Chapter 24: Rude and Unreasonable Fiancee, Mesmerizing Classroom

Chapter 24: Rude and Unreasonable Fiancee, Mesmerizing Classroom

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World Destroying Demonic Emperor: Chapter 24

Lanling quickly received the letter from his mysterious fiancee.

He opened it and took a look, the writing of the letter inside was beautiful and incisive, it was like a sword that would pierce the one who reads it.

There were only a few simple questions written on the paper, “Suo Lun. if you dare use my name and claim that I am your woman, I WILL KILL YOU!”

Lanling trembled, the contents of this letter, its aggressiveness soared to the sky.

Suddenly, Lanling could not help but be filled with anticipation and curiosity with this cheap fiancee of his.

At this point, Mentor Xiu Yan said, “Ok, now let’s begin our class. Today’s assignment as before, is an assay on contemporary politics, the topic is,  What makes is our Raging Wave Kingdom’s foundation powerful?

Hearing this, everyone’s eyes shined brightly, this topic was said to be rotten.

Mentor Xiu Yan said, “For centuries, many kingdoms, either one or the other, had declined, decayed, even destroyed, or their progress stalled and became stagnated. Why is our Raging Wave Kingdom only getting stronger and stronger, and why do we never see signs of decay?”

Suddenly, a fair, delicate youth raised his hand high.

“Zhi Min, you are a member of the Royal Family, what do you have to say?” Mentor Xiu Yan said.

“There is no doubt in this. It is the Raging Wave Kingdom’s Warrior System.” Zhi Min said, “The Royal City Academy unceasingly kept on shipping in warriors that are both skilled in both pen and sword that were continually supported by the Kingdom’s ruling class. When the fundamental plate of a nation is stable, it will only amass power, tremendous power.”

Mentor Xiu Yan did not make any comments, and directly moved to the next one, “Duo Luo, you are a future marquis. What would you say of the power of our Raging Wave Kingdom’s foundation? Where does it come from?”

The fat Duo Luo got up and said, “Of course, it is because of the wisdom of our Kings from the preceding generations until now. A nation can become so powerful entirely because of its supreme leader. He is forever our light, our direction in moving forwards to supremedom.”

Hearing his answer, the many people present all laughed out aloud. To think that this youth’s flattery was such undisguised.

However, Lanling felt that this Duo Luo in front of his eyes, though having a face like a pig, his heart was loud and clear, he was definitely a wise person.

Next, Mentor Xiu Yan asked another student…….

All kinds of answers were given, but it basically did not really split from the previous answers. The answers were nothing more than the King is wise, the superiority of the warrior system, the aristocratic class is so outstanding, the continuous supply of elite talents from the Royal City Academy, and so on.

And after listening to all of them, Mentor Xiu Yan never made his opinions aloud, but a slight frown can be seen in his brows. You can see the disappointment in his eyes.

Finally, he shouted, “Suo Lun, what do you think of the power of our Raging Wave Kingdom’s foundation? Over the past centuries, other nations have their own warrior systems, they got great academies, they got wise kings, yet why is our Raging Wave Kingdom alone constantly becoming powerful and is rapidly progressing forward?”

Lanling got up and yet his heart suddenly began to falter. He should be laying low during this time.

From an early age, he got a gentle appearance, but he was a sharp man within.

He stood up, and suddenly everyone’s eyes fell on his body. They wanted to know what this dumb idiot’s opinions are.

“It’s simple, because the reason…. Is….political….governance…..” Lanling uttered out a new term.

Suddenly, Mentor Xiu Yan’s eyes brightened up, “Suo Lun, continue.”

Lanling said, “The Raging Wave Kingdom is bordered by the Yan Empire to the north and the thousands of miles of Barbaric Tribes to the south.. This is only the particular reason why the Raging Wave Kingdom is continuously a formidable nation rooted to the ground.

When these words came out, someone suddenly scoffed at him, “It’s funny, the Yan Empire to the north is the entire world’s overlord, the Barbaric Tribes to the south are the most savage places. It is obvious that we are in a dangerous location, and yet you are saying this to be the powerful foundation of our nation?”

