Chapter 9: Countless Girlfriends, Pressure Overbearing As A Mountain

Chapter 9: Countless Girlfriends, Pressure Overbearing As A Mountain

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World Destroying Demonic Emperor: Chapter 9

“Elder Sister, why is the estate so desolate?” Lanling asked the question that was bothering his heart.

Suo Ningbing said, “Father was seriously ill for many years and in order to cure him, we spent many resources. Also, living here in the Royal City is extravagant. The money the nobilities squander is huge. Moreover, Suo Lun did not live up to expectations and he lost a lot of family properties. These years, the family wealth did not progress, and so the family has been economically distressed.”

Lanling said, “Is there not Tianshui City? A city that covers 400 to 500 miles, the annual taxes should be astronomical figures.”

Actually, these words of Lanling were simple but deep. His heart had completely accepted Suo Ningbing as his elder sister Lankou, and he did not regard himself as an unknown outsider either.

Suo Ningbing bitterly said, “Since father left the territory to come here in the Royal City for treatment, the taxes of Tianshui City has not been turned over for five years already.”

Lanling said, “They want to rebel?”

Suo Ningbing said, “Right now, the Lord is the weak one while the servant is the strong one. Some things we can only open an eye, or completely turn a blind eye.”

Lanling said, “For the Lord to leave the city for a long amount of time and hand over the governing for the ministers to handle is extremely dangerous.”

Suo Ningbing said, “We are already in danger, the people are already very restless to move. Then when Suo Lun went missing and did not come back, they rejoiced and celebrated,”

Lanling said, “Isn’t the Suo Clan’s foundation at stake? There is also the Royal Family eyeing it, and may have hired the retainers to instigate rebellion from within.”

Suo Ningbing nodded, “Therefore, we must succeed the title to you as soon as possible.”

Lanling said, “Do I really need to succeed the position before becoming Tianshui City’s Lord?”

Suo Ningbing said, “Of course, this matter needs to be finished. You must receive the rank and title from the Royal Family, then can you be justified as the Tianshui City’s Lord.”

Lanling asked, “When will the Royal Family confer the title and rank to me so then I can succeed the title?”

Suo Ningbing said, “After you graduate from the Royal City Academy. Before you can inherit the title, each successor must accept six years of study from the Royal City Academy and pass the graduation exam before they can inherit the title.”

“Is it difficult?” Lanling asked.

Suo Ningbing said: “You have to pass four of the Academy’s branches in order to graduate. As long as you studied normally for six years, you can smoothly pass the test. But, afterall, you are not Suo Lun, you haven’t studied even for a day. It will be very difficult….so, maybe you need to postpone a year in order to graduate smoothly.”

Lanling said, “Are we not in an urgent situation? The retainers are already poised to move.”

Suo Ningbing said, “There is no other way,  this must be done. Over the decade, the Royal Family has loosened up a bit. However, based in accordance with the previous systems, you have to pass the graduation examination with the best grades, then can you inherit the Nobility Warrior Badge and  the title.”

Lanling said, “Is it not possible that I will not postpone a year to graduate?”

Suo Ningbing did not open her mouth, then Ye Jing Yu said, “Not possible, The time till the Royal City Academy’s graduation exams is less than five months time, And yet the four branches you have to start from rock bottom. The Young Miss said that you need to postpone a year because she already saw how high your talent is,  yet in accordance to Suo Lun Young Master’s character, even three years of postponement may not be enough for him to graduate.”

Lanling was really ignorant, although these children of nobilities study in the Academy for only six years, but since they were four or five years old, their families already began to develop them in various subjects. Therefore,overall, they studied for around ten years.

But Lanling had to start everything from scratch with the exam in less than six months time. Completing more than ten years worth of military and academic studies within this span, its no different from nonsense.


A full month passed, Lanling stayed at the pavilion hall and mourned for the Count Suo Long, food and drink were served for him inside, masking as his unfilial character towards his father.

Actually, during this time, Suo Ningbing was also busy teaching him the lessons he missed about this world’s foundational civilization knowledge, and the types of people surrounding the former Young Master. She did this to prevent Lanling going out the estate and meet acquaintances that he does not know about, thereby revealing his secret. Or after going at the Royal CIty Academy, he will be known as ignorant of the world’s knowledge.

“Suo Lun did not live up to expectations, he was completely unknowledgable, he had no talent in civil and military duties. He was only good on capturing a girl’s heart.” Suo Ningbing said, “At the Royal City Academy, even if you do not have a good performance, it really does not matter. “

Lanling said, “That….does he really have a lot of girlfriends?”

Suo Ningbing nodded, “Yes….a lot..”

