Chapter 3: Unseparated, Her Request

Chapter 3: Unseparated, Her Request

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World Destroying Demonic Emperor: Chapter 3

Though the surrounding area was empty, the female warriors looked alert. Their eyes were scanning from one side to the other. Their scimitars were unsheathed. They were like leopards, ready to pounce and react on any danger.

The warriors were protecting a large carriage dragged by two horses, though it was not magnificent and luxurious, .

The horses sprinted on the road and was getting closer and closer to the dying Lanling. The sky was already dark black. The vision that the eyes can reach was very limited. If they accidentally ran over Lanling, he would undoubtedly die.

Thirty meters, twenty meters, ten meters, five meters…

Lanling was soon to be trampled by the horses.

“Younger sister, someone is on the road!!”

Although the sky was dead black, the black leathered girl still found Lanling lying on the road. The driver was alerted and pulled back the reins sharply, halting the rushing horses.

With the sharp buckle of the reins, the two front hooves of the horse were hoised high.

She managed to stop the horses, but the carriage behind still rushed forward because of inertia. But with a hand, she blocked it and prevented it from lurching out.

One would not expect that this charming body could possess such terrifying strength.

“Sister, hold the carriage, don’t move,” The lady in black ordered. She jumped off her horse, took out her weapon, and headed to Lanling.

“Sister be careful,” They were really identical sisters. The other sister also took out her weapon while holding the reins.

They valued the carriage so much. What was inside was a mystery.

The black clothed female walked to the front of Lanling, she placed her scimitar at his neck, and then listened to his breath. She saw his hair and beard scattered around his face like a sack. This gave him a barbarian look. She frowned and said, “It’s just a dying savage,I’ll just kill him and put him out of his misery.”

She raised her scimitar and directly slashed it down towards Lanling’s neck.

“Sister please don’t,” The younger sister hurriedly jumped down. “To save a person’s life is better than building a seven story pagoda.”

The female in black said, “These barbarians eat people’s flesh and drink their blood. They need to be killed.”

The younger sister went near to Lanling, “But what if he is not a barbarian at all? We can save him first. Maybe he can speak our language? Maybe he is not a killer at all?”

Having said that, she gently propped Lanling up. She revolutionized her Dragon Force and ran it up to clear the blood that accumulate on his chest. She then took a pill and put it into his mouth along with a mouthful of water.


After an unknown amount of time passed, Lanling drowsily woke up .

He viewed his surroundings and deduced that he was in a carriage. What also greeted him was two identical gorgeous faces. One had a sharp, cold look while the other one had an innocent, lovely face.

They were not wearing the same clothes. One wore a black leather suit while the other wore red. Their figures were exactly the same however, such a hot body. Even on earth, Lanling rarely saw such a devilish body. Strong slender legs, enormous mountain peaks, waist like a snake, and an amazingly shaped butt. Body figures that can make people not look straight ahead.

Seeing Lanling to be awake, the girl in black suddenly unsheathed her scimitar and rested them on his neck, “Speak.”

“Go and talk. As long as you can speak our language, it would mean that you are not a barbarian, and so my sister won’t kill you.” The red-clothed girl said worriedly.

Naturally, Lanling was certain of his death. Since he came from earth, he knew nothing of this world’s language.

However, every word of their so-called dialect that came out from the girl’s mouth, was unexpectedly exactly like Chinese. Although the accent was a bit odd, but Lanling can understand it word by word.

This is wierd! This is a different world. A world with two moons, flying griffins, unicorns, different colors, this is a world not related to earth at all.

But this lady here was speaking in Chinese, what is going on? Is it just a coincidence?

“He really is a barbarian, now die.” The black clothed lady roared and slashed her weapon down.

“Stop it, I am not a barbarian.” Lanling hurriedly said.

The girl’s sword suddenly stopped midway, she looked astonished at Lanling.

“Elder sister, I told you that he is not a barbarian. His language is the same as us.” The red clothed girl said.

The elder sister, “Speak a few more words.”

“Sister, didn’t we already prove that he is not a savage?.” The younger sister said.

“I am not a barbarian. Who are you?” Lanling asked.

Hearing this, the red-clothed girl was also astonished, “Sister, he do speak like us, but the way he talks, sounds a bit…….a bit weird.”

“You’re right.” The breathing of the black clothed girl became rapid, then she raised her sword and swept it like a lightning towards him.

Lanling felt the sensation of cold steel on his face, and suddenly his long beard and the hair that covered his face fell off, revealing a smooth, clean, well shaped face.