Lanling said, “Many people will die because of war, neglecting a battle will be dangerous. Born in hardship, die in peace. Because of the geographical location of the Raging Wave Kingdom is perilous, therefore the rulers of the past were always on guard and alert, and never dared to slack in the slightest way possible. In order to survive against the Barbarians soldiers from the south, the Raging Wave Kingdom constantly made itself become even more powerful. What will make a person become stronger? Of course it will be your enemy. Even if it is a wild beast, if there are no natural enemies and food is readily available everywhere, then its claws will become dull and its fangs will deteriorate and degenerate. The beast is like this and so is a nation.”

Hearing this speech, the scene immediately became hushed down.

Mentor Xiu Yan’s eyes flashed with awe and appreciation, said, “Have you finished? Do you have anymore to say?”

He did not look forward for Lanling to expound his answer to such a deep layer of knowledge. After all, it is not easy to be able to see such a deep layered answer.

Lanling said, “There is still a matter of deeper layer.”

“Speak,” Mentor Xiu Yan was full of expectations.

Lanling said, “Because of our special geographical location, the Raging Wave Kingdom’s strategic direction has always been the same for over a hundred years.

Mentor Xiu Yan brightened and said, “Say something specific.”

Lanling said, “To the north of the Raging Wave Kingdom is the Yan Empire, recognized as the world’s overlord. Until it becomes completely weak or before the Raging Wave Kingdom is strong enough, it is impossible to crusade against the Yan Empire. To the east of us is the vast sea, to the west side is the thousands of miles of desert. Therefore, that leaves Raging Waving Kingdom with one path of strategy: that is to consistantly head a conquest expedition to the southern barbarian tribes, plunder their land and make it the Kingdom’s territory. For a nation, the most terrible thing is not a stupid king, but a lack of a clear strategic direction or path.”

At this point, Mentor Xiu Yan”s eyes was full of amazement, trembling in excitement, he said, “Go on.”

Lanling continued to say, “As everyone knows, the King of a nation lasts a lot of years per generation. Each generation of kings, have their own ideas. This generation of kings want to go westward, the next generation of kings wants to go eastward. Because of this, the chaos in their lack a strategic direction will result to a huge waste of strategic resources, and the efforts before will come to naught. There is only one direction for the Raging Wave Kingdom that each generation of king must fight for and strive for. The barbarians are very dangerous enemies, But a hundred days of effort, going a military expedition against the savages is the most difficult means of expansion. But the efforts of the past hundred years, it’s enough to make it more and more easier. More than a hundred years ago, Raging Wave Kingdom got only two provinces, and now there are six provinces, more territory are emerging out, thus we must entirely go against the barbarians and enlist them. This fact alone is enough to prove my theory.”

This is not only applicable in this world, but the same is true on earth. A nation is most afraid when their path is wrong or when their path is in confusion.

At this point, Mentor Xiu Yan was filled with incomparable praise and admiration.

He did not expect that Suo Lun, this idiotic wastrel son to have this kind of insight. It was completely unexpected.

So he continued, “So, in your opinion, what is the next Raging Wave Kingdom’s strategic direction and where?”

Lanling’s heart came a burst of bitterness and said, “The next words, I am not fit to say it yet.”

This sentence directly struck the heart of Mentor Xiu Yan.

Does Suo Lun, this prodigal son, does he really have that wisdom?

Hearing Lanling ‘s sentence, the many people present did not understand it, but Mentor Xiu Yan instantly understood it.

Because as of now, the pace of the conquest to the southern barbarian tribes had been stopped for more than ten years.

Why? Because the conquest of the uncivilized territory had entered a bottleneck. They were blocked in front by hundred of thousands of huge mountains, blocking them just like a natural moat. The Kingdom’s Army had difficulties proceeding deeper forward. With one hundred thousand mountains blocking them, they obviously can no longer continue their conquest expansion to the south.

Now, this hundred thousand of mountains was like a barrier from the heavens that spanned between the Raging Wave Kingdom and the barbaric, savage tribes of the south.

