Chapter 5: Royal City, I Am Coming

Chapter 5: Royal City, I Am Coming

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World Destroying Demonic Emperor: Chapter 5

Looking at Suo Lun’s stripped body, Lanling suddenly gave a shiver and said, “It was the skin of the corpse?”

“Yes, I stripped it in order for you to become him. The man’s death is still unknown to many, the finished work must be without any flaws.” The master said.

Lanling sighed in relief, as long as the mask was not entirely made out of the Suo Clan’s young master’s skin.

He laid down, while the Warlock gently picked up the crystal mask and gently placed it on Lanling’s face.

He felt an itchy sensation. The mask was flowing, penetrating deeper into his face.

That’s right. It seeped into Lanling’s face completely. Because it was flowing, the face of Lanling was changing little by little. The mysterious mask was really alive.

The nose was a little bit higher, the lips became more delicate, his eyes became well-shaped, his eyebrows became more handsome, and his eyelids was now exuding a more provocative charm.

The mask continued to meld and lasted about a quarter of an hour or even longer. Lanling was so confused in the room, his vision blurred, as if he must have fallen asleep.

Then all sensation stopped. Lanling’s face felt insensitive. He could not help but reached out and touched his face. His skin felt so delicate, so exquisite. Moreover, there was no feeling of division. It was very sharp to the touch, even the beard stubble he can feel very clearly. It seemed that he was not wearing a mask at all

He even had doubts. Was it a failure? He was completely unable to feel the existence of a mask.

But when his eyes opened to see the shocked expression of Ye Jing Yu, he knew that the face transplant was a success.

The mysterious alchemist handed a mirror to Lanling.

The mirror was entirely made of crystal. It was almost similar to Earth’s mirror even though both were completely worlds apart. .

After seeing himself,, Lanling was utterly stunned.


Lanling found out that his looks completely changed. Although his face still retained about 70 percent of his original characteristics, his face just became three times more handsome. He was now completely alike with Suo Clan’s young master, without any flaws, even the charm and romantic temperament was not a bit off.

It was a purely simple face, no one can ever discover any flaws.

It was too bizarre. She even can replicate the face exactly the same. Though her price was very high, her skills were undoubtable though it was very strange and subtle.

Lanling said, “What if a few years later I want to change back to my former face, How can I do it?

The alchemist said, “You can come back to me. It is still a thousand gold coins. But once the Phantom Mask is peeled off, it will be completely destroyed, it can not be recovered.”

The she turned to Ye Jing Feng, “This girl will remain here. You two leave.”

Ye Jing Feng’s eyes turned misty, “Me, let me send my sister and him away ok?”

The female Warlock nodded her head.


Ye Jing Feng hugged her sister, sobbing hard and did not move for a long time. Ye Jing Yu did not cry, but her eyes were red.

The two girls did not say anything. They were linked by soul. There were no need to say farewells and goodbyes.

After she released Ye Jing Yu, Ye Jing Feng clung to Lanling and said, “A later while, you will become our Young Master. You must revitalize the Suo Clan okay? And you must also protect the Young Miss too okay?”

Lanling’s eyes turned red. If not for this innocent and kind-hearted girl, he had long been killed by Ye Jing Yu’s weapon. And in order to save the Suo Family, she volunteered and promised to stay in this terrible estate for three years, though she had never left the side of her elder sister.

Immediately, Lanling felt an uneasy feeling of responsibility bearing down upon him.

“Three years later, I will come to pick you up.” Lanling whispered.

“A promise is a promise okay?” Ye Jing Feng then stretch out her small hands.

“It’s a promise.” Lanling also reached out his hands and both made a hook together with their pinky fingers.

“Well, you must now go. Young Miss may be so anxious.” Ye Jing Feng said and she turned towards the castle and ran.

In this matter, the skilled martial artist yet innocent and timid Ye Jing Feng, stayed in the castle accompanied by the strange woman Warlock.


Filled with great sadness and sorrow, Ye Jing Yu and Lanling left the manor.

Suo Lun’s body they cannot bring back with them. The body was completely insightful, and the skin of the body was stripped off. Since it will decay on the road, they decided to burn the body and bring the ashes back instead.

Ye Jing Yu placed the young master’s body on a flat stone, and then took out a bottle of red liquid. She poured it all over the body. She then handed Lanling a torch, “You are now the Suo Clan’s master. You control the whole family and its future now rests on your hands.”

Lanling took the torch when he felt that something heavy. It was not the torch, but because of Ye Jing Yu’s words were heavy.

Looking at the corpse laid on the stone, Lanling whispered, ”i do not know how well I will do. But I utmostly will do my best to the fullest.”

Then he lit the Suo Clan’s young master’s body.

“Bang….” Then, the blue flames rushed up, spurred on by the mysterious liquid. The corpse was instantly swallowed by the flames, burning furiously.

It burned for a quarter of an hour, then the flame extinguished

Ye Jing Yu carefully swept all the ashes and placed them inside a box.

“Let’s go back to the Count’s Estate at the Royal City.” Ye Jing Yu took a final glance at the direction of manor, took a deep breath, and jumped back on the horse’s back.

Lanling rode on the carriage while Ye Jing Yu sat on the horses pulling the carriage. They sped off towards to the northwest. Towards the Royal City of the Raging Wave Kingdom. Zhi Capital.


On the fifth day after leaving the manor, the carriage entered a city of the Raging Wave Kingdom.

Watching the cities through the window, Lanling was shocked. Lanling had a clear sense of how he may describe the place. The cities were as if China and the Western world was combined and complemented each other. Oriental designs, pavilions pavilions pavilions, western castles, dueling fields, different sculptures and so on. The cities became more busier and bigger the closer they are to the Capital.

On the tenth day, a magnificent huge city appeared in front of Lanling. It was the Royal City of the Raging Wave Kingdom.

Raging Wave Kingdom, Middle Land World’s southern overlord. Its territory spanned horizontally and vertically for thousands of miles and controlled more than 30 million people.

The Royal City, also known as Zhi Capital, contained millions of population. It was not only the first biggest city of the Raging Wave Kingdom, but it was also ranked among the world’s top five cities.

The Zhi Capital’s city wall spanned a perimeter of 60-70 miles. It was absolutely stunning in grandeur.

Whether it was on the walls or under it, there were full of soldiers wearing bright armor.

Then Lanling glanced at the sky and saw dozens of shadow flash by.

After a closer look, it unexpectedly turned out to be a warrior riding a griffin while patrolling the sky. This world does have some unusual beasts in their air force.

There were three big gates that were opened, But still, there were plenty of people crowding outside the city. Lanling found out the different races. Most were of the asian race, there are a small part of caucasian, brown race, and so on.

Ye Jing Yu showed a piece of jade card and directed the horses towards the gates of the city. Not even an officer dare to stop them. This was a privilege solely given on the nobility.

After they went inside the city, they too became jumbled up on the crowd of people.

“Royal City, I am here” Lanling cannot bear and said in a low voice.

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