Chapter 22: Spiritual Power, Extreme Evil

Chapter 22: Spiritual Power, Extreme Evil

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World Destroying Demonic Emperor: Chapter 22

You can not blame Lanling, he is but the fake replacement of the past brother, his Yang Qi was very heavy. Just a few days ago he had received an incomparably gorgeous ordeal, and this Teacher Ni Ya was so stunning when they were touching intimately.

They had been travelling on the road for three days, and he wasn’t able to sleep too well. Today, he was dead sleepy lying in the bed, what weird boyish matters that happened in his dreams were completely normal.

After Lanling woke up and peeped on Ye Jing Yu’s blushing face, he suddenly pulled back the blanket quilt fiercely, and said loudly, “You…….how can you do this? You…you are violating my privacy.”

“You have already been delayed for several days, hurry up, we would proceed on the Third Step of Enlightenment, Dragon Force Control.” Ye Jing Yu coldly said, then swung her little waist, turned around, and went out Lanling’s room.

She was wearing her tight-fitting leather clothing, her body was just too hot, when walked, her small waist and the curves of her buttocks swayed from side to side, a sight which would make people explode down under. Lanling quickly pressed his hands down on the quilt blanket, covering the standing thing beneath.

Dragon Force Control is the third last step of martial arts enlightenment

Once Dragon Force Control is completed, it is thus necessary to enter the true, actual combat of Martial Arts training.

“After the completion of the second step which is Dragon Force Stimulation, you will be able to stimulate the Dragon Force anytime and anywhere. But the moment it stimulates, emerges and poured into the limbs and bones of your body, it will dissipate without a trace.” Ye Jing Yu said, “The third step which is Dragon Force Control, is to use the Spirit to manipulate and condense the Dragon Force at one single point. This would then spread through the meridians then explode out from somewhere in the body. For example, when you are fighting with the sword, you can burst the Dragon Force out into your hand holding the sword. When you are running, you can stimulate the Dragon Force on your feet. When you want to lock the spirit of the enemy, the Dragon Force can revolve and operate on his brain.”

Lanling understood, when the power diverges, no matter how strong it is. When it comes to the point where it condenses, even the weak can destroy any obstacle in his way.

For example, a needle even with a pound of power, can easily pierce a human’s body.

Lanling asked.”What will indicate that I have completed the Dragon Force Control?”

“Dragon Force Control is endless.” Ye Jing Yu said, “A martial artist’s life is in control of the Dragon Force. At the beginning one at the most can only control and use a fraction of the Dragon Force, yet along with the increase of cultivation, gradually you can control 50 percent, 70 percent, then 80 percent of the Dragon Force.”

Lanling understood that simply having a high level of Dragon Force is useless, there is also the rate and frequency on how you utilize the dragon force..

Ye Jing Yu said, “And the indication of the third step enlightenment’s completion is that you can use your Spirit to control the Dragon Force, revolve it through the whole body’s Jin meridians, and then finally return it to the heart. After it completed a full revolution throughout the body, that means you have finished third step of enlightenment.”

Lanling said, ”How long does the completion of the third step of enlightenment usually take?”?”

Ye Jing Yu said, “In the three steps of enlightenment, the third step is the most critical and also the hardest! Even those with highest talents would take two months or more. Because when the Dragon Force is running throughout your body, it is difficult for your Spirit to lock and condense thousands upon thousands of inextricably linked Dragon Force energy, it will continue to scatter and dissipate.”

Then Ye Jing Yu glanced at Lanling weirdly and said, “Of course, you got a monstrous, evil talent so I don’t know how long it will take.”

Lanling said, “I discovered that Spiritual Talent seems to be very important, no matter which aspect it is, you have to use the Spirit.”

“You are the one to talk.” Ye Jing Yu said, “Among the five main innate talents, Spiritual talent is the absolute core of a martial artist. If the Spirit talent is high, even if the other four talents are low, you can become a top master. However, if the Spirit Talent is low and the other four talents are high, the achievements you get in your lifetime will be extremely limited.”

The martial path’s essence in this world is the Spirit’s control of the Dragon Force, the Dragon Force itself will transform and became the body’s power.

“Come with me…..” Ye Jing Yu went with Lanling to a quiet room, and then both sat cross-legged.

She all year round trained martial art, and so her hips and crotch itself was very wide, her buttocks were round and sticked out, and thus when the curves of her waists, hips, and buttocks move, it was extremely eye and heart rattling.

When Lanling sat down cross-legged, he hurriedly gaze his vision down, and as far as possible, looked straight forward.

Ye Jing Yu said,”This third step of enlightenment does not have a formula, you need to use the first and second step of martial arts enlightenment: Dragon Force Induction and and Dragon Force Stimulation. In sight to this, use your Spirit to seize as much Dragon Force as possible, condense these scattered energies of the Dragon Force together, and begin to control it to move. Shift it from the heart spot to the middle Dantian then to the lower Dantian.”

Speaking of it here, Ye Jing Yu stopped.

Lanling said.” And then?”

Ye Jing Yu said. “This is the most critical step, the lower Dantian is the core place where the human body’s Jin meridians converge. Whether the Dragon Force will be transported to both of your hands, or feet, or the mind, it needs to pass through the lower Dantian. Leading and willing your Dragon Force from your heart and dragging it down to the lower Dantian will usually take more than a month of time, Of course, you got a monstrous talent, so I do not know how long it will take. When you have finished this step, tell me, and then we will carry on the second half part of Dragon Force Control.”

