Chapter 23: A Bunch of Ex-Girlfriends in Class

Chapter 23: A Bunch of Ex-Girlfriends in Class

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World Destroying Demonic Emperor: Chapter 23

Next, Lanling did not use the Demon Star to cheat once again, but painstakingly took great pains to use his own Spiritual Power to complete the Third Step of Enlightenment, Dragon Force Control.

Sure enough, it was very hard, so hard, absolutely hard………

Because the instant he released his energy, it was completely chaotic, in a complete mess, inextricably linked, and were fleeing in a flash.

First time, second time, third time…..

Because energy from its release up to its dissipation was just too fast, Lanling’s Spirit simply can not seize them up, he accomplished nothing, empty handed.

Half an hour, an hour, two hours passed by.

He does not know how many times he tried already, perhaps a hundred times or perhaps a hundred and one times.

“Release……..”The moment the Demon Star released a flash of energy, Lanling’s Spiritual Power immediately snapped at them.

In the end, instead of getting nothing, he was able to capture a wisp of the energy, although it was only less than one percent.

However, this was a great breakthrough. Before, even after a hundred times, he was empty handed. It really made his scalp go somewhat numb.

The Demon Star also breathed a sigh of relief, if it could. Its energy now have become very, very weak. The amount of energy it released was very small since it is not used to save the body from extreme pain. However, the release of energy a hundred times was not a small consumption, almost all the Demon Star’s energy was really consumed, not much was left anymore.

After a moment, Lanling asked, “According to such speed, how long will I take to accomplish the Third Step of Enlightenment?”

“You will take a month.” The Demon Star said, “A month of time.”

Lanling said, “What if I use my consciousness to control it?”

“It will take just an instant.” The Demon Star said.

Lanling tried it and with his consciousness controlled the Demon Star’s Power (instead of his spiritual power).

“Sou…….” The moment the Demon Star’s Power was just released out, it was all instantaneously captured and seized, and moreover did not leak out in the slightest. He consciously directly controlled it and moved it to his Lower Dantian, revolved it throughout his body, and finally returned it back to his heart’s position.

This Demon Star was just too heaven defying.

It normally takes a full month, but because he had its existence, he just need a single moment.

At this point, Ye Jing Yu’s voice sounded in his ear, “Good, that’s all for today.”

Lanling opened his eyes and found out that the outside was already dark.

Time ran too fast, it was obviously just a moment, but unexpectedly, over half day already passed.

After opening his eyes, Lanling felt extremely fatigued, he can not wait to lie on the ground and fall asleep.

“How did it go?” Ye Jing Yu asked.

Lanling said, “I have just succeeded in my first try in using my Spirit to seize the Dragon Force, save only it is still less than one percent. You woke me up.”

After that, he clearly saw Ye Jing Yu gave a long sigh of relief.

He does not know why, but this mere result secretly gave Ye Jing Yu much delight. At the first step of enlightenment and the second step of enlightenment, Lanling only spent half a day to complete them all, which really frightened him.

Other extraordinary, extreme geniuses all needs half a month or full month. Lanling only needs half a day! He simply is not a genius at all, but is a monstrous genius, an abnormal kind of genius.

Possessing this kind of a monstrous talent, Ye Jing Yu was not surprised, but was a bit uneasy and faintly feared.

This time Lanling used half a day and finished capturing a bit Dragon Force in his first time. It made her sigh of relief, after all, Lanling is still a normal human being.

“How is my performance?” Lanling asked.

“Very good, one in a thousand .” Ye Jing Yu said, “Alright, let’s go eat.”

On the table, elder sister Suo Ningbing kept on warning Lanling over and over again. Suo Lun got a lot of popularity at school because he had took the virginity and chastity of too many girls and were abandoned by Suo Lun, he have stolen the girlfriends of other people too, so he had to be careful in the classroom.

Lanling in his heart secretly cursed Suo Lun this son of a bitch. On tomorrow’s classroom, he could not help but somewhat hide in his clothes, hopefully there won’t be any abandoned girlfriends who would rush up.

The next morning, Ye Jing Yu escorted Lanling to the Royal City Academy.

If they want to enter the Aristocratic Branch, they must first pass through the central axis of the Common Academy. Lanling came early today and encountered a lot of aristocratic children when he was going to school. He saw hundreds of gorgeous carriages swaggered itself across the city, all with different kinds of clan emblems printed on top of it.

During this time, the Common Academy does not allow any civilian children to pass through this central avenue. When these aristocratic children’s carriages passes, the civilian children can only stand by the roadside and wait for these carriages to pass through.

Lanling can clearly see the rage of being humiliated within these civilian children’s eyes. The aristocratic children not only refused to give them face, but burst out in laughter, deliberately making the coachman to go slowly,

Their hatred wanted them to skin these aristocrats alive, and every day, their hatred for them grew deeper and deeper. In this way, civilian children and aristocratic children, I’m afraid these two cannot exist together, their hate and loathing towards each other are irreconcilable.

These civilian children were also worthy. The Royal City Academy’s civilian students can all be the kingdom’s elite, and in the future can enter the Kingdom’s civil and military positions, capable to grasp and master the Kingdom’s power. Once they get power, are there any good fruits to eat of the nobility?

Lanling had read information that before, a lot of civilian elites served under the aristocrats. Now, in recent decades, more and more elite civilian, one after another, have joined in the Royal Family even if they will be given a low position in the Royal Family, even if the salary is low.

