Chapter 25: Archery Class

Chapter 25: Archery Class

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World Destroying Demonic Emperor: Chapter 25

Even after Mentor Xiu Yan left, many aristocratic children looked at Suo Lun (Lanling) in surprise and wonder.

Before, Suo Lun was a completely ignorant and incompetent wastrel. He deemed the political comment class as just too boring, therefore Suo Lun can usually be seen leaning on the desk fast asleep. They did not expect, that today’s classroom utterly became the stage of Suo Lun’s outstanding performance.

Suo Lun was total incompetent and a blockhead before. How did he suddenly became this smart and intelligent? Is he just pretending before,or did the death of Count Suo Long really brought a tremendous transformation in his life?”

At this time, Zhi Min sneered, “Suo Lun, your sister is indeed worthy to be a famous, talented woman. You must have hurt your back from studying.”

Hearing this sentence, some people suddenly realized. This couldn’t be the opinion that could come from Suo Lun. Thus, it should have been the idea and point of view of the Tianshui Fairy, Suo Ningbing. Suo Lun should have borrowed the words that came out of his mouth from her.

Thinking In this way, everything became totally justified.

Lanling faintly smiled and did not say anything. But said in his heart, “If the Royal Family’s children are a waste just like Zhi Min, it makes me at ease.”

“Oh, did my words hit the guilt on your heart?” Zhi Min proudly sneered. Then he came down and whispered, “Suo Lun, there is no one who can save your family, it is even an impossible task for Duke Zhi Ting. You can just wait for its destruction. At least in the Martial arts examination, you can not pass it, making you unable to inherit the title.”

The following class, as if to verify Zhi Min’s words, is the path of martial arts.


For the Martial Arts Subject, Suo Lun chose archery. More than a hundred days later, there will also be the final examination.

And so, if Lanling wanted to get through the graduation examination, he must pass Archery.. Yet even if he want to pass the examination, the bigger question would be the result.

A hundred and eighty pound bow, fixed targets, ninety meters away. Twelve arrows must hit it out of twenty arrows. Moving targets, fifty meters away, five arrows must hit out of ten arrows.

On earth, whether ancient or modern times, the only person who can achieve this feat is completely on the level of an elite archer.

Especially a hundred eighty pound bow, placed in ancient china, you need to have the strength of a very strong general in order to just draw and use the bow.

And in this world’s Royal City Academy graduation examination, it’s just merely the starting line. Of course, this is very normal. After all, the Royal City Academy harbors almost all of the Kingdom’s elites. And, the human beings in this world also possessed the Dragon Force’s additional power.

But for Lanling, this is but a completely impossible task to accomplish.

First of all, the strength limit within both of his hands only amounts to around one hundred pounds. That is to say, he can draw at most a normal fifty pound bow. For a one hundred and eighty pound bow, he can not even draw it the slightest, let alone shoot an arrow with it.

So to say it normally, it is completely impossible for Lanling to pass the archery examinatino this year, its level of difficulty is like hell.

That being the case, can he not alter the subject, for instance swordsmanship and so on?

Of course he can, but the difficulty of any other martial arts subjects are even more difficult than the archery techniques. This is already the easiest, with the competition being the weakest one.

Because the person’s Dragon Blood talent needs to be high, most are not willing to become an archer. Compared to the swordsman, knight and so on, there is almost no promising future for an archer.

During the Archery Class, Lanling discovered, there were a lot less people present. The class that finished a moment ago which taught about current political affairs, there were a hundred students, thus it was a large class. But now, there were only sixteen people in the Archery Class, nine of whom were women.

Now, Lanling was certain the reason why Suo Lun chose the Archery Subject. It was precisely to fool around with his girl classmates.

Soon the instructor of the Archery Class appeared.

The archery instructor was moreover a woman called Li Nianzhen. Her appearance wasn’t really that beautiful, but her curves and character were definitely well defined. The woman kept her hair short, but her vigorous and graceful body was very hot. A full one meter eight tall, she was a sturdy, powerful archer, and appeared to be very heroic and valiant.

The Archery Class took place on a very wide lawn, there were all kinds of bow, and targets were spread all over the area.

The moment Li Nianzhen saw Suo Lun (Lanling), she was first stunned and then she wrinkled her brow for she hated Suo Lun very much. Because he simply attended for the sake of fooling around with the girls, she felt that this prodigal son completely tarnished the Archery Class.

The thing most intolerable was, Suo Lun was purposely finding new girls to victimize. He also even ejaculate with Li Nianzhen. Yes, he not only chased after the stunningly beautiful Ni Ya, but even Li Nianzhen, this very neutral looking woman he did not let go. It seemed he really got some sexual addictions to teachers ah.

The most hateful thing about that, among the nine aristocratic girls in the Archery Class, Suo Lun had already ejaculated the three, and if he is not jerking off the girls, he can be found sleeping.

This bastard merely relies on his handsome looks and his thick skinned sweet mouth to stir up a mess on her class every time. Every time girls in her class would break down due to being the heartbroken, the chief culprit without any doubt would be the pretty boy Suo Lun.

Because she was constantly harassed by Suo Lun, her heart almost surrendered to him. The result was a brief sexual adventure with Suo Lun, and her heart suffered after he became exhausted and left her. So, Li Nianzhen can not wait to tear this handsome pretty boy to pieces.

