Chapter 21: Zhi Ning Loses Round One, Lanling’s Sacred Passion

Chapter 21: Zhi Ning Loses Round One, Lanling’s Sacred Passion

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World Destroying Demonic Emperor: Chapter 21

The purpose to why Lanling came was just to find teacher Ni Ya and ask for a favor which would let the Academy withdraw off his expulsion order.

“The Royal Family wanted to swallow up my Suo Clan’s Tianshui City Territory, and so there is someone trying to stop me from inheriting the title. My elder sister bribed Duke Zhi Ting, some people were worried that Zhi Ting will really help me to successfully succeed on the title so consequently they let Vice Dean Luo Ge expel me.” Lanling said.

Ni Ya said, “Who are you talking about?”

“Princess Zhi Ning.” Lanling said.

Ni Ya brimmed with jealousy and said, “Is she not your dream lover? The one you are willing kill yourself for but can’t even take her hands?”

Lanling bitterly smiled and did not explain. However, Ni Ya instead lovingly caressed his face and softly said, “You do not have to say anything, I know you came here for your family.”

The imagination of a literary and artistic young woman was so rich, no matter what, their lover brain would fill out a complete automatic reason for any small incomplete idea.

“Rest assured, you will not be expelled, I will make Dean Jian Yong revoke that order.” Ni Ya said.

Lanling’s heart was pleased, and asked, “That way, will you be hurt?”

Ni Ya drearily laughed and laughingly said, “I will not, and how can they hurt me?”

Lanling’s heart was thinking of a question he wanted to ask, but felt embarrassed to ask Ni Ya aloud.

Ni Ya immediately found him hesitant to speak, suddenly asked, “What do you want to ask?”

Lanling said, “Two years ago, I was a very careless idiot and you are so marvelous, full of perfectness, why take me? Even if you have no feelings for your husband, even if he chained and shackled your innate emotions, you still have a very high moral principles, you will not be so rash as to retaliate by sexually cheat him out.”

Suddenly, Ni Ya’s tears slipped to the ground and gently kissed Lanling’s lips, with a soft voice she said. “Little boy, you really grew up, you really do understand me.”

Then Ni Ya gently nestled herself in Lanling’s arms and said, “When I married Jian NIng, everyone admired and envied us, and felt we were a perfect match, a match paired by the heaven and earth. But you know, he had just fled out from a strict household, and became even more ice-cold, became even more rigid on the family. Of course, this is nothing, a woman’s happiness would just flew out of the window, is this not enough reason for her to cheat? The reason I derailed, was because..……. my husband took the initiative to wear the green hat, so I fulfilled him.”

Lanling was stunned, he was completely afraid to believe. This talented, handsome young man, Jian Ning, wants her to cockold him?

“I can not believe it, he was honest in the eyes of the world, so dazzling in their eyes.” Ni Ya sneered, “You may know, Prince Zhi Li lusts after gorgeous women, especially if it is someone else’s wife. In order to promote himself up the ranks, my husband wanted to send me to Prince Zhi Li for him to enjoy for a full night.”

This? This was just too absurd and sensational.

No doubt, Prince Zhi Li mind bending hobbies are sensational, but just like his royal family members, the future crown prince hobbies were considered very normal.

To start with, Jian Ning was just to shameless, what he did was extremely evil. He is the idol of the younger generation, he is an heir marquis, his father was the dean of the Royal City Academy, why do such an anxious deed? Ni Ya was his wife after all, once a man’s head turned green he can not get his head anymore in this lifetime. Even if his status was high, what would be its use?

Ni Ya said, “I fall out on the spot and flipped myself, he wants to wear a green hat, I will give him one, but I have to pick out the partner for me to cheat with.”

Lanling said, ”Then?”

Ni Ya said, “Then he became the General of the Royal Family’s Third Dragon Cavalry Unit with 10,000 troops under him.”

“What……..” Lanling said, “But, did you get away of pleasing Zhi Li?”

“Yes.” Ni Ya said, “Even though Zhi Li did not get me to please him, but Jian Ning had such a filial devotion so that Zhi Li gave the position to him nonetheless. “

This Zhi Li was very dangerous.

Ni Ya said, “Zhi Li is a very powerful man, a very great man, he had the thinking, schemes, and trickery as King Zhi Bian. However he is more domineering, more unruly, and more brutal. He is eyeing your Tianshui City, you should be careful.”

Lanling frowned and nodded his head.

“I wish you could stay with me for a while before we separate again. You and I will be returning to the Royal CIty, I will go look for Teacher Jian Yong, while you go home.” Ni Ya softly said.

Then she held Lanling gently and quietly hugged themselves together.

The moment just before they parted, Ni Ya asked, “Two years ago, the time I taught you how to play the piano, you performed very poorly, why did you play so amazing this time?”

Lanling said, “Female teachers usually like bad students, if I did not show my worse character,  then how could we have developed our relationship at each other, and a high level one at that.”


Half an hour later, Ni Ya first left Loving Help Association. When she left, she said a sentence which made Lanling’s heart jump in fright.

