Chapter 8: Princess Zhi Ning

Chapter 8: Princess Zhi Ning

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World Destroying Demonic Emperor: Chapter 8

At first glance, Suo Ningbing saw that this youth looked exactly the same as her brother. Her feelings were infinitely complex, comforted but at the same time she felt infinite sadness. Though Lanling had a pitiful face, she did not care.

Then when Lanling suddenly rushed over and embraced her, she was shocked, ashamed, and felt angry. She tried to push him away, but Lanling clinged on tight, she can not break free.

When Ye Jing Yu heard the commotion, she suddenly rushed in and was shocked and angered. “What are you doing?”

She immediately grabbed Lanling’s arm and flicked it fiercely, dislocating his arm.

Despite his arm dislocated, Lanling felt no pain, and still embraced Suo Ningbing.

“Elder sister, Lankou, we will no longer be separated. I want to marry you and I want to protect you with my entire life!” The words of Lanling that he was too late to confess in Earth, instantly spilled out.

Suo Ningbing gradually calmed down because the words of Lanling were too crazy, too sincere, but was an emotion coming deep within his heart. It was completely unable to be faked.

“Jing Yu, do not harm him.” Suo Ningbing said. She no longer struggled and looked at Lanling with warm and perplexed eyes.”You…let me loose first. My name is Suo Ningbing. I am not called Lankou, you are mistaking me for another person.”

Lanling was stunned,”Sister, I am Lanling. I am Lanling that you raised since childhood.”

Suo Ningbing said, “I really don’t know a person named Lanling.”

Lanling’s mind slowly calmed down, and he carefully took a look at this woman in front of him.

Whether temperament or appearance, it was all alike to his elder sister Lankou. But because she lived a life of a noble, she looked more delicate and beautiful than Lankou. A suffocating beauty.

However, her gentleness such as the feeling of water, the kind look in her eyes were exactly the same.

If one can pass through, could it be elder sister also crossed into this world? Lanling immediately asked, “You are born, in this world?”

Suo Ning Bing was surprised, and nodded, “Of course, I was born at Tianshui Count’s Estate.”

Lanling said, “That, well do you have any other more memories? As if memories of another person?

Suo Ningbing was shocked, and then and shook her head.

Lanling’s heart melted. Is this woman here not his sister Lankou? If she was Lankou who passed through, she would have retained some memory of earth.

Shortly after, Lanling came up with another possibility. It could be that this girl is Lankou’s past life reincarnation or her next life’s reincarnation.

Yes. This must be so, this must be the case. They looked exactly the same. Even though the body was different, even though the memory had changed, but the soul will always be the same.

Lanling constantly told himself that the woman in front of him is Lankou, which the woman herself does not know.

He moved in front of her. It absolutely must be divine intervention. It must be the heavens.

Suo Ningbing softly asked, “Can you tell me about her? About your sister Lankou?”

Lanling nodded and said, “I am an orphan. I do not know anything about my parents, so I grew up in an orphanage. When I was four years old, I was adopted by a family.”

He told her his and her sister’s life story.

When he talked about the time where his adoptive parents died in an accident, Suo Ningbing suddenly cried out.

When it came to the point where Lankou’s face was splashed with acid by a person, Suo Ningbing completely broke into tears.

“Because my sister already abandoned the will to live, I planned to kill the bastard before asking her hand in marriage in order for her to have the courage to live. Though her face was destroyed, but in my heart she always would be the most beautiful.”

Hearing this, Ye Jing Yu’s face was throbbing.

“That night, with a meteor shower on my back, I used a machine to record my marriage proposal and give it to her to see. Then I was hit by a meteor. When I woke up, I was in a strange place…….”

Lanling finished his story and her sister’s. He did not say exactly where he came from, and only said he came from a very far away land. A completely different country.

After listening, Suo Ningbing and Ye Jing Yu were silent. Suo Ningbing’s eyes were red.

“Do you really….really like her?” Ye Jing Yu asked.

“Her gentle temperament, her kind and soft eyes, her face when she was scolding me for being naughty, the moment when she tried to keep a serious face but could not resist laughing, with her hand covering her mouth and the other on her stomach while she giggled,”

“When she is angry, her ears will twitch, When I tickle her feet, belly, and armpits she does not mind at all. Her knee was her weak spot and the most ticklish part…. “

Hearing this very intimate details, Suo Ningbing’s delicate body quivered, and suddenly stared towards Ye Jing Yu.

“I did not ask for you to say the Young Miss secrets. Besides, I don’t know these things yet”. Ye Jing Yu said. “Young miss, can you believe this?”

Suo Ningbing could not believe what she just heard, she can only nod her head.

“Miss, this is really the act of heavens This is divine intervention.” Ye Jing Yu said. “He really is destined to stay at your side.”

Suo Ningbing looked at Lanling with gentle eyes, filled with more and more feelings, and then she gently clasped Lanling’s hand and gently said, “From today on, you are my younger brother, and I am your elder sister that will take care of you forever.”


Royal City, one of the four playboys, theat Suo Lun is back!!!

The news passed from mouth to mouth and spread throughout the Royal City in just less than a day. There were those who rejoiced, sad, or were just nonchalant.

The prodigal playboy had been missing for many months and even failed to attend his father’s funeral. Everyone thought he died up on the Heavenly Demonic Mountains and actually did not expect for him to come back alive.

They originally thought that the Suo Clan was bound to perish, after a hundred years the wealthy and powerful family will be turned into ashes. They did not expect for it now to suddenly recover again.

Within the water garden pavilion of the Palace, surrounded with a very remarkable atmosphere, a stunning, unparalleled woman wearing a snowy, white dress was sitting lazily on the pavilion couch. One hand was holding a book, while the other was dipped at the pavilion’s clear water which she let the fishes nibble.

She was one of the most talented woman of the Raging Wave Kingdom. Countless talented, handsome young men dreamt for the soul of this Princess Zhi Ning.

One of the elders arrived, yet did not take a step in the pavilion, he just stood outside and said, ”Princess, that toad of the Suo Clan, Suo Lun came back.”

Princess Zhi Ning’s perfect eyebrow slightly wrinkled, the hand under the water suddenly clenched, then with a light voice said, “ I know.”

The elder said, “What do you want us to do?”

Princess Zhi Ning said, “Don’t do anything.”

“Yes, “ Said the elder, pausing for a moment, then receded in silence.

Princess Zhi Ning continued reading, the hand on the water loosened, and a fish that slipped past her fingers suddenly had its scally skin turned white.

“Elder brother don’t worry, just like the fish, I will not let it escape. Tianshui City, someday you will definitely become mine. I’ll do any means to seize you.” Princess Zhi Ning whispered in a voice in which she alone can hear.

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