”

“It’s because of my responsibility. I’m now the only man in the family, no matter what, I have to take responsibility for it. ” Lanling said.

This sentence really much sounded dignified, but Ni Ya was totally convinced, even in his mind, Lanling took a lot initiative and effort in saying such words.

He must have felt that he could not give me my future, I still even can not grasp my own fate, and thus he did not coerce himself to me.

Such a man, this is a person totally trustworthy.

Two years ago, when Suo Lun was caught on raping Ni Ya on the spot, she was brave enough to ask for a divorce in order for her and Suo Lun to be together.

However, Suo Lun at that time, cowardly rejected her, and thus she drew the boundary between her and him. It made her extremely disappointed, it was extremely painful. Though she cheated with Suo Lun, part of the reason was in retaliation to her heartless, ice-cold husband.

But the boy who only wants to continually fool around now grew up, and now had a sense of responsibility, a shoulder one can already rely on.

“Suo Lun, what happened to you being expelled from the Royal City Academy?” Ni Ya asked.

Lanling took a deep breath of relief, at last, she had finally asked the key question.

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