“When you take everything back that belongs to you and mastered your own destiny, I will fight off Jian Ning for my divorce, and I’ll return back on your side.” Ni Ya resolutely and decisively said.

After she said that, she directly jumped on her horse and galloped away towards the Royal City.

Lanling took over and taught in the children’s classes. Half a day later, he and Ye Jing Yu also returned to the Royal City.

On the road, Ye Jing Yu had been stealing glances at Lanling, her gaze was somewhat weird. Lanling uncomfortably looked at her whole body and knew she was not acting natural, he does not know where to place her personality.

Ye Jing Yu’s heart was really complex. At this time, Lanling was still incomparably young and inexperienced, as long as she stared at him for more than two seconds, it is guaranteed that he will be at a loss of what to do and thus will blush in embarrassment. And when her back was facing him, he himself could not help but stare at her ass.

In short, Lanling at this time was still completely young and under ripe, shy, this immature youth was brimming with curiousness of a woman’s body.

Yet, when he interacted with Ni Ya just now, he completely moved in an experienced, unequaled manner. That kind of understanding of woman, that kind of sweet dialogue, that kind of expression and demeanor, was completely what a veteran in the affairs of love and the heart will do, even better than to how Suo Lun brute forcefully seduces a woman.

Today he was in another kind of romance, compared to Suo Lun, he was more experienced, more mature.

“Elder sister Jing Yu, why are you looking at me like that?” Lanling somewhat unhappily said.

Ye Jing Yu said, “I can not be able to tell why your strategy to women, compared to Suo Lun, is very fiery, green, and yet so simple and smooth. Compared to your usual self,  you are usually more immature and inexperienced when you want to attract the young miss”

Lanling frowned, “Usually, I am the real me. I understand this woman, I know what to do, but that doesn’t mean I’m going to do it, I will play to pretend, but that does not mean that I like to pretend. “

Since childhood, Lanling got along very well with his elder sister, of course he understood women. From the cold eyes of people, of course he understand the ways of the world. He is a screenwriter, he had watched countless movies, and of course he knows how to put on an act.

He’s only willing to act and use it as a last resort.

“You, can’t you be happy, such a big temper.” Ye Jing Yu said.

Lanling simply ignored her and just lie in the carriage and looked up at the roof in a daze.

“This woman is about ten years older than you, and it seems that she had already wrap herself around you, I can see that this woman’s passion and affections were once very hot, what are you going to do?” Ye Jing Yu said.

Lanling slightly frowned, closed his eyes, and pretended he did not hear.


Three days later, Lanling returned to the Count’s Capital City Estate.

He had just entered the house when elder sister Suo Ningbing welcomed them back and said, “Little brother, Dean Jian Yong appeared personally to get rid of your expulsion order. You really did it, elder sister really can not believe it.”

Suo Ningbing really did not expect anything from him, but Lanling really made Dean Jian Yong revoke the expulsion order.

Lanling was very shocked Ni Ya handled the affair so fast. For the future of his son, in order for the scandal of his family not to be revealed, Jian Yong even if he pinched his nose can only comply to Ni Ya’s demands.

This first round, Lanling surely won against Princess Zhi Ning.

Suo Ningbing’s face was full of joy and a bit haggard, she obviously did not sleep well for the last couple of days. His sister on earth Lankou, was the same, her heart can not sleep at all just because of little things of matter.

“Why did you not sleep well?” Lanling distressingly asked.

Suo Ningbing said, “:I can not help but stay careful. But look at yourself, you have almost lost a full lap.”

Ye Jing Yu can not bear it anymore, rubbed her arm, and said with goose bumps arching all over her body.

“Young Miss, you can’t think of that, this young, inexperienced boy in front of you is actually a Love Saint.” Ye Jing Yu laughed.

Suo Ningbing’s complexion slightly changed, and softly laughed, “Really?”

There was a bit of reluctance in her smile.

“All right, Ye Jing Yu, you don’t have to say it.” Lanling said.

Seeing the flustered and discomfited look on his face. Suo Ningbing lovingly smiled and said, “The Royal City Academy had sent a notice and said that you can’t skip classes again, you need to return tp the Royal City Academy and attend class in the soonest possible time.”

Lanling thought of Suo Lun’s popularity in the Royal City Academy and could not help but get a headache.

Suo Lun the Bastard was extremely unpopular in the Royal City Academy, simply a mouse in the street. Boys were jealous and despised Suo Lun, girls hated and were furious at Suo Lun. Although this means that Lanling would not be bullied, but the taste of isolation is not good.

“Okay, I’ll go to the Academy tomorrow.” Lanling said, “First, I want to take a rest and sleep.”

Lanling did not have a good night of sleep for a couple of days, thus he originally intended to sleep all day and night.


“Well, taking advantage that it is still half the day, we will practice the third step of martial arts enlightenment.” But when at noon, he was surprisingly woken up by Ye JIng Yu, she directly stepped forward and suddenly yanked the blanket covering Lanling’s body.

Suddenly, Ye Jing Yu saw an extremely embarrassing thing.

(In China, the expression “wearing a green hat” is used to refer to a woman who cheats on her lover. )

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