Now, not only in the military, but even in various counties, even in the government there are elite civilian figures. The Royal Family made the civilian elites replace the aristocrats and initial success can already be seen.

Once the royal family has made a complete revolution of the ruling class, the end of traditional aristocracy will come. For these things, Lanling as an outsider will discover in a glance why these aristocratic immersed themselves in deliberately humiliating these common children just for fun.


After entering the Aristocratic Academy, Ye Jing Yu took Lanling to his classroom.

Ye Jing Yu was just too beautiful and alluring, especially her explosively hot, matchless erotic body, therefore she attracted the numerous presumptuous gaze of aristocratic children. She even drooped her head and cursed for being a bouquet of flowers stuck into a raw pile of cow’s dung.

After entering the classroom, Lanling was surprised to find out that, this room’s layout was of not much big difference to the universities of earth. The lecture hall was in multi steps, there were also blackboards, there were also chalks. Of course to say the differences, it should be the gorgeous and exquisite tables and chairs within this classroom.

Of course, this is not by accident nor chance. Obviously, the one who also passed through from earth, His Majesty the Dragon Emperor, this was his handiwork. Not just the classroom’s layout, even the entire education system, all are very similar to the universities on earth. He directly crossed over through the imperial civil service examination system and directly adopted a higher system of learning for the Academy, to cultivate and train numerous elites and professionals. Of course, the so called professionals were the civil, military, art, and political talents.

His Majesty the Dragon Emperor on earth should be a liberal arts student. Because of this, they also rarely dipped themselves into science. The Royal City Academy basically does not have any disciplines related to science at all.

With the arrival of class time, aristocratic students continued to enter into the classroom.

At this time, Lanling completely felt the sore popularity of Suo Lun. When the boys came in, they basically just disregarded him, or either looked at him in disdain and contempt.

After the girls came in, they avoided him as if he was a snake or scorpion. Occasionally, several girls will look at him with ice-cold eyes full of hostility. It is obvious that these were the women that Suo Lun had abandoned after having sexual relations with.

So during the class, it is of no wonder spectacles would appear. The huge classroom was brimming full, and Lanling saw only around five chairs that he may seat. The whole classroom, whether man or woman was pushing beside him.

After a moment, the mentor came in.

He looked like a very refined middle aged man. The robe the teacher was wearing was very meticulous, and each hair was combed very nicely. However, he looks older and already got a lot of white hairs.

This is Suo Lun’s Political Policy mentor Xiu Yan. He is of civilian blood, but has already accomplished this high. Outside being a mentor within within the Royal City Academy, he was also Kingdom’s Government National Policy Adviser.

After he came to the podium and seeing Lanling for the first time, he can not help but slightly be stunned. Suo Lun this playboy, prodigal son had not come to class for such a long time.

“There are still one hundred thirty nine days until you end your six year learning career.”Mentor Xiu Yan said, ‘Of course, the graduation exam for you is just a small checkpoint. Unlike the Common Academy, the graduation exam for them is like the Gate of Hell or the Golden Door, and can completely change their fate.”

Then Mentor Xiu Yan eyes fell on Lanling’s body, “Of course, this time’s graduation examination also determines the fate of a person present in here. Suo Lun, you know that I am talking about you. Once you do not pass the graduation exams, it will mean losing your family’s 200 years of foundation. I hope now you will reflect and regret on the debauch things that you did in the last six years.”

The other aristocratic students laughed out aloud, rejoicing in delight for his misfortune.

Lanling suddenly coldly said, “What are you all laughing? It’s my Suo Clan’s turn today, tomorrow it will not necessarily be your family’s turn anymore.”

Hearing this, the appearance of the people on the spot immediately changed, even teacher Xiu Yan’s eyes became surprised.

Then some people strangely said,”Our Clan, had no such waste like you. An ignorant, incompetent fool, having the power of a headless chicken.”

“It seems all of Suo Lun’s strength just concentrated to the dangling thing three inches below his belly botton.” Someone suddenly ridiculed.

Lanling coldly said, “Oh, how do you know? Have you tasted my dangling thing? Or have your family’s women tasted it?”

The classroom suddenly burst out into laughter, the man who was counterattacked by him, suddenly became flushed with anger.

And many girls shut their ears and tried not to listen. A few girls tried to suppress it, but the deep blush on their faces up to their eyes can not conceal the fact…….that they themselves have already tasted it. Because almost all the beautiful women in the class, Suo Lun had already ejaculated off to.

But some people’s heart was secretly surprised. They already knew that Suo Lun had a first class ability to pick up girls, but he was also somewhat laid back. When he was attacked by a group of boys, he only bowed down as if he did not hear anything and just let the others ridicule and mock him. They did not expect that Suo Lun now was so intense and ferocious.

In fact on earth, Lanling was such a person. Because he was an orphan since childhood, he was often teased and bullied. Despite his inner kindness, sometimes, grievances must be compensated. If others cursed at him, he must also curse back. If others beat him, he had to fight back.

At this point, there was a man who shouted, “Suo Lun, your fiancee asked me to hand this letter to you.”

All the boy present became filled with infinite jealousy and utter hate.

For Suo Lun’s fiancee, Gui Qinshao, is the Royal City Academy’s queen beauty belle. Although she had already graduated, but her admirers were still everywhere in the Academy.

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