And the only way to pass through these hundred thousand mountain barrier is a valley a few miles wide.

This valley is called the Brutal Canyon. An army can smoothly pass through this canyon into the savage plains.

However, the northern side of the canyon does not belong to the royal family, but this territory belongs to the vassal Suo Family.

Suo Family, Tianshui City, happens to be blocking the path of the Raging Wave Kingdom and the Brutal Canyon!

If they want to continue to conquer the savages, they must first win the Brutal Canyon. And before they can take the Brutal canyon, they must first seize over Tianshui City!

Therefore, Prince Zhi Li will deliberately scheme to forcibly seize Tianshui City because his strategic direction involves using Brutal Canyon as a breakthrough point into the Barbaric Plains and proceed their southward expansion.

Xiu Yan mentor was stunned, Suo Lun this prodigal son can actually see so far off, so clear and distinct.

Mentor Xiu Yan said, “Suo Lun, what do you feel should be the new strategic breakthrough point of our Kingdom? Our Kingdom’s southward expansion had already encountered a bottleneck. If you would give a feasible strategic breakthrough point, I can take your opinions to His Majesty the King himself.”

Lanling’s heart burst out in excitement, he is full of respect to Mentor Xiu Yan.

Prince Zhi Li will use Tianshui City as a breakthrough point into the savage land, and King Zhi Bian did not give any opinions. If Lanling put forward a new direction, the two strategic point of views between the Royal Family and the cabinet will form a contradiction. With this, keeping Tianshui City will still be possible.

He took a deep breath and said, “First of all, I don’t think Tianshui City should be used as a breakthrough point, because the aristocratic feudal system is still being used as the Raging Wave Kingdom’s national policy. Once they will start with my Tianshui City, it is bound to create a great turbulence in the whole kingdom.”

Xiu Yan said, “Of course, but the kingdom must have a breakthrough point to continue our southward expansion.”

Lanling said, “Developing the navy and directly attack the savage hinterlands from the sea. Attacking the barbarians from land is not the only option available.

At this point, the whole classroom was already wrapped in silence. The degree of this topic was too high, therefore many students can not just intervene.

The idea he gave was really unheard of, but it made the people’s eyes brightened.

Mentor XIu Yan’s heart suddenly trembled, he expected that Suo Lun’s idea of a strategic point of breakthrough to the south would be by crossing the desert, and attack the Xi Liang Kingdom. He never expected that he would start out by developing the navy, bypass the hundred thousands of mountains by sea, and attack the continent of the barbaric hinterlands.

Although he does not know whether this idea was feasible, but it was really very innovative, and moreover a view filled with heaviness.

Xiu Yan said, “The principle ‘Don’t judge people by appearance.’ is really true. Although I can not give any comments to your point of view, but I can convey your opinions to the His Majesty the King and the Cabinet. I believe Duke Zhi Ting, would very much be in need of your point of view.

From this sentence, Lanling learned a lot of information.

After Duke Zhi Ting received their bribe, he really worked very hard for the Suo Family and directly oppose and confronted the Prince Zhi Li.

However, once Prince Zhi Li put forward his strategic direction (using Tianshui City as the breakthrough point), Duke Zhi Ting will lack the same level of strategic path in order to refute him. He can not stop the Raging Wave Kingdom from expanding, so Duke Zhi Ting is now on passive straits..

After Lanling presented his view, at least Duke Zhi Ting will have a direction to argue with.

“Many thanks Mentor Xiu Yan.” Lanling bowed deeply towards him.

At this point, the bell sounded which marked the end of the class.

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  3. The whole thing with needing to take over Tianshui city just doesn’t make sense. Its not like they’re an independent city-state, the city is a part of the kingdom even if it isn’t directly controlled by the royal family.

    In other words, there is no threat that would be posed from sending an army past the city into the valley. Instead, they could still use the city as a headquarters and staging for the expedition even if the Suo clan retains immediate control of the city, as they are still entirely subordinate to the royal family and the kingdom

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