Lanling said, “How many does he probably have?”

Suo Ningbing’s face burned bright red and said, “It may be two-digits, even some more.”

Double digits? Even more? Lanling was going crazy,, his scalp tingled with numbness..

“Elder sister, I …. Since I was small, till my maturity I knew nothing about love, but Suo Lun, his love story is already so rich, if his sweethearts flirt with me, I will definitely betray our secret.” Lanling said.

Suo Ningbing was embarrassed, “Suo Lun was always fickle. And whenever there is an opportunity, most girls will always play along with you. They are just actors. They will not go find you if you will not look for them. But…there are still a few women that you still have to be careful with. “

Lanling was nervous, “Elder sister, say.”

Suo Ningbing said, “The first one is called Gui Qinshao, she is Suo Lun’s fiancee, she is Lin Hai City Lord’s daughter. A man of great civil and military reputation, he looks down of Suo Lun. You do not need to worry about her, she would take the initiative of avoiding you.”

That is good, Lanling nodded.

Suo Ningbing said, “The second is Princess Zhi Ning. She is very beautiful, very smart, and is honored as one of the kingdom’s most talented women. Suo Lun was infatuated with her, he did not know the sky’s limit of pursuing her, the result was a great humiliation during a combat. She was the reason why he went to the Heavenly Demonic Mountain. He heard she was very eager to obtain the Ancient Dragon Seal Inscription, and this seal is rumored to be in the Heavenly Demonic Mountain Range. So Suo Lun took the risk and set out hoping to find the Dragon Tablet to impress Princess Zhi Ning.”

After hearing this, Lanling instinct smelled the scent of conspiracy. Suo Lun’s death, perhaps it stemmed from this people plans.

Suo Ningbing said, “Zhi Ning is every clever, so if you encounter her, you must act very reasonably, otherwise she will find flaws.”

Lanling nodded, “ I know this type of women. I’ll know what to do.”

This is not a lie. He and his sister had each other from an early age. They were used to see humans change, although their heart was good, they were never free the malicious aims of others. He was still too good for the bad guys.

Suo Ningbing continued, “The third woman you may have to specially pay more attention, her name is Yan Nai’er. Her looks are very, very beautiful. Her martial arts skill is very high especially when she is in very high temper. Suo Lun was also in pursuit of her, he spent a lot of effort, I myself do not know how many times he was beaten by her. After for a full year, Suo Lun caught for hands. The girl’s mind is simple and pure, but got an intense personality. Once she fell in love with him, she was very much dedicated, devoted to the pout infatuation, but Suo Lun does not want to marry her.”

Lanling probably thought about this relationship till the end. Suo Lun this jerk apparently won’t abandon the whole forest for a single tree.

Suo Ningbing said, “After their love affair, Yan Nai’er frequently compelled for marriage. This spread around the whole city, they can’t understand why she is so persistent for marriage. Thoughtless sex……then abandonment later. When he later on began chasing Princess Zhi Ning, Yan Nai’er was heartbroken. She left the Royal City, and currently, I do not know where she is.”

Lanling could not help but said, “This girl is very good, Suo Lun is really a bastard though.”

“Yes…..” Suo Ningbing said, “Yan Nai’s father dislike Suo Lun, let alone Suo Lun already has a fiancée thus she fell out with her parents at home. Thoughtless sex then suddenly abandoning her. From a woman’s point of view, I detest Suo Lun’s action.”

Lanling said, “Then if I meet Yan Nai’er, I will be in a big trouble.”

Suo Ningbing nodded, “Yes. I can not say what will happen to if you run into Yan Nai’er, even a sword fight might ensue. She is absolute best with the sword and her skills are very high.”

Suddenly, Lanling shivered and felt a tremendous pressure.

Suo Ningbing comfortably said, “Ya Nai’er’s martial arts is very high, if you bump into her and she hits you, it may be your time. A pitiful person can’t talk back, more so fight back. She loves Suo Lun very much, and I believe that she will not really injure you that much.”

“Good…good..that’s very nice to hear,” Lanling said with difficulty, “Are there other women that requires my attention?”

Suo Ningbing shook her head, “Not that I know of, I like discipline, and because Suo Lun did not come back home for a long time, there were things that I do not know about him. But I vaguely heard that he also have a relationship with a teacher of the Academy and they were caught by the woman’s husband.”

Lanling was really going to far so to say, Even after he goes to the Royal City Academy, it still may not be safe. This Suo Lun was really a jerk, a bastard that even seduced his teacher, a married woman with a husband, He was also caught raping a girl.  How was he not hacked to death by the people long ago?

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