Chapter 7: Seeing Lanling, Heartbeat

Chapter 7: Seeing Lanling, Heartbeat

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World Destroying Demonic Emperor: Chapter 7

“As we were escorting the body back towards the Royal City, in a deserted mountain in the southeastern border of the kingdom, I saved a dying youth. I was amazed to find out that he and the young master looked very much alike. Whether it was his face, body, or voice, all were very much alike. So, I made a decision and let him pose as the Young Master and inherit the position.” Ye Jing Yu said. “He rejected me at first, saying he would rather be poor than impersonate someone. I coerced him because I saved his life. After I said that he will also save the Clan, he agreed to impersonate Suo Lun for three years.”

Ye Jing Yu was really, really bold in deciding such a matter. Moreover, in keeping it a secret.

“Why? How can it be?” Suo Ningbing voice trembled. “No matter how they look alike, there are still flaws which people can distinguish.”

Ye Jing Yu said, “Rest assured Miss, I took him to the Nine-Spirit Alchemist to change his face. Now he looks exactly like the young master. The young master Suo Lun’s body I have already cremated, and brought back the bone’s ashes instead.”

“You….You…..” Suo Ningbing was completely overwhelmed. She could not utter a single word, she could not move. Especially, when she heard that the body was already cremated. She haven’t even the opportunity to see her brother one last time. This was very painful to her. She knew that Ye Jing Yu did this for the family, she could not even bear to blame her.

Ye Jing Yu bowed to the ground, “I did something horrible Young Miss. I am willing to accept any punishment the Young Miss would give. But in order for the family’s two century-old heritage to continue, I beg you to accept my decision.”

After she finished, she respectfully kowtowed on the ground.

“You….don’t do that…”

Suo Ningbing rushed to help her up. She resisted and did not budge.

“If Miss does not agree, I will never get up.” Ye Jing Yu said.

Then, she noticed that her sister was nowhere to be seen. Both of them were inseparable and were like conjoined twins. She could not help but ask, “Ye Jing Feng??”

Ye Jing Yu was silent for a moment and then solemnly said, “The face alteration requires a thousand gold coins. I did not bring enough gold coins. The Nine-Spirit Alchemist asked that Ye Jing Feng would stay with her for three years in exchange instead .”

“What? How can you do something like this?” Suo Ningbing felt even more distressed. “From an early age, Ye Jing Feng haven’t ever left us. And now you put her in the Warlock’s Manor for three years? She can’t withstand in there. Quick, immediately take the money to the Warlock and bring her back.”

“I can not bring it back. You know the personality of those people. They value promises and agreements to the point of staking their lives. And in order to revitalize the family, Ye Jing Feng was willing to do anything. What is three years for the prosperity of our clan?” Ye Jing Yu said.

Suo Ningbing said angrily, “Why did you not get back and ask for my decisions first instead of making your own decisions?”

Ye Jing Yu said, “It is too late. The Royal Capital City has their eyes already scattered around us.”

The most critical point was the possibility that Young Miss would not agree. So Ye Jing Yu frankly cooked the rice.

Then Ye Jing Yu got back to the point, “Whether to let the youth pose as the Young Master Suo Lun, I would like for the Young Miss to finally decide.”

Suddenly, Suo Ningbing fell into the pit of indecision. Some time later, she sighed, “Did you bring the youth?”

Ye Jing Yu said, “I brought him. He is just outside the house.”

“Bring him in. I will see him.” Suo Ningbing said.

“Yes.” Ye Jing Yu got up and slowly went out still facing Suo Ningbing. She then breathed a huge sigh of relief. .


Lanling followed Ye Jing Yu back to the house. As they neared the house, Lanling’s heart throbbed faster and faster.

The estate was very large. It seemed a bit old, but there were not much maid and servants. He only saw a dozen people. For such a large place, the workers were indeed much less.

They turned into a small garden and came to secluded courtyard. Inside the courtyard was a small closed pavilion. The pavilion was brightly painted in snowy-white and was brilliantly decorated by pear blossoms.

Ye Jing Yu with Lanling walked towards the pavilion and whispered, “Miss, the Young Master is here.”

“Let him come in.” Inside came a voice, though slightly hoarse, it still sounded so beautiful.

Then Lanling’s body suddenly trembled. Strange voices slowly drifted into his ears as he dug his hands and covered it.

“Push the door and go inside.” Ye Jing Yu said and then she guarded the door and did not let anyone near.

Lanling was a bit startled. His heart thumped faster and faster, the feeling of taking an examination. His innermost feelings were not too willing to pretend the Suo Clan Young Master.

He breathed in deeply and pushed the door.

Instantly, he saw the back of a beautiful, unparalleled figure. Just this back alone can make people’s heart palpitate.

The entire room was filled with fragrance, not from the blossoms but from the scent present on the woman’s body.

Lanling had never seen such a beautiful figure, it even has a sort of dull, strange, special feeling.

Moreover, he did not know why, but his heart suddenly twitched.

Suo Ningbing took a deep breath, opened her eyes and turned around. Facing a person that looked exactly like her deceased brother, she needs to be psychologically prepared.

The moment she turned, Lanling’s heart instantly stopped. His eyes were stretched to the fullest, his whole body was like struck by lightning, he was completely motionless.

This woman was very beautiful. No matter where she stood, she seemed to be enshrouded in a layer of light. She was beautiful to the extent where people cannot breath. She was just like a fairy. Though her clothes showed that she was already married, but she still looked very pure, flawless, and graceful.

However, Lanling’s violent response originated not because of her beauty.

A full minute later, Lanling’s body was finally able to move. But he could not stop trembling. His hands, lips, cheeks, his whole body was shaking.

Finally, he suddenly rushed, and clinged tightly at the arms of Suo Ningbing, desperately embracing her.

“Elder sister, elder sister, I found you. I finally found you. I am not dreaming, I am not dreaming..”

“May god have pity, may god have pity..your face is exactly the same.”

“I’ll never leave you again…I’ll never take a step away from you…”

Lanling shivered. Tears were surging out filled with his heart’s infinite ecstasy and joy.

Because in front of him, Suo Ningbing’s appearance was almost similar to his sister, Lankou. She was the person he depended for more than ten years, that person he had a crush for many years, and the person whose face was destroyed by acid by a person.

After crossing into a different world, his whole being almost collapsed. He swore to the moon and sky, that no matter what, he must return to his sister with any means. He did not expect that his sister would suddenly appear in front of his eyes.

Is this heaven’s intervention? Or heaven’s blessing?

No matter what, Lanling felt an unprecedented happiness at this time. He almost exploded in joyfulness and exhilaration.

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