At this point, the two female sisters were completely shocked, they can’t believe Lanling’s face.

“Not only he sounds like a noble, but even his looks are just like the Young Master.” The younger sister said.

“This, is this a divine intervention? Does god really want to save my Suo Clan?” The black clothed female warrior said with a trembling voice.

“What do you mean.?” Lanling asked.

She did not speak but instead pointed to the side of Lanling.

Lanling looked at his side and to his horror found out that there was a coffin lying beside him. The two sisters were apparently escorting this coffin!

“We are from the Suo Clan of warriors. When our Clan Master Count Suo Long died, the young Miss sent us to the Heavenly Demonic Mountains to seek for the successor, Young Master Suo Lun, but we only found his body.” The black clothed girl said. “So we were escorting the body back to our Count’s Estate in the Royal City when we encountered you on the road.”

Saying that, she then directly opened the coffin lid, exposing the corpse inside.

Because of some herbs, the body was well preserved and did not rot.

Lanling peered into the coffin and saw a body that looked like him. But much more handsome, much more gorgeous. There were eight similar points. The figure, height almost were exactly alike.

Lanling was very surprised. He just passed into this world and there was someone who looked like him. Although that guy was already dead.

“What’s your name?” Asked the black clothed girl.

“Lanling.” He answered.

“Where do you live? Why are you here?” The black clothed girl asked

“I don’t know….where my home is.” Lanling hesitated for a moment. It was really hard to explain his origins.

The girl was silent for a moment and said. “Lanling, the life of a person is most precious. I think that you believe this too right?”

Lanling nodded his head.

The black clothed girl said, “I have save your life. You should repay it right?”

Lanling already knew what he want to reply, but he does not know how to say it.

“Yes, You have to repay me for saving your life. So, I want you to pretend to be the Clan Leader’s son, Suo Lun, and inherit the title.”

That was too sudden. Lanling did not know what to say. After a while he said, “Although I look like him, we are not exactly the same, if one would look closely, he can see the difference.”

The black clothed girl said, “Rest assured. I have a way to make your appearance look exactly like him.”

“But….But…” Lanling heart wanted to refuse, however he does not know what to say.

“Lanling, I don’t know who you are, but I know that you are not born from a rich family. You are poor right?”

Lanling and his sister grew up alone together. Their upstart was very, very difficult. Then his sister earned a better job and with him working part time while studying, life was easier. Among his colleagues, he was poorest and in the worst condition.

“I will let you pose as the Young Master Suo Lun. The Suo Clan is not only a prominent family in the kingdom, but it also have two hundred years of history, and have been the ruler of Tianshui City for generations.”

She continued to seduce Lanling with the Clan’s wealth and power, but Lanling was unmoved. He was only thinking about one thing, trying to do anything to return back to his sister, to protect her, to take care of her.

She continued, “Do you know how big Tianshui City is? It spans five hundred miles wide, with a population of 500,000, and with 20,000 troops stationed. As long as you agree to my request, not only will you become a Count of the Kingdom, but this city can also become yours.”

Lanling’s heart jumped, he was excited not because of the riches and honor, but because of the largeness of the area. A diameter of 500 miles, that was more than 50000 square miles, equivalent to two or three metropolitan cities in earth. This was a really splendid fortune, even the richest man on earth can’t own such wealth and power.

Lanling greatest wish was to marry her sister and build her a house. Each square meter only costs 40000 gold in his city.

The Suo Clan’s successor was really lucky, unfortunately he died young. “How did the young master died?” Lanling asked.

The black clothed girl said, “He did not know how high the heavens is when he tried to pursue Princess Zhi Ning. He was shamed when he lost in a battle, so he left the Royal City and went here at the Heavenly Demonic Mountain, as a result, he died.”

“He was killed?” Lanling asked.

The black clothed girl said, “He was not killed. The Heavenly Demon Mountains has myriad of mysterious relic sites. They are in itself very, very dangerous.”

Lanling thought for a bit, “Ladies, Although I am poor, I can still do anything that I want. I do not want to be a puppet of someone else, I do not want to pretend being another person even if this person is ten thousand times wealthier than I am.”

The black clothed lady was shocked,, she did not think that Lanling would flatly refuse this marvelous offer. She carefully stared at him, and tried to confirm whether his words were true or false.

She smiled and then slowly said, “I appreciate and admired your idea, but you are a proud person. In return for saving your life, how will you repay me then?”

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