Ye Jing Yu said that while pointing her fingers at the position of her heart, then moved it downwards to her voluptuous chest, the middle Dantian, then moved it all the way down to her lower Dantian.

Ye Jing Yu’s body was so hot, Lanling watched as her fingers moved through her erotic body, his face turned completely beet red, his heartbeat accelerating.

Ye Jing Yu was suddenly speechless, and said, “All right, enough staring, close your eyes and calm your heart down. You got so many beautiful, gorgeous maids in the house, you should call one to please you in bed as soon as possible lest your face will contort every time you see a woman’s alluring body. I really do not know where that love saint character you used to gang up on Ni Ya went.”

This remark really made Lanling wished he could worm himself deep to the ground.

He also knew that it should not be so, but……since he was small till he grew up, he was just like that. When in the face of other women, just some slightly bit closer, his face will immediately turn flushed red.

It look like he really was an extremely, pure virgin. However, he was aware of everything and even stole a grope and caress at his elder sister Lankou, even two-faced subtlely planned for months on how to a murder a person. But most of the time, he gave off an appearance of a kind, harmless, lovable person.

Closing his eyes, Lanling revolved the Reverse Moon on the Water Method, soon his whole body calmed down and wholeheartedly tried to condense his Spirit in one point.

A person entered this state of concentration, her spiritual power suddenly all retracted and did not leak out in the slightest bit, Ye Jing Yu with no difficulty captured this state, then said, “Next, stimulate the Dragon Force with the second step of enlightenment.”

Lanling’s consciousness moved, the Demon Star’s energy suddenly appeared in his Spiritual Illusion lighting up a hazy radiance at the otherwise completely dark Spiritual Illusion.

The Demon Star’s radiance was very faint.

“Release energy.” Lanling consciously issued an ordered.

The Demon Star contracted. There suddenly gushed out thousands upon thousands of inextricably linked energy rays of light.

“Immediately use your Spirit to seize them, the more the better.” Ye Jing Yu said.

Lanling immediately released his Spirit to seize the thousands upon thousands of inextricably linked radiant rays of energy.

However, from its release to its dissipation, the speed was just too fast, Lanling had no time to capture before that energy already completely dissipated.

“Master, if it’s only to complete the third step, as long as you give an order to your consciousness, I can directly move this energy to your Dantian, revolve it through your body, then return it to your heart.” The Demon Star said, “In this way, you can be able to complete the third step of enlightenment in less than a quarter of an hour.”

If this is the case, it will probably shock the wits out of Ye Jing Yu.

“Do I have the need to do that?” Lanling asked.

Since he was small, he was accustomed to the ways of the world, he was not the slightest bit hypocritical and would resort to taking the easiest path out of a matter. As long as it’s useful, he does not care the slightest as long there’s not too much moral pressure.

The Demon Star said, “I suggest you complete the third step of enlightenment according to your own talent.”

“Why?” Lanling asked.

The Demon Star said, “I can act and lend you with a powerful energy, but one little bit I can not complete for you, is your Spiritual Power. So, you need to cultivate your own Spiritual Power.

Spiritual Power is the core of martial arts. It had such a status because you need to use the Spirit in order to manipulate and control Dragon Force. With the Spirit controlling the Dragon Force, he can instantly command the Demon Star’s energy to completely attack anything with the utilization rate almost one hundred percent. That’s why Spiritual Power is very important, if not the most important.

Lanling thought out his own reason and said, “If I do not need to use Spiritual Power to control Dragon Force since you can do it, why should I cultivate my Spiritual Power at all.”

The Demon Star said, “Spiritual Power is not just able to control the Dragon Force, it can also bind the enemy, and perceive the immediate surroundings, so you need to have a strong Spiritual Power. In the highest level of fighting, it will mainly be a battle of Spiritual Power.”

Lanling could not help but be stunned, he had already attached a very high value on the usage Spiritual Power, but he still underestimated its importance and significance, no wonder Spiritual Power is the absolute core of martial arts.

“So how is my Spiritual Talent?” Lanling asked.

Demon Star said, “If the fullest value of Spiritual Talent is one hundred, then yours would be around 70 percent.”

Lanling said, “Is this value high?”

“A bit high, it is one in a thousand.” Demon star said, “But… is not among the top of the world.”

Lanling suddenly became somewhat disappointed. After all, Spiritual Power was just too important and he only has seventy-five.

Not one in thousands was very amazing, but he’s now in the surroundings that needs him to attain beyond millions of people, even higher.

The Demon Star said, “Master does not need to be downfallen, not only can I swallow a blood’s Dragon Force, but I can also devour their Spiritual Power. Therefore, as long as you desired it, as long as there is enough prey to kill, you can have an extremely powerful Spiritual Power, even more than the Great Saints of the Divine Dragon Temple.”

Lanling smacked his lips in disapproval, this Demon Star that goes against the heaven’s will, not only can swallow the Dragon Force, but also can devour the Spiritual Power. He suspected that this Demon Star is a black hole itself.

Lanling could not help but ask, “What kind of prey got the highest Spiritual Power?”

Demon star said, “Of course it will be a Spiritual Master type of humans, especially those Warlocks.”

Lanling could not help but think of the person who altered his face, that Nine Spirit Alchemist, and then his whole body burst into chills and shook his head.

Killing in order to devour their Spirit Power? Too evil, just pure evil.

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