Now, a few years later, these group of girls in the Archery Class had already fully seen Suo Lun through.

Now, the girls were completely hidden far away, as if they will all become pregnant with one of his glance. Three girls got regret printed on their eyes, for they were the girls who got fooled and had sex with the bastard.

Li NIanzhen’s eyes automatically filtered out Suo Lun and said, “There are only a hundred days more till the final examination, we taught you a lot, and your studies are nearly finished. From now on, you had to prepare. Every subject would carry out actual combat training. Everyone take out your bows, and begin training.

Every student, one by one took out their own bows.

Lanling for a moment, did not find his own bow.

“Suo Lun, you do not have to train. You can not even draw a fifty pound bow. You are already doomed and there is no hope for you to pass the final test.” Li Nianzhen said.

Hearing this sentence, other students laughed out aloud in ridicule.

Lanling ignored then and finally found the lightest bow, marked at around sixty pounds. Inside the Royal City Academy, there was no other lighter bow than this. Moreover, it is just only one third of the strength of the bow to be used in the examination.

Wearing protective covering in his fingers, Lanling tried to draw the bow.

The result was what he expected, it was very hard. Although his can barely carry a hundred pound rock, but pulling back bowstring was a completely different concept of its own.

He can barely pull the string backwards. Even though he really exerted his strength to the fullest, he still can not draw it to the fullest and only ended up straining his muscles.

Even a fool knows that before pulling a bow, you must first massage your arm’s muscle and tendons.

Suddenly, the sixteen students present began to separate into groups of two. They respectively began to massage each other’s muscles and tendons to relax it.

Soon, an awkward, embarrassing scene appeared between the seven male students and the nine female students present.

Aside from Lanling, the other six male students quickly separated in groups of two people, which added up into three groups. Eight of the nine female students, also made up of four groups.

Lanling was left, and there was also a girl who was left down. However, she was avoided like a snake and scorpion. She kept playing with her fingers but glanced backwards on Lanling. as if Lanling will anytime reincarnate and madly rush towards her.

“Instructor,….” She came forward and looked pitifully towards Li Nianzhen.

Then, teacher Li Nianzhen personally stretched the girl’s muscles in order to relax it, and thus Lanling was the sole person only left. But he himself did an interrelated exercise.

After finishing the exercises, a dozen students one after the other began actual shooting training.

Lanling was surprised to find out, that these people can actually easily hit those ninety meters fixed target with a 70 to 80 percent hit rate. The only difference is, some people can shoot ten arrows in a breath, while some people can only shot out three to five arrows.

After Lanling did some exercise, he took out an arrow and began to draw the sixty pound bow once again.

He took a deep breath and suddenly exerted his strength. He then aimed at a fixed target fifty meters away.

The sixty pound bow was already his limit. It was too difficult to maintain it once after it was drawn. Thus, his arm quickly reached its limits, it began to tremble, and he can not be able to support it any longer.

At this time, the Demon Star within his body released out energy which relieved the pain on Lanling’s arms.

Lanling finished aiming and released the bowstring.

“Shou…..” The arrow shot out.

Then, everyone came crushing down with jeers of laughters. Because not only his arrow did not hit the target, but it completely missed the target by three whole meters. The target was only fifty meters away, not only did he miss, the arrow also fell down even before it got near. It was clearly lacking in strength.

It was strange, he obviously had aimed it precisely, yet why was it so outrageously off target.

Lanling does not believe in bad luck. He took another arrow, pulled back the bow, aimed, and shoot.


The sounds of laughter issued out once again, this time, it was only off target by one meter.

Next, Lanling shot his third arrow. The result was that it was off target by five meters, it was even worse than the first time.

The moment when Lanling wanted to shoot the fourth arrow, he found out that there was no strength left in his arm. He can not even draw the bow open no matter how hard he tried.

This was merely a sixty pound bow! And the bow to be used in the graduation exam is but one hundred and eighty pounds.

If he want to pass the examination, Lanling needs to first increase his own strength. At the least, he must be able to draw a hundred eighty pound bow.

Second, he needs to enhance his spiritual power so he can fully aim precisely. For a target more than a hundred meters away, relying the eyes alone will truly be impossible. Thus he needs to rely on his spiritual power.

“Suo Lun you do not have to practice, go back and rest.” Li Nianzhen said, “You still can not pass the examination, just give up.”

Lanling took a deep breath, closed his eyes, and asked through his consciousness, “Demon Star, can I increase my arm strength to two hundred pounds in about a hundred days? And is it possible for me to increase my spiritual power to the point where I can lock into a target one hundred meters away?”

The Demon Star said, “Yes, but you need to have the sense of urgency. To say about other people, even if their Dragon Blood talent is high, they would still need two to three years.”

Lanling continued to ask, “In more than a hundred days, can I enhance my Archery to First Level Archer?”,

The Demon Star said , “You can, as long as you hunt enough prey and swallow enough of their energy. Others need a few years, but a hundred days would be enough for you.”

“I understand.” Lanling said.

Next, he needs to practice actual combat drills in order to enhance his own strength and spiritual power.

As for Duke Zhi Ting, they still got hope, but he cannot be depended as a life saving straw.

The best way is still to pass through the graduation exam, then smoothly inherit the